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Thanksgiving Shoppers Are Doling Out $200-Plus for a Turkey

When it comes to this year's holiday bird, New Yorkers aren't afraid to break out their wallets. A number of gourmet markets and high-end butchers throughout the city are selling specialty turkeys for Thanksgiving that run $200-$300-plus. And in most cases, that doesn't include sides. At Eli's Marke

WSJ - 2017-11-20 00:03:00

FAA powerless to stop people from throwing turkeys out of airplanes despite Tommy Lee's objections

All they have now is a wing and a prayer. After saying it would look into an annual Arkansas event involving live turkeys getting launched from a plane, the Federal Aviation Administration admits there's nothing they can do about it, in part because they never expected that to be a thing. "FAA re

NY DAILY NEWS - 2017-11-20 18:00:10

Robert Mugabe deposed in Zimbabwe: Africa's long and bloody history of military coups

The African people rarely get the opportunity to govern themselves. Before the 1960s, European powers scrambled to get a piece of the African pie and divvied up the continent for its resources. After 1960 - also called the Year of Africa - where no less than 17 African nations declared independence,

FIRSTPOST - 2017-11-20 07:46:41

The turkey you eat at Thanksgiving doesn't make you sleepy - a sleep expert explains why

The tryptophan in turkey gets a bad rap every Thanksgiving. Here's the real reason you're so tired. Following is a transcript of the video. Dr. Daniel Barone: So the myth is that turkey has a lot of a chemical known as tryptophan, which is actually the precursor to melatonin. So people think that wh

BUSINESS INSIDER - 2017-11-20 19:56:00

Critical week for Syria as parallel talks get under way

With a flurry of diplomatic activity, two separate summits on Syria are to be staged this week to put decisive pressure on both sides to end the civil war and thrash out a new constitution that is likely to leave President Bashar al-Assad in power. With Islamic State crushed and the democratic oppos

THE GUARDIAN - 2017-11-20 05:00:20

Turkish LGBTI activists condemn 'illegal' ban on events in Ankara

There is mounting concern among LGBTI activists in Turkey that their right to freedom of expression is being curtailed. Photograph: Ozan Kose/AFP/Getty Images Kareem Shaheen in Istanbul and agencies Rights groups have condemned as illegal and discriminatory a ban on LGBTI events in the Turkish cap

THE GUARDIAN - 2017-11-20 13:18:12

Erdogan aide: Turkey should review NATO membership

ANKARA, Turkey - Turkish media reports are quoting an adviser to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying it's time for Turkey to review its membership in the NATO military alliance. Yalcin Topcu's comments, reported by Cumhuriyet and other media on Monday, came days after Turkey withdrew some 40 tr

FOXNEWS - 2017-11-20 15:27:17

Turkey Central Bank Move Fails to Stem Lira's Slide on Politics

Traders have been unimpressed with the Turkish central bank's latest attempt to support the currency, which is wobbling amid concerns about the fallout from a U.S. court case, tensions with NATO, and the Turkish president's resumption of calls for lower interest rates. While the lira jumped as much

BLOOMBERG - 2017-11-20 09:23:26

Is Zimbabwe's military takeover the world's strangest (non) coup?

There have been no street curfews, no violent crackdowns, no appointment of a military junta to take control of the levers of power. Instead, the man whom the military has supposedly wrestled from power has been shown casually chatting with his captors, while protesters have posed for selfies with

CNN - 2017-11-20 17:53:53

Turkey detains 51 teachers over suspected links to coup: Dogan

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkish authorities on Monday issued arrest warrants for 107 teachers for suspected ties to the U.S.-based cleric Ankara blames for orchestrating last year's coup, the Dogan news agency said. Fifty-one of the teachers were detained in Ankara after the local prosecutor issued th

REUTERS - 2017-11-20 10:27:57

Turkish capital bans all public LGBTQ events

Turkey's capital Ankara has banned public LGBTQ events until further notice, with safety concerns cited for the prohibition. In a statement by the Ankara Governor's Office on Sunday, all LGBTQ "cinema, theater performances, panels, interviews and exhibitions are banned until further notice in our pr

MASHABLE - 2017-11-20 02:13:26

Turkish capital bans LGBT events

The ban covers events including film festivals, forums, interviews, and exhibitions Ankara's governor says LGBT events could interfere with "public security"

CNN - 2017-11-20 05:19:13

Does turkey make you sleepy?

(iStock/The Washington Post) It's almost Thanksgiving, and that means it's time to eat - and time to nap. You may have heard that turkey is to blame for your post-Thanksgiving sleepiness. But although turkey does contain a chemical that makes humans want to curl up in bed, you can't blame your slug

WASHINGTON POST - 2017-11-19 12:30:00

Turkey bans all LGBTQ events in capital

ISTANBUL - Turkish officials have banned all events by lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex rights groups in the country's capital. The ban took effect Saturday for an "indefinite" period and applies to all LGBTI film screenings, theaters, panels and exhibitions. The Ankara governor's office a

NEW YORK POST - 2017-11-19 12:05:13

Turkey, Russia and Iran meet to discuss Syria

SOURCE: Al Jazeera News Syria's Civil WarRussiaTurkeyIranEurope Sign up for our weekly newsletter Sign up for our newsletter to receive a weekly email of our best content SOURCE: Al Jazeera News Syria's Civil WarRussiaTurkeyIranEurope Sign up for our weekly newsletter Sign up for our newsletter

ALJAZEERA.COM - 2017-11-19 08:27:00

Honk If You Can Explain Turkey's Position on Tinted Car Windows

ISTANBUL-Turkish motorists saw light at the end of a long tunnel last year when the nation's Science, Industry and Technology Ministry seemingly lifted a two-decade ban on tinted car windows. Like curtains in a house, Turks say, dark car windows help create much-wanted privacy. Among them, Osman zen

WSJ - 2017-11-19 19:33:00

Turkey Bans LGBT Activism In Capital City Ankara, Citing 'Public Security' And 'Sensitivities'

Turkey has banned all forms of public LGBT activism in its capital city of Ankara - because it said such demonstrations are a threat to "public security" and "public sensitivities." The governor's office in Ankara issued the sweeping ban Sunday, announcing an immediate beginning to an indefinite hol

NEWSWEEK - 2017-11-19 21:51:48

Turkish capital bans LGBT cinema, exhibitions

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - The Turkish capital Ankara has banned the public showing of films and exhibitions related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, the governor's office said on Sunday, citing risks to public safety. The move is likely to deepen concern among rights activists an

REUTERS - 2017-11-19 14:58:59

Zimbabwe’s ruling party expected to sack Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe's efforts to cling to power appeared close to collapse on Saturday night as tens of thousands marched through Zimbabwe's cities calling for his resignation, while the ruling party prepared to dismiss him. The 93-year-old president is due on Sunday morning to meet the army commanders wh

THE GUARDIAN - 2017-11-19 10:15:58

Popular Diestel Turkey Sold at Whole Foods Tests Positive for FDA-Prohibited Drugs

Diestel Turkey, sold by Whole Foods and other retailers at premium prices, says on its website that its "animals are never given hormones, antibiotics or growth stimulants." But Diestel Turkey samples tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) suggest otherwise, leading consumers to wonder: