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Guide to Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Have you always wished to be part of magical encounters with the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural wild? Wondering how you can plan a gorilla safari and which places you should visit during your holiday? Well, get the best of magical encounters with these Great apes in Uganda’s wildernes


MTN Uganda denies it understates revenues, says it is fully tax-compliant

KAMPALA (Reuters) - The Ugandan unit of South African telecommunications firm MTN Group has denied government accusations it has been understating its revenues and said it was fully meeting all its tax obligations.


Edify TV Live: Witness Uganda

How did a guy trying to volunteer end up wanting to do more. Listen from the guys behind Witness Uganda – a Documentary Musical now playing at the Lovelace Theater in the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.


Massive deforestation by refugees in Uganda sparks clashes with local people

The cutting down of millions of trees has sparked angry clashes in parts of Uganda between local people and refugees who have been fleeing conflict in neighbouring South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Uganda ruling party's executive committee backs Museveni re-election bid

KAMPALA (Reuters) - The central executive committee of Uganda’s ruling party, the National Resistance Movement, has endorsed President Yoweri Museveni as its candidate in the next presidential elections due in 2021, potentially extending his rule to 40 years. Museveni, 74, has been at the helm of th


Binance’s Charity Arm Rolls Out Blockchain-Powered School Lunch Campaign

The charity arm of the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, has launched its pilot blockchain-based lunch program in African schools, according to a blog post on Feb. 21.


Uganda’s social media tax has led to a drop in internet and mobile money users

Uganda’s social media tax has proved to be detrimental to both its internet and mobile money sectors. In the three months following the introduction of the levy in July 2018, there was a noted decline in the number of internet users, total revenues collected, as well as mobile money transactions. In


This origami-like strip of paper helped diagnose malaria in Uganda

A cheap, origami-like strip of paper accurately detected malaria in 98 percent of cases in a test group of schoolchildren in Uganda. Though paper sensors are nothing new — the most famous examples include some home pregnancy tests — the results from this trial show that such sensors can be promising


The high school graduate who built a school for the deaf in East Africa

A young, freckled-faced girl with red hair from Texas with only a high school education may seem an unlikely person for God to call to potentially dangerous work in a remote village in eastern Africa — but God so often tends to work like that.


Uganda Has Lost Millions of Internet Users as a Result of Its Controversial Social Media Tax

The number of internet users in Uganda has declined significantly since the implementation of the highly-criticized tax on social media, which went into effect in July of last year.


Bigger than Christmas sodas, Winthrop grad wants to make a lasting impact on Uganda

As a child in Uganda, soda was so precious to Henry Kalungi that he would make the Coca-Cola he received every Christmas from his parents last for weeks. “You drink it half way, and because you don’t want to finish it you add some water,” he explained recently over breakfast in Rock Hill.


Rarely glimpsed scaly pangolins caught hugging trees in the dark

New video of giant pangolins shows these bizarre scaly creatures in their natural (nocturnal) habitat in Uganda. In the videos, the blunt-nosed creatures — which are the only mammals with scales — are seen meandering about the undergrowth, sniffing for food and danger. In one clip, a baby pangolin r


Conservationists Capture Rare Footage of Giant Pangolins in the Wild

Researchers from a UK zoo released rare footage last week revealing the secret lives of mysterious giant pangolins, the world’s most trafficked animals. In the footage of the elusive animals, the only mammals covered in scales, captured by the Chester Zoo conservationists in Uganda, pangolins can be


America’s biggest charities are secretly funneling millions to anti-LGBTQ hate groups

Some of America’s largest charities have been secretly giving millions of dollars to hate groups for years. Backed by anonymous donors, the charitable gift funds have been funneling funds to white nationalists and anti-LGBTQ groups.


Mardi Gras Goes Green and Global: Atlas handmade beads builds a relationship between Uganda and New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS — In Uganda, several groups of women are in the Mardi Gras spirit as they hand craft recycled material to make beads that are heading straight to New Orleans. This is all thanks to Kevin Fitzwilliam who started the organization called “Atlas Handmade Beads,” with a goal of helping the ci


Only a Few Weeks Left to Sign up for the Sylvia's Children Summer Trip to Uganda

HOLMDEL, N. J. – Sylvia’s Children (www.sylviaschildren.org), a U.S.-based non-profit working since 2003 to better the lives of children in the East African nation of Uganda, is inviting you on the trip of a lifetime.


What Are The Primary Inflows And Outflows Of Lake Edward?

Lake Edward is the smallest of the African Great Lakes, and is also known as Edward Nyanza or Rutanzige. The lake is situated in the Albertine Rift, which is a branch of the East African Rift, along the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Lake Edward was named in ho


Masontown native helps Uganda children through center named in her honor

A Masontown native’s volunteer work in Uganda has evolved into a youth center named in her honor. “Although it wasn’t my decision, I was truly humbled and honored by the gesture,’’ said Chrystal Honsaker, 39, co-founder of Chrystal Children’s Center near Kampala.


In under a month, Uganda has deported four top MTN executives, including the CEO

Things have come to a pretty pass, in the seven-month confrontation between Ugandan security agencies and the country’s biggest telecom company, MTN. At mid-night on Thursday (Feb.14), the MTN Uganda chief executive was deported from the country.


MTN faces more problems in Uganda as authorities query its sales figures

KAMPALA (Reuters) - Uganda accused the country’s biggest telecoms operator, MTN Uganda, on Tuesday of underdeclaring its sales and causing public revenue losses, in a further souring of relations with the South African-owned company.