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Vatican Committee: Church Credibility at Risk Over Sex Abuse

VATICAN CITY — Organizers of an upcoming Vatican summit on sex abuse prevention are warning that the credibility of the Catholic Church is in jeopardy over the abuse scandal and are urging participants to meet with victims personally before coming to Rome.

GV WIRE - 2018-12-18 18:28:26

Marisa Papen, Playboy model was arrested due to Vatican naked photo

Playboy model Marisa Papen was arrested for a provocative photo shoot in the Vatican City, at the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. The images of the model from Belgium showed her to be knit on a cross and sitting naked in a stack of books in St. Peter’s Square.

WEEKLY OBSERVER - 2018-12-18 11:51:01

Pope celebrates his birthday with clients of Vatican pediatric clinic

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — If the Holy Family lived in Rome and the baby Jesus had a cold or flu, Mary and Joseph certainly would bring him to the Vatican pediatric clinic for help, Pope Francis said.

CNS TOP STORIES - 2018-12-17 15:06:49

Vatican Christmas Concert highlights refugees

The Paul VI hall is the place to be this Saturday evening as Italian and International artists perform in the Annual Vatican Christmas concert. VATICAN CITY: It’s been 25 years since the first Christmas charity concert was organized in the Vatican and over that time Italian and International artists

HERALDMALAYSIA.COM - 2018-12-17 07:00:00

Vatican urged to reveal status of ousted US archbishop

VATICAN CITY (AP) — A prominent U.S. archbishop is asking the Vatican for answers about the status of an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct by his predecessor, who was forced to resign in 2015.


The Vatican’s Path toward Official Recognition of Israel

The idea of a Jewish state challenged the Vatican psychologically, theologically and politically. The notion that the Jewish people could have a right to self-determination – and even more so in the Holy Land – was anathema to Vatican understanding of the role of the Jew in history. Arising in the c

JCPA.ORG - 2018-12-18 13:40:10

Vatican Museums to launch full virtual tour to increase accessibility

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — In the technology support department at the Vatican Museums, Villanova University student Justin Myers is spending a semester creating virtual tours of galleries, part of a larger project to make the museums accessible to everyone.

CATHOLICPHILLY.COM - 2018-12-17 07:00:00

Pope Francis Celebrates 82nd Birthday At The Vatican

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Children who frequent a Vatican pediatric dispensary have given Pope Francis a birthday cake, a day before he turns 82. Francis joked with them Sunday, saying he hoped “such a big cake doesn’t give indigestion” and blew out a candle atop the treat decorated in the Vatican’s yello

HUFFINGTONPOST - 2018-12-17 15:13:00

The Gardens of Vatican City: The Complete Guide

One of the most exclusive attractions within Rome's tiny Papal State is the Gardens of Vatican City (Giardini Vaticani). The 57 acres of urban tranquility invite visitors to stroll among sacred monuments, sculpture fountains, and curious botanicals. Because entry is limited (only a certain number of

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Pope shakes up Vatican communications operations

VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Francis announced Tuesday a shakeup of the Vatican's communications operations, replacing the longtime editor of the Holy See newspaper and naming a prominent Italian journalist to coordinate the editorial line of all Vatican media.

ICFLORIDA.COM - 2018-12-18 11:51:33

Pope revamps Vatican State structures

Pope Francis approved a new set of laws concerning the structure and governance of Vatican City State in an effort to simplify the many offices and activities of the world’s smallest nation and to boost oversight, transparency and budgetary controls. The measures were issued ‘motu proprio’, on the P

IRISHCATHOLIC.COM - 2018-12-13 07:03:25

Emirati singer to perform at Vatican's Christmas concert, redefining coexistence

Emirati singer to perform at Vatican's Christmas concert, redefining coexistence. Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi is set to perform at the Concerto di Natale in Vatican city in celebration of Christmas.

MSN.COM - 2018-12-12 11:07:00

Don't blame migrants for everything, Pope tells politicians

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis on Tuesday condemned nationalist leaders who blame migrants for their countries’ problems and themselves fostered mistrust in society by pursuing dishonest gain and xenophobic and racist policies.

REUTERS - 2018-12-18 10:49:15

Pope Francis warns against nationalism, xenophobia

Vatican City (AFP) – Pope Francis has warned politicians of the dangers of exploiting nationalism and fear of foreigners to undermine the trust essential to their task of binding societies together, not dividing them.

BREITBART - 2018-12-18 04:38:00

Ask for grace to dream and to be silent like St. Joseph, pope suggests

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — While St. Joseph was a practical, down-to-earth man, he had enough faith to be open to God speaking through dreams, Pope Francis said at morning Mass. “Joseph had his feet on the ground. But he was open-minded,” the pope said Dec. 18 during his homily at Mass in the Domus Sancta

CNS TOP STORIES - 2018-12-18 16:00:26

U.N. migration pact seeks to promote dialogue, Vatican official says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — A Vatican official said an intergovernmental pact can help countries address the current migration crisis through dialogue and concrete solutions rather than confrontation and fear.

TODAYSCATHOLIC.ORG - 2018-12-11 18:48:34

Vatican publishes schedule for papal visit to Abu Dhabi

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — When Pope Francis travels to the United Arab Emirates Feb. 3-5, he will meet with the international Muslim Council of Elders, participate in an interreligious meeting and celebrate Mass for the local Catholic population, the vast majority of whom are foreign workers.

CATHOLICPHILLY.COM - 2018-12-12 07:00:00

Vatican official: With migration, cooperation is better than isolationism

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — The Vatican praised the adoption by more than 160 nations of a key agreement on global migration, saying today’s migration challenges are better tackled together than with “isolationist” stances.

CATHOLICPHILLY.COM - 2018-12-11 07:00:00

Pope approves new legislation concerning Vatican City governance

One major change is the formation of a Control and Inspection Unit which carries the primary responsibility of assessing the “efficiency and effectiveness” of the various departments within the governorate.

MNNEWS.TODAY - 2018-12-11 03:40:39

A trip to the Vatican in Rome

Heart of the Catholic religion and now the domain of Pope Francis, the Vatican is a rich and fascinating destination on a vacation in Rome. Gaze at the wonders of the Sistine Chapel while visiting the Vatican Museums, displaying some of the best Renaissance art in the world, collected by previous po

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