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Rotarian aims to ramp up Dignity Toilet program in ‎Togo‏ village

Doc Reiss poses with members of Taouvik Boukari's family. Standing at top left is Taouvik's sister, Boudia, and her four children. To Boudia's left are Taouvik's sisters Ameeda and Smiah. Standing to the right of Smiah is Taouvik's second mother Nime'. Reiss is seated with Taouvik's mother Fousema.

PENINSULA DAILY NEWS - 2017-11-19 09:30:00

‎Togo‏ faces calls to end political crisis

The opposition party in Togo wants to bring an end to more than 50 years of rule by the Gnassingbe family, currently continued by President Faure Gnassingbe (pictured here) Togo's authorities were on Friday urged to end their crackdown on anti-government protests and open talks to end a months-long


‎Togo‏ and the Military Problem in Africa

Togolese soldiers patrolling for protesters to beat with their wooden sticks On Wednesday the Zimbabwe Defence Forces took control of the country, effectively ending Robert Mugabe's reign. This latest military coup in Africa is yet another example of the fact that there is a serious lack of strong


Building a New Pan-African Movement : From the United States to ‎Togo‏

Dwayne Wong Omowale I have been a Pan-Africanist for several years now and I have noticed within the last three years that there is real potential for building another Pan-African movement similar to ones that we have had in the past. I first came to this realization in 2014. That year saw an upri


‎Togo‏ opposition says president 's claim a ` declaration of war '

Lome (AFP) - Togo opposition leaders on Tuesday said President Faure Gnassingbe "declared war on the Togolese people" by accusing them of orchestrating violence in massive anti-government protests across the West African country. At least 16 people have been killed and more than 200 injured since la


Event : Thanksgiving ‎ToGo‏ from Salumeria

by Salumeria 3000 20th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 San Francisco, CA94110 Start : 2017-11-13T18:00:00-08:00 End : 2017-11-20T18:00:00-08:00 Description...


From Slavery to Dictatorship : A Brief History of ‎Togo‏ 's Struggle

Sylvanus Olympio The protests for the removal of Faure Gnassingbe in Togo rage on in Togo. After a dictatorship that has lasted fifty years the people of Togo are demanding a change. One of the conditions of this change is the immediate removal of Faure Gnassingbe. Faure's term is set to end in 20


Last International Coffee Hour of semester features ‎Togo‏

An international student presented on the culture of Togo for International Coffee Hour at the International Student Center on Friday. Manzamasso Hodjo, graduate student in economics, said Togo means "behind the river" and is made up of 40 tribes and five religions. Hodjo showed pictures illustratin


‎Togo‏ , Black Lives Matter , and American Indifference to African Suffering

Faure Gnassingbe became the president of Togo in 2005 following the death of his father, Gnassingbe Eyadema. Gnassingbe Eyadema had been the president of Togo since 1967. During that period a number of political opponents and other critics of the regime were harassed, jailed, tortured, and killed. F


Did the ministry spend D800 , 000 on just 10 air tickets to ‎Togo‏ ?

Investigation has revealed the Ministry of Youth Sports 'spending over D800, 000' to secure just 10 air tickets from SatguruTravel Agency. The said air tickets were meant for a 10-man delegation of basketball players and coaches travelling to the West African Nation of Togo to attend a continental b


‎Togo‏ Government

Why Togo is the most unhappy country in the world The small West African nation of Togo is the least happy country in the world- that's according to the recently released World Happiness Report from the United Nations. The rankings are based on things like GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, co


‎Togo‏ president blames opposition for violence

Lome (AFP) - Togo's President Faure Gnassingbe has accused the opposition of orchestrating violence that has killed at least 16 people in massive anti-government protests across the country. Togo president blames opposition for violence Since the first protests began in late August more than 200 oth


Coalition of NGOs urges ECOWAS to resolve ‎Togo‏ crises

Faure Gnassingbe The Coalition of Non-Governmental Organisations Associated with the United Nations (CUNANGOS) - Department of Public Information (DPI) in Ghana, have urged the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to resolve the political instability in Togo. A statement signed by Mr F


‎Togo‏ Political Crisis

West African leaders from the regional group ECOWAS are calling on Togo's PresidentFaure Gnassingbe to do more to resolve the country's political crisis. At least 10 people have been killed in anti-government protests since August amid growing frustration over delayed constitutional reforms. Faure G


Leader of opposition takes part in third day of anti-government protest in ‎Togo‏

Footage has emerged of Jean-Pierre Fabre, leader of the opposition, taking part in a protest calling for the long-standing President Faure Gnassingbe to step down in Togo's capital, Lome. The demonstration that took place on Thursday (November 9) is the last of three planned marches this week and c


U.S. issues ` special ' ‎Togo‏ travel alert , opposition says Nov. protests successful

The United States Department of State has issued a travel alert for Togo to its citizens in the face of recurring political protests in the west African country. The alert issued at the start of this week's round of protests is to extend over a period of almost three months. 'This Travel Alert expir


The International Community and ‎Togo‏

The protests in Togo rage on with no end currently in sight. Some are expressing concern that without the intervention of the international community the crisis in Togo will not be resolved. Getting the international community to pay attention to Togo's crisis is a challenging task for a number of r


` Stalemate ' fears over long-running ‎Togo‏ protests

A coalition of 14 opposition parties has organised near weekly protests in Togo since August Togo's opposition on Thursday rounded off its third protest against the government this week amid concern about a loss of momentum after more than two months of action. Demonstrators in the capital Lome repe


Tug-of-War Between Govt and Opposition in ‎Togo‏

Togo:Protests Against President Gnassingbe's Continued Rule Turn Deadly Deutsche Welle, 18 October 2017 The deaths came amid anti-government protests against planned constitutional reforms that would allow President Faure Gnassingbe to remain in office until 2030. His family has... Read more Togo:


Fifa fine Uganda Shs 18m over 2015 ‎Togo‏ game

World football governing body, FIFA has fined several countries including Uganda for disciplinary cases during qualifying ties for the 2018 World Cup. In a communication sent by Fifa on November 7, Uganda has been fined 5000 Swiss Francs (about Shs 18,031,554) because a group of supporters sat in a