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Chinese 'Ivory Queen' smuggler sentenced to 15 years jail in Tanzania

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - A prominent Chinese businesswoman dubbed the “Ivory Queen” was sentenced to 15 years in prison by a Tanzanian court on Tuesday for smuggling the tusks of more than 350 elephants, weighing nearly 2 tonnes, to Asia.


Village Leader In Tanzania Murdered And Decapitated After Reporting Poachers

"Sanka reported Lebangu and some of his colleagues to game rangers...and that was why they decided to kill him." After the village chairman of Gijedabung in Manyara, Tanzania tried to prevent local poachers from killing animals in Tarangire National Park, he became their next target.


Tanzania court sentences ‘Ivory Queen’ to 15 years in prison for trafficking elephant tusks

A Tanzanian court sentenced a Chinese woman who was known as the “Queen of Ivory” to 15 years in prison for smuggling the tusks from hundreds of elephants to Asia, CNN reports.


Witchcraft Belief and the Killing of Children in Tanzania

Place of Publication: Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Keywords: children, Dar es Salaam, killing, Isakwisa Amanyisye Lucas Mwakalonge, Tanzania, witchcraft. Witchcraft Belief and the Killing of Children in Tanzania, East Africa[1],[2]


Tanzania convicts Chinese 'Ivory Queen' trafficker

A Tanzanian court on Tuesday convicted a Chinese woman dubbed the "Ivory Queen" for her role in trafficking tusks from more than 400 elephants. Yang Fenlan, 69, was convicted in Dar es Salaam of trafficking 860 tusks between 2000 and 2014, a haul representing the slaughter of dozens of herds of elep


Tanzania Court Convicts ‘Ivory Queen’ for Trafficking Elephant Tusks

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania — A Tanzanian court on Tuesday sentenced a Chinese businesswoman known as the “Ivory Queen” to 15 years in prison for smuggling the tusks of more than 350 elephants to Asia — a major victory in the effort to stamp out poaching in Africa.


Barrick details proposal to settle Acacia dispute with Tanzania

(Reuters) - Canadian miner Barrick Gold outlined on Wednesday details of a deal it reached with the government of Tanzania to settle its disputes with Acacia Mining, including a $300 million payment to resolve tax claims in the country.


Tanzania rebases economy, 2015 GDP now 3.8 pct larger - stats office

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Tanzania has changed the base year it uses to calculate economic output to 2015, and data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed its economy was 3.8 percent larger in that year.


Acacia Climbs as Barrick Creates Proposal to End Dispute with Tanzania

Shares of Acacia shot up after Barrick and the Tanzanian government put together a proposal to end the ongoing dispute over taxes. Shares of Acacia Mining (LSE:ACA) climbed over 12 percent on Wednesday (February 20), after Barrick Gold (TSX:ABX, NYSE:GOLD) announced that it put forth a proposal with


This Woman Killed Hundreds Of Elephants For Their Ivory. Cops Finally Caught Her.

Ivory poaching is a major issue in Africa as seen in this 2016 photo taken in Kenya. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Joseph Okanga. With the help of two Tanzanian men, Yang Fenlan’s criminal network smuggled 860 pieces of ivory, worth US$5.6 million from Africa to Asia. Fenlan moved to Tanzania in the 197


Tanzania, Africa - Endless herds of elephants

The one consistent thing about safaris is that there is nothing consistent about them. One year you might see very few sitings of a particular animal and another year an abundance. This year we saw a record number of elephants on our photo tours, and it was awesome!


Chinese 'Ivory Queen' Yang Fenglan jailed in Tanzania

Tanzania has sentenced Yang Fenglan, a Chinese businesswoman nicknamed the "Ivory Queen", to 15 years in jail for smuggling hundreds of elephant tusks. Yang was accused of operating one of Africa's biggest ivory-smuggling rings, responsible for smuggling $2.5m (£1.9m) worth of tusks from some 400 el


Barrick Outlines Proposal To Resolve Dispute Between Acacia, Tanzania

(Kitco News) - Barrick Gold Corp. (NYSE: GOLD; TSX: ABX) Wednesday announced a proposal to settle long-running disputes between Acacia Mining Plc. and the government of Tanzania, with the plan including a $300 payment to Tanzania to settle outstanding tax claims.


Barrick and Tanzania reach proposal to settle country’s row with Acacia

Canada’s Barrick Gold (TSX:ABX) (NYSE:GOLD) and Tanzania have arrived at a plan to settle disputes between the miner’s 63.9%-owned Acacia Mining (LON:ACA) and the country's government, which includes a $300 million payment to resolve tax claims in the East African nation.


Chinese 'Ivory Queen' Gets 15-Year Sentence in Tanzania for Smuggling Elephant Tusks

(JOHANNESBURG) — A Tanzanian judge has sentenced a Chinese trafficker who was labeled the “ivory queen” to 15 years in jail after she was convicted of smuggling about 700 elephant tusks.


Kenya ride-hailing firm Little has big plans for Africa expansion

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenyan ride-hailing company Little is expanding to Tanzania and Ghana by May and plans to raise about $50 million more from investors, its chief executive officer said on Friday.


Tanzania’s Court Sentences Chinese National Charged with Ivory Trafficking to 15 Years in Prison

20 February 2019, Tanzania: WWF has welcomed a landmark ruling by Tanzania’s Courts yesterday sentencing Yang Feng Glan, a Chinese National charged with trafficking 860 ivory tusks weighing almost 1.9 tonnes over a 14-year period to 15 years in prison.


How Africa is creating welfare states

UNDERNEATH THE mango tree that marks the centre of Kondo, a village in northern Tanzania, Mwanaidi Saidi prises open a green box. Inside are the 110,000 Tanzanian shillings ($47) the 35-year-old has saved since she joined the country’s nascent welfare scheme. “The money helps me solve small problems


Tanzania jails Chinese national for ivory trafficking

Tanzanian Resident Magistrate sentenced a Chinese national to 15 years in prison today for trafficking of elephant tusks, which prosecutors claimed to have been chopped from about 400 African elephants.


Tanzania convicts Chinese 'Ivory Queen' Yang Fenglan

Yang Fenlan, 69, was convicted today in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, of trafficking 860 tusks between 2000 and 2014, a haul representing the slaughter of dozens of herds of elephants.