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Where are the celebrities and leftists who praised Venezuela’s descent into socialism now?

Venezuela’s socialist president, Nicolás Maduro, is under fire after videos of him enjoying a $275 steak, personally served to him by celebrity chef “Salt Bae,” went viral — while his country is literally starving.

THE BLAZE - 2018-09-19 19:25:24

Maduro: China Agreed to Help Venezuela for One Million Barrels of Oil

Maduro revealed the deal after he and Communist Party leader Xi Jinping revealed during his visit to China last week that the country wouldopena $5 million credit line to Venezuela, a much-needed influx of funding for the impoverished socialist state. The announcement triggered outrage among Venezue

BREITBART - 2018-09-19 16:01:26

Venezuela’s president dines at Salt Bae's restaurant while millions in his country are starving

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro was recently seen enjoying a lavish meal at the restaurant of Turkish celebrity chef Nusret Gokce, akaSalt Bae, and it didnotgo over well.

MASHABLE - 2018-09-18 15:07:28

Ex-Obama adviser: Trump could take U.S. military into Venezuela - WND

Rahm Emanuel, now the mayor of Chicago, which has more shootings and related violence than just about anywhere else in the nation,claims in a report by CNBC that he thinks military aggression could be this year’s “October surprise.”

WND - 2018-09-20 00:41:17

People are leaving 1-star reviews for Salt Bae's restaurant after he served steak to Venezuela's president

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro ate at the viral chef Salt Bae's restaurant, Nusr-Et, in Istanbul on Monday.

BUSINESS INSIDER - 2018-09-19 00:00:00

UN names special envoy to handle Venezuela's growing exodus

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — The United Nations has announced a special envoy to handle the growing number of Venezuelan migrants flooding into surrounding countries. ...

RADIO EGYPT - 2018-09-20 00:00:00

Dash Text SMS Wallet Launches in Venezuela Enabling Transactions Without Internet

Dash Text, a wallet service enabling Dash transactions via SMS message, has launched its public beta in Venezuela.

DASHFORCENEWS.COM - 2018-09-19 13:00:46

Venezuela crisis is 'on the scale of Syria,' UNHCR says

UNHCR staff verify and assist Venezuelan refugees, asylum-seekers and persons of concern at the recently opened Rondon I shelter in Boa Vista, Roraima in Brazil. Photo by: Reynesson Damasceno / UNHCR

DEVEX.COM - 2018-09-19 10:55:08

Venezuela to significantly increase oil exports to China

SOURCE: Al Jazeera and news agencies VenezuelaLatin AmericaBusiness & Economy SOURCE: Al Jazeera and news agencies VenezuelaLatin AmericaBusiness & Economy

ALJAZEERA.COM - 2018-09-19 09:37:00

Venezuela’s migrant crisis is worsening

By Rebecca HansonA few years ago, Venezuela seemed to be setting the standard for social welfare in the region.In 2015, theUnited Nations recognized Venezuelaas having made the most advances in the fight against hunger in the Latin American and Caribbean region. National rates of poverty and inequal

QRIUS.COM - 2018-09-19 10:30:26

RAGE: Venezuela on the Brink after Video of Maduro’s ‘Lavish Dinner Party’ Goes Viral | The Sean Hannity Show | WTAG

The footage shows Maduro dining alongside his wife and celebrity chef Nusret Gökçe at a restaurant in Turkey; eating lamb, drinking, and smoking expensive cigars as his residents struggle to find daily food.

IHEART.COM - 2018-09-18 19:22:17

OAS Chief: World Must Prevent Venezuela 'from Becoming Rwanda'

18 Sep 2018The head of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, warned on Monday that it is the responsibility of the international community to avoid a Rwanda-style genocide in Venezuela.

BREITBART - 2018-09-18 17:40:44

Maduro Calls OAS Chief Garbage, Says Venezuela Ready To Repel Military Invasion - UrduPoint

On Friday, OAS head said that to resolve the situation inVenezuelaone can not rule out any options, including a possible military invasion.

URDUPOINT.COM - 2018-09-19 02:21:04

He slipped out of Venezuela in disguise. Now he’s the OAS migration czar.

A little over a year ago, David Smolansky was on the run in his native Venezuela. Stripped of his job as mayor of El Hatillo and facing arrest on political charges, he shaved his beard, hid behind sunglasses and sneaked into neighboring Brazil disguised as a missionary.Last week, Smolansky was back

MIAMI HERALD - 2018-09-19 17:53:00

Venezuela refuses to retreat

Milwaukee, WI - Venezuela has been in the news lately. For the first time in decades, the threat of war between the United States and a Latin American country hangs over our hemisphere.

FIGHT BACK! NEWS - 2018-09-19 00:00:00

Venezuela's Maduro says he may not attend U.N. assembly on security...

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro talks to the media during a news conference at Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Venezuela, September 18, 2018. REUTERS/Marco Bello

REUTERS UK - 2018-09-18 23:26:27

Bitcoin Adoption in Argentina & Venezuela Hitting Highs in Tandem with Inflation

While every cryptocurrency enthusiast would want countries to give up their struggling fiats and take up bitcoin as their base currency, well it’s not actually happening that way. A recent research, released by Dior research states that only, Argentina and Venezuela are doing so among the countries

COINGAPE.COM - 2018-09-18 20:33:57

40% of retail stores in Venezuela go bankrupt as government mandates massive minimum wage hike that no employer can afford

Just when it seems like things cannot possibly get any worse in Venezuela, they somehow do. A combination of rampant corruption, failed socialist policies, and the 2014 fall in the oil price have already left this formerly wealthy country reeling, pushing it right over the edge financially.

NATURALNEWS - 2018-09-18 20:15:50

Venezuela doubles down on Chinese money to reverse crisis

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela is leaning heavily on new investments from China, saying they will dramatically boost oil production and turn around the country's crashing economy.

AP - 2018-09-18 20:03:36

Huge minimum wage increase in Venezuela forces businesses to fire employees or shut down

The 3000% increase in minimum wage, announced last month by President Nicolas Maduro, went into effect this week. As a result, the economic woes for the citizens of the nation have spiked once again.

NOQREPORT.COM - 2018-09-18 17:40:11