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Zimbabwe: Six months under President Mnangagwa

Six months ago, the coup that Zimbabwe’s government refuses to call a coup, gently pushed 93-year-old Robert Mugabe off his seat and replaced him with Emmerson Mnangagwa. How far has Zimbabwe come since then?

MSN.COM - 2018-05-24 16:32:06

Zimbabwe Court Lifts Central Bank’s Banking Ban on Bitcoin Exchanges

“The ban was lifted,” Nhlalwenhle Ngwenya, communications manager at Golix told CCN on Thursday afternoon.

CNBC - 2018-05-24 00:00:00

A shock to the system: how new teachers in Zimbabwe learn to do their jobs

There’s a big difference between what prospective teachers learn at university and what they find when they enter the world of work. Some scholars havecalled thisa “reality shock”, and pointed out that it could “account for the frustration, anxiety and self-doubt many early career teachers are thoug

THE CONVERSATION - 2018-05-23 15:02:26

Zimbabwe army won't allow opposition to rule: minister

HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's government distanced itself on Wednesday from a deputy minister who said the army wouldn't allow the opposition to rule if it wins an election this year. FILE PHOTO: A street vendor carries fruit outside an election rally of President Emmerson Mnangagwa's ruling ZANU P

REUTERS - 2018-05-23 15:46:07

No sign of Mugabe at Zimbabwe parliament hearing

The parliamentary schedule said Mugabe, who is 94 and in frail health, was due to give oral evidence but that his attendance was still to be confirmed.

YAHOO! - 2018-05-23 00:00:00

From Burkina to Zimbabwe, U.S. aid cuts squeeze family planning services

OUAGADOUGOU (Reuters) - The Marie Stopes Ladies who drive from village to village in the remote north of Burkina Faso offering free contraception, advice on family planning, sexual health and sometimes post-abortion care, may have to stop work in June. The ten have been entirely funded by a $1.25 m


Zimbabwe applies to rejoin Commonwealth of Nations after 15 years - Breitbart

“I wholeheartedly echo the sentiments of Heads of Government who have said twice … that they very much look forward to Zimbabwe’s return when the conditions are right,” Scotland said in a statement. “Zimbabwe’s eventual return to the Commonwealth, following a successful membership application, would


12 years without an execution: Is Zimbabwe ready to abolish the death penalty?

At the end of 2017, the world watched with keen interest as President Robert Mugabe was deposed after 37 years of ruinous rule, and replaced by Emmerson Mnangagwa, who promised“a new democracy”.


Kenyan firm clinches deal to digitise Zimbabwe bank

A Kenyan based global software company has secured a contract to digitise the operations of a Zimbabwean commercial bank. Software Group, which is headquartered in Nairobi, is expected to install agency, Internet and mobile banking platforms for Metbank. The bank wants to have digital registration a


PRESS RELEASE: Kenya–based software firm clinches deal with Zimbabwe bank

Software Group, a global company with its Africa headquarters in Kenya, has secured a deal to digitise the operations of Metbank, one of the pioneers of digital banking in Zimbabwe. Last year the company entered into a similar partnership with Unaitas – a Sacco that’s awaiting Central Bank of Kenya’


Zimbabwe applies to re-join Commonwealth, 15 years after leaving

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)Zimbabwe has applied to re-join the Commonwealth after the country withdrew its membership 15 years ago under former President Robert Mugabe.Commonwealth Secretary-General, Patricia Scotland, said Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa submitted a application on May 15 for the c


Zimbabwe applies to rejoin the British Commonwealth

"Zimbabwe's eventual return to the Commonwealth, following a successful membership application, would be a momentous occasion, given our shared rich history," Scotland said.


When it comes to legal cannabis, Zimbabwe is conflicted between economics and morality

The move to legalize marijuana farming has sparked mixed reactions and widespread debate with condemnation from religious leaders. Like in many other countries, marijuana is often linked by authorities to drug peddling and substance abuse in Zimbabwe. But already, as many as 350 growers have already


Zimbabwe applies to re-join Commonwealth, invites poll observers

HARARE (Reuters) - President Emmerson Mnangagwa has officially applied for Zimbabwe to re-join the Commonwealth it left in 2003 and has invited the grouping of former British colonies to send observers to its general elections set for July. President Emmerson Mnangagwa addresses an election rally o


Zimbabwe's crocodile industry rises against the tide

Binga, Zimbabwe- Basking in Zimbabwe’s northern Zambezi Valley, the Nile crocodile, Africa's largest freshwater predator, is at ease in this hot and humid habitat.


Zimbabwe applies to rejoin Commonwealth - Breitbart

Harare (AFP) – Zimbabwe has applied to rejoin the Commonwealth, the group said Monday, marking a major step in the country’s international re-engagement after Robert Mugabe was ousted last year.Mugabe angrily pulled Zimbabwe out of the bloc of former British colonies in 2003 after its membership was


More than 100 parties to take part in Zimbabwe elections

"It is for these reasons that the roll has to be inspected and it is for this reasons it is referred as the professional voters roll because is it in progress to identity more anomalies through subjecting it to public inspecting before final voters roll is gazetted. In other words, the inspection of


Did Beijing overthrow Mugabe in Zimbabwe?

Email me at SteveSlr *at* aol*dot*com (make the obvious substitutions between the asterisks; you don’t have to capitalize an email address, I just included the capitals to make clear the logic — it’s my name without a space and without the vowels in “Sailer” that give so many people, especially irat


Australia's Prospect Resources closing in on Zimbabwe lithium...

VICTORIA FALLS, Zimbabwe (Reuters) - Australian-listed Prospect Resources expects to secure more than $55 million in funding for the first phase of the Arcadia Lithium project in Zimbabwe and expects to produce concentrates for export in the next 14 months, a company official said on Sunday.


Zimbabwe is all set to welcome its tourism boom with open arms - Travelandtourworld.com

Zimbabwe is quite self assured in terms of unprecedented growth in tourism attributable to the peaceful transition that took place on November 2017 that welcomed new dispensation headed by President Mnangagwa, Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga (Retired), has stated.