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New migrants caravan of 1,700 head to Mexico border, set sights on U.S.

AGUA CALIENTE, Guatemala (AP) – More than 1,700 Hondurans were walking and hitchhiking through Guatemala on Wednesday, heading toward the Mexico border as part of a new caravan of migrants hoping to reach the United States.


Venezuela: Escalation Could Lead to a Catastrophic Outcome

Given how polarized both the mainstream and left media have become with respect to Venezuelan politics, it is virtually impossible for international observers to access fair but critical assessments of Venezuela from the Left. Temir Porras has been a Chavista militant from the beginning of Hugo Cháv


Pressure Building to Remove Venezuela’s Marxist Dictator

Minutes after Marxist Nicolás Maduro inaugurated himself for a second Term as Venezuela’s president last Thursday a majority of the 35-member Organization of American States (OAS) voted not to recognize its legitimacy. This followed disclaimers from 60 countries around the world that his reelection


4.2 earthquake rocks Venezuela, west of Port of Spain

UWI, SRC - Automatic Earthquake Location. 2019-01-13 11:18 pm (Local Time) If you felt this earthquake, please tell us (http://uwiseismic.com/EarthquakeFeedback.aspx) DISCLAIMER: this event has NOT been reviewed by an analyst. It was automatically located by a seismological computational system, the


Charles: Rowley must heed advice on neutrality with Venezuela

T&T’s foreign policy towards Venezuela is in shambles and Rowley would be well advised to heed UNC leader Mrs. Kamla Persad Bissessar’s advice and change course. We need something more nuanced that takes on board the many conflicting geopolitical and other issues at play.


Venezuela opposition leader Guaido 'not afraid' after detention

CARABALLEDA, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido on Sunday said that President Nicolas Maduro’s adversaries were “not afraid” even though he was briefly detained by intelligence agents, days after announcing he would be willing to replace the increasingly isolated presiden


Churches want Jamaica Gov’t to fully explain position on Venezuela

The Jamaica Council of Churches (JCC) says it is in search of the sustainable underlying principles and rationale underlining the government’s position regarding two matters involving Venezuela even as Kingston maintains that it had come under no external pressure in adopting its positions.


Venezuela initiates WTO dispute case against Colombia regarding liquid fuel restrictions

Venezuela has requested WTO dispute consultations with Colombia regarding certain Colombian measures affecting the distribution of liquid fuels. Venezuela’s request was circulated to WTO members on January 14.


How a Little-Known Opposition Leader Could Turn Venezuela Back Toward Democracy

For years, there has been no apparent way out of the authoritarian regime that has led Venezuela down a dark path from socialist experiment into humanitarian crisis. That may have changed on Friday when, just one day after President Nicolas Maduro was sworn in for a second term, little-known opposit


Maduro raises minimum wage in Venezuela to $6 per month

Jan. 15 (UPI) -- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced a 300 percent increase to the nation's minimum monthly salary -- to the equivalent of a few dollars per month.


Shadow Tourism Industry Smuggles Migrants from Venezuela to Colombia

Tourism agencies and taxi cooperatives are the newest fronts being used to hide migrants smuggling at the border between Venezuela and Colombia, a shadowy business that earns illegal organizations and corrupt authorities up to $500 per person smuggled.


Venezuela’s opposition leader briefly detained after challenging Maduro

Venezuelan secret police seized and then swiftly released a prominent opposition leader, less than 48 hours after he declared himself ready to assume the presidency of his crisis-stricken country in a bold challenge to its leader Nicolás Maduro.


Socialist Country Raises Minimum Wage 300% to $6 a Month

Venezuela is out of money, food, water, medicine and everything else. But the failing socialist state is still chock full of socialist gimmicks. Like raising the minimum wage. Again.


Venezuela children left behind as parents flee to find work abroad

CARACAS (Reuters) - Yusneiker and Anthonella have been living with their grandmother since their father left Venezuela and its collapsing economy last year for Peru, to try and earn enough to feed them. Two years earlier, their mother fled for the Dominican Republic for the same reason.


Venezuela Opposition Declares Maduro Illegitimate, and Urges Defections

CARACAS, Venezuela — Leaders of Venezuela’s opposition on Tuesday set in motion a plan to try to oust President Nicolás Maduro and create a caretaker government until new elections can be held.


Johns Hopkins Prof Steve Hanke Partners with Airtm to Spearhead Airdrop Venezuela’s $1M/Crypto Campaign

Airtm, which operates a blockchain and bank-connected digital wallet and the P2P exchange platform AirPlatform, aims to provide globally-connected financial services to consumers and businesses in the developing world. The platform is now focusing its efforts on Venezuela, specifically in the new Ai


Going Deep: The Venezuela League’s Best Performers

For the final section of our four part series on the best performers in the Winter Ball leagues, we’ll be focusing on the Venezuela Winter League. While this league isn’t necessarily better or worse than the other four leagues, it may be most pertinent to the zeitgeist thanks to the tater-admiring w


Hugo Chavez Biography and Profile

Born in Sabaneta, Venezuela, on July 28, 1954, Hugo Chávez (Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías) attended the Venezuelan military academy and served as an army officer before participating in an effort to overthrow the government in 1992, for which he was sentenced to two years in prison. Chávez became preside


Outgoing Ambassador: Venezuela will maintain friendship with St Lucia

Outgoing Venezuelan Ambassador to Saint Lucia, H.E. Leiff Escalona said her country will continue to maintain the friendship it has with Saint Lucia despite Saint Lucia’s rejection of the electoral process that ushered in President Nicolas Maduro into office for a second term.


"Not My President": Basically Everyone Now Knows Venezuela Is A Dictatorship

Chévere! The Americas has two Cubas now, thanks to the people running Caracas. Happy now? The economy is in shambles. Oil major PdVSA is on Chinese and Russian life support. One day, Venezuela will be on IMF life support. This will be the result of what more than a decade of criminal negligence, hig