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Dollar slides as British pound and New Zealand’s kiwi rally on data

The U.S. dollar softened on Thursday, partly due to a buoyant British pound and New Zealand dollar, which were both trading higher on the back of better-than-expected economic data.Trade headlines dominated North American trading, though much of investors’ attention was focused elsewhere on Thursday

MARKETWATCH - 2018-09-20 11:38:00

Why Russia Can’t Do Anything About Other Countries Killing Its Troops in Syria

One of the darkest fears about the conflict in Syria, particularly since Russia began its full-fledged military intervention in 2015, was that through miscommunication or overreaction, the increasing number of foreign militaries operating in the country could come into direct conflict with each othe

SLATE - 2018-09-18 18:23:07

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s other favorite sandwich is turkey, pickles and Doritos

The retired NASCAR driver-turned-broadcaster occasionally grosses out the internet when he reminds everyonehe loves banana and mayonnaise sandwiches. He grew up eating them, and, based on the replies he got one time he tweeted about these sandwiches, he guessed it’s a North Carolina regional thing.

USA TODAY - 2018-09-20 12:54:12

Turkey's domestic hybrid locomotive showcased in Berlin

Thelocomotiveis a joint product ofTÜLOMSAŞ, Turkish State Railways (TCDD) and Turkey's leading defense company Aselsan, it stated.

HURRIYETDAILYNEWS.COM - 2018-09-20 10:36:00

This is how much turkey is in a turkey dinosaur as study highlights ultra-processed foods

Although processed foods, are not necessarily unhealthy (such as frozen vegetables), ultra processed foods like turkey dinosaurs and chicken nuggets can contain excess salt, sugar and fat to enhance their flavour, longevity or texture.

INEWS.CO.UK - 2018-09-20 10:30:53

Turkey slashes growth forecasts for 2018, 2019 in economic plan,...

Albayrak, Erdogan’s son-in-law, had previously promised “realistic macro targets” and “right action plans”.

REUTERS - 2018-09-20 09:55:12

Invest Your Money Elsewhere If Unsure of a Nation's Political Path

U.S. tariff hikes, also known as consumer tax increases, appear to be taking a back seat for now, perhaps waiting for the implementation of the tariff hikes on imports from China on Monday.

NEWSMAX.COM - 2018-09-20 09:41:13

Butterball says Florence won’t affect Thanksgiving turkey supply

Butterball Inc., the turkey producer closely associated with Thanksgiving meals, says much of its North Carolina operations have been halted by Florence, the storm that has ravaged the eastern portion of the state this week.

FOX NEWS - 2018-09-20 07:18:10

What the Russia-Turkey Idlib agreement reveals about the Syrian conflict

Russia and Turkey signed an agreement to prevent a Syrian regime offensive in Idlib this week. The agreement will create a large demilitarized zone and is supposed to lead to “radical terrorist groups”being removed from parts of Idlibby October 15.The full text of the agreement was published on Wedn

JERUSALEM POST - 2018-09-20 04:47:00

Turkey fines Google for violating competition law

ANKARA - Turkey's competition authority said on Thursday it had fined Google some 93 million Turkish lira ($15 million) for violating competition laws with its mobile software sales.In a statement, the competition authority said Google LLC, Google International and Google Reklamcilik were given six

JERUSALEM POST - 2018-09-20 17:10:00

Going up in the world: hot air ballooning boost for Turkey's Kappadokia

Text sizeAaAaIn Kappadokia, Turkey, the hot-air balloon industry brings in more tourist dollars than hotels and shops.

EURONEWS.COM - 2018-09-20 15:53:45

Turkey: Lawyer files criminal complaint against Myanmar

The preliminary examination will be made on the forced displacement of theRohingyapeople, including the deprivation of their fundamental rights as well as killing, sexual violence, enforced disappearance, destruction and looting, the prosecutor added.

HURRIYETDAILYNEWS.COM - 2018-09-20 15:40:00

Turkey will protect its energy rights in Mediterranean: Minister

According to the Greek Ekathimerini newspaper, Greek Cypriot Minister ofEnergy, Commerce, Industry, and Tourism Yiorgos Lakkotrypis and Egypt’s Oil Minister Tarek El-Molla signed an agreement on Wednesday for the construction of a sub-sea pipeline to export natural gas from theCyprusIsland to Egypt.

HURRIYETDAILYNEWS.COM - 2018-09-20 15:36:14

Ruling party calls on overseas Turks to be more politically engaged

“We want our citizens not only to attend electionsinTurkey but also electionsinthe countries where they live. We also want them to be affiliated with political parties and to be candidates for elections, no matter which party,” he said after visiting Cologne,Germanyfrom Sept. 15-16.

HURRIYETDAILYNEWS.COM - 2018-09-20 15:14:00

Report to Congress on U.S.-Turkey Relations - USNI News

Turkey, a NATO ally since 1952, significantly affects a number of key U.S. national security issues in the Middle East and Europe. U.S.-Turkey relations have worsened throughout this decade over several matters, including Syria’s civil war, Turkey-Israel tensions, Turkey-Russia cooperation, and vari

USNI NEWS - 2018-09-20 14:10:24

Turkish Airlines Plans for Growth With Business Travel at Core

Althoughtraffic declined this year, the airline is carrying on like these issues are just temporary. The company’s stock has tripled since 2017, reflecting optimism that creating a hub sitting close to Western Europe and Asia can thrive.

SKIFT - 2018-09-20 14:00:09

Turkey: Why now is the time to visit the diverse and historic country

There’s a lot to do and see in Turkey, and now might be the best and most affordable time in our lives to see it. (Clint Henderson)More and more Americans and Europeans are rediscovering Turkey, a fascinating country where East meets West – and with good reason, too.

FOX NEWS - 2018-09-19 11:38:13

The Eastern Mediterranean is getting more dangerous, and it’s not because of Russia, Syria, or Iran

TheEastern Mediterraneanis about to get a lot more dangerous, and it’s not because of Russia, Syria, or Iran. Eastern Mediterranean used to be waters the U.S. Navy just sailed through on its way to the Red Sea and Persian Gulf, but now it is as militarily active as both.Of course, during the Cold Wa

WASHINGTON EXAMINER - 2018-09-18 20:46:53

Seeking to restore confidence, Turkey slashes growth forecasts

Albayrak said growth would be 3.8% this year and 2.3% in 2019, both revised down from forecasts of 5.5%. He also did not deliver the big plans for the banking industry that some analysts had been hoping for, particularly, the creation of a "bad bank" vehicle to take over non-performing loans.

THEEDGEMARKETS.COM - 2018-09-20 13:17:47

Turkey’s powership builder meets 40 pct of Lebanon’s electricity need: Company

Speaking at a press conference organized at the company’sKaradenizPowership, Fatmagül Sultan, Faysal explained that thispowershipalong with another calledKaradenizPowership Orhan Bey have almost 400 megawatts (MW) of combined installed capacity to meet 25 percent ofLebanon’selectricityneeds.

HURRIYETDAILYNEWS.COM - 2018-09-20 12:39:00