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I visited the world's highest Starbucks with incredible views of Taiwan. Here's how it compares to the coffee chain in the US.

Starbucks in Taiwan has a very different menu from Starbucks in the US. You can get some coffee favorites that are offered in the US but in Taiwan most of the menu features tea — especially matcha.


New Missile Launchers Won't Save the Taiwan's Navy

Taiwan has acquired vertical launchers that could enhance the firepower of its warships. But in pouring precious resources into conventional weaponry such as the Mk. 41 vertical-launch system, Taipei is making a big mistake, one expert argued.


In an Uncertain Time, Taipei’s New Art Fair Suggests New Trajectories for Art in the East and West Alike

On a recent Saturday evening, as peppy soft rock boomed from arena-worthy speakers and searchlights spun through the night sky, thousands of Taiwanese hipsters streamed through the vast square outside Taipei’s national Chiang Kai-shek memorial to take in a marvelously strange apparition: an 11-story


Chinese, Taiwanese Restaurants Drop 'Golden' And 'Dragon' To Take On Mandarin Names

Restaurants serving Chinese or Taiwanese food in the U.S. often use the same few English words in their names. Think "golden" and "dragon." In some cities, though, more restaurant owners are embracing Mandarin to name their businesses, and spelling out the standard Chinese dialect in the Roman alpha


Fifteen Alleged Operators of $8 Million Crypto Scam Arrested in Taiwan

Police in New Taipei, Taiwan, have arrested fifteen suspects for allegedly running a cryptocurrency scam that earned them millions of dollars, English-language local media Focus Taiwan reports on Jan. 26.


China’s might is forcing Taiwan to rethink its military strategy

TAIWAN “MUST and will” be reunited with the mainland, declared Xi Jinping, China’s president, on January 2nd. Chinese leaders have been saying such things since the retreating Nationalists separated the island from the rest of the country after losing the civil war to the Communists in 1949. But Mr


Taiwanese TV Show ‘The New World’ premieres in Belize

By BBN Staff: Today, the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) held a ceremony for the signing of the Licensing Agreement between the Embassy and RSV Media Center for the debut of the Taiwan Television drama series titled “The New World”.


Taiwan Authorities Arrest 15 Suspects Connected To $8 Million IBCoin Scam

Police in Taiwan have arrested 15 individuals for their part in an alleged cryptocurrency scam involving IBCoin, according to a report from news outlet Focus Taiwan. The report states that over 30 investors were defrauded out of 250 million New Taiwan dollars (NT$), the equivalent to about $8 millio


Taiwan startups secure NT$5.5 billion business opportunities at CES 2019

A team of 44 startups showcasing their innovations at CES 2019 have managed to win more thatn NT$5.5 billion (US$178.44 million) in business opportunity, according to science and technology minister Chen Liang-Gee.


I rode the subway in Taiwan and saw why it's one of the best mass transit systems in the world

I lived in New York City for seven years, which means I know how terrible commuting on an inconsistent, overcrowded subway line can be. It's also how I know that the metro in Taipei, Taiwan is one of the best metros in the world.


Searching for the soul of US-Taiwan relations

While the societal connections between peoples in the United States and Taiwan have been tight and unwavering for decades, the strategic rationale for the relationship has continually evolved based on events.


Taiwan's economy to slow in fourth quarter as exports falter: Reuters poll

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan’s economic growth probably slowed in the fourth quarter as the island’s technology exports were hit by softening global demand and fallout from the U.S.-China trade war.


Taiwan News: Wife of Jailed Activist Lee Ming-che Denied Visitation Until April

Lee Ching-yu (李凈瑜), the wife of Taiwanese democracy advocate Lee Ming-che (李明哲), has been disallowed from visiting her husband in a Chinese prison for three months after the prison accused her of distorting facts following a Dec. 18 visit, the Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TACHR) said on Mond


A museum in the mountains of Taipei: Taiwanese mega-collector Pierre Chen reveals plans for new space

The prominent Taiwanese collector Pierre Chen plans to open a space which will house works from his Yageo Foundation focusing on Western and East Asian contemporary art. “In the future, I would like to build a space where I can display the art in the foundation’s collection and perhaps engage in som


Taiwan arrests 15 over alleged cryptocurrency investment scam

Cryptocurrencies are still proving rife for scamming opportunities. Fifteen suspects have been arrested by the New Taipei police for a multi-million dollar scam, reports Focus Taiwan.


Chemical recycling breakthrough from Taiwan

Taiwan textile supplier Far Eastern New Century has developed an ‘all-in-one’ chemical recycling solution for mixed polyester textiles. ‘During the chemical process, polyester is dissolved and the mixed polymers or dyestuffs are filtered out,’ says Far Eastern New Century (FENC) of its innovative so


Taiwan president urges mass production of missiles | #AsiaNewsNetwork

“The National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology (NCSIST) must accelerate mass production of the ATBM (Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missile) and the Hsiung Feng III Anti-Ship Missile,” Tsai said Friday in a speech after being briefed by NCSIST personnel on the missile program.


Taiwan firms gearing up for OLED market boom

With more LCD panel suppliers capable of producing in commercial volume OLED displays for smartphones, Taiwan-based driver IC firms and related backend houses are gearing up to grow their presence in the OLED panel segment in 2019, according to industry sources.


Who Will Step Up and Chair Taiwan's New Power Party?

In a surprise turn of events, New Power Party (NPP) chair Huang Kuo-chang (黃國昌) announced last week that he will not be pursuing reelection for party chair next month. Huang also announced that he would not apply to join the 15-member party central committee. Huang has served twice as NPP party chai


Is Taiwan Semiconductor a Buy?

While dividend investors love their payouts, they face a conundrum: Rising interest rates in the U.S. have made steady dividend payers less attractive. In addition, companies with steady dividends are often big, mature companies. In this age of exciting technological disruption, many such companies