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CTIC Dakar conducts ‎Togo‏ hub feasibility study

“Togo, like other African countries, has extraordinary potential in terms of digital technologies, due to the youth of its population and its ability to offer innovative alternatives for the future,” said minister of post and digital economy Cina Lawson.

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‎Togo‏ opposition calls for stay-at-home protests

Mass anti-government rallies have repeatedly been held across the country in recent months, with protesters demanding an end to the 50-year rule by the Gnassingbe family and constitutional reforms, including a two-term limit for presidents.

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Hydroponics , Sustainable Solution in Agriculture now in ‎Togo‏

Scott Masseyis a graduate ofPurdue Universityas well as the founder ofHeliponix LLC; his startup. This developed startup is a kitchen tool, which grows garden vegetables all year and he believed it would offer sustainable solutions to many farmers. Recently, he traveled to Togo in Africa so that he


‎Togo‏ in turmoil - opposition Pushes for a term limit for President

Faure Gnassingbe Eyadema succeeded his father, who died in 2005 after ruling the country with an iron fist for 38 years. Since then Gnassingbe has won two more elections, in 2010 and 2015. Although both these elections were described by the opposition as unfair, the European Union and the ECOWAS sai


‎Togo‏ : OTR to boost tax collection in mining sector

Togo’s Revenue Office (OTR) wishes to improve taxes it collects from the mining sector. In that order, it is studying with State officials and executives from the private extractive industries, a possibility to amend mining tax regime, at Notsé, in the Plateaux region.


Ghana-Guinea unite effort to bring political peace to ‎Togo‏

Accra, June 12, GNA - Guinean leader Alpha Conde, has made a day’s visit to Ghana, to confer with President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, on the political situation in Togo.


‎Togo‏ : Semoa helps e-commerce expand

The startup’s CEO, Edem Adjamagbo, actually took part in the national workshop session to assess Togo’s readiness to e-commerce held last week. On this occasion, the startup which received the Fintech Africa of the Year 2018 award presented its latest product: Semoa Kiosk. It is a network of automat


‎Togo‏ : 4G in ... at last !

According to the notice, this Monday, a ceremony for the signing of 4G licenses and the renewal of 2G and 3G licenses with Togo Cellulaire and Atlantique Telecom Togo (MOOV) will be held at Hôtel 2 Février.


‎Togo‏ civil society , trade unions propose ways out of political crisis | Africanews

A sit-at-home protest is expected to be observed in Togo this Monday after opposition parties in the country called on supporters to sustain their protest for political reforms.Mass anti-government rallies have repeatedly been held across the country in recent months, with protesters demanding const

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IMF Executive Board Completes Second Review under the Extended Credit Facility , and Approves US$ 35.5 Million Disbursement for ‎Togo‏

Following the Executive Board’s discussion on Togo, Mr. Mitsuhiro Furusawa, Acting Chair and Deputy Managing Director, made the following statement:


‎Togo‏ : Government examines bill to promote leasing as financing tool for SMEs

During a ministers’ council held June 13, 2018, a bill related to leasing in WAEMU’s state members was examined.


‎Togo‏ : Legal interest rate set at 4.5 %

Government set during the council of ministers held June 13, 2018, the legal interest rate for this year. From 3.5437% in 2017, this rate will thus stand at 4.5% as recommended by Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO).


Faure must go : How one woman is risking her life to end 50-year dynasty in ‎Togo‏

For Farida Nabourema, fighting for democracy in her country has come at a high price; she's had to sacrifice her family, friends and her safety.


‎Togo‏ proceeds to self-assessment of risks posed by money laundering and terrorism funding

Financed by the World Bank, a meeting was launched June 11, 2018 to assess risks and impacts related to money laundering and terrorism funding in Togo. The session which will close June 13, regroups officials of the National Cell for Financial Data Processing, others from the ministry of economy and


‎Togo‏ : Soon a new customs code to boost tax revenues will be adopted

Adoption process for a new customs code has started. On June 11, 2018, deputies started a plenary session to study the document.