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Fox News blames deaths of Americans in Syria on Hillary Clinton and Benghazi

Four Americans were killed in Syria, the Pentagon announced on Wednesday, yet Fox News was focused on the 2012 attack in Benghazi — that also killed four Americans. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed two service members, a Defense Department civilian and a defense contracto


A Favorite Restaurant in Syria Led ISIS to Americans

BEIRUT — For American troops posted in the dusty flatlands of northern Syria, the Palace of the Princes restaurant in Manbij offered a pleasant place to stop for grilled chicken, French fries or its locally renowned shawarma sandwich.


Syria Daily: Children Dying from Cold in Rukban Camp

Children in the Rukban camp in southeast Syria (File) At least eight children have died in the Rukban camp for 50,000 displaced Syrians, amid freezing temperatures and shortages of food, medicine, and essential goods.


US-led coalition strikes mosque in northern Syria

The US-led coalition hit a mosque Thursday believed to be a military command post for Daesh in northern Syria, Anadolu reports. The strike “destroyed an ISIS (Daesh) command and control facility in a mosque” in Safafiyah town in Deir ez-Zor province, the coalition said in a statement, using another


Iran vows no military withdrawal from Syria despite Israeli threats

This article was originally published by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and is reprinted with permission. The head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps says Iran will retain its military presence in Syria, defying Israeli threats that Iranian forces will be targeted if they do not leave the wa


Coalition hits mosque used by IS in Syria

Washington (AFP) – The US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group in Syria destroyed a command center in a mosque in the war-torn country on Thursday, officials said. The strike is another indication that IS has not been “beaten” in Syria, as Trump claimed last month when he ordered the withd


Captured Canadian ISIL fighter in Syria may have appeared in notorious execution video

A Toronto man captured in Syria while fighting for Islamic State is believed to be the masked host — and apparent gunman — in a notorious ISIL execution video as well as the narrator of the terror group’s claim of responsibility for 2015’s deadly Paris attacks, according to a leading researcher of f


War In Syria Took Her Husband But Not Her Children Or Her Will To Survive

For over 70 years, UNICEF has been putting children first, working to protect their rights and provide the assistance and services they need to survive and thrive all over the world.


Ethan Bearman Show: Expert Analysis of Syria Attack & The Challenges of Trump’s Withdrawal

Expert analysis of the Syria Attack and the challenges of Trump’s withdrawal from best-selling author and Senior Adjunct Fellow to the council on Foreign Relations, Gayle Tzemach Lemmon.


Syria Kurds Reject proposed “safe zone” under Turkey Control

—- Related video added by Informed Comment:. France 24 English: “War in Syria: Kurdish fears over US troops withdrawal”


Chairman hints at Syria’s possible Arab League return

Syria’s membership in the Cairo-based league has been suspended since 2011. Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Abul-Ghait said that restoring Syria’s membership was subject to approval by the majority of member states.


Kurdish Official Rejects Establishing Syria Buffer Zone Under Turkish Control

A Senior Kurdish official rejected a proposal floated by Turkey controlling a “security zone” in Kurdish-held territory in northeastern Syria. “Military leaders at the US-led International Coalition have not yet presented us with a plan for establishing a safe zone. Up until this moment it remains n


France to continue military operation in Syria and Iraq in 2019, Macron says

France will remain “militarily engaged” in the Middle East through 2019 despite the announced U.S. withdrawal from Syria, President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday, January 17.


U.S.-backed SDF vows to escalate operations against Islamic State in Syria

BEIRUT (Reuters) - The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces vowed on Thursday to ramp up attacks on Islamic State remnants and cells, a day after a bomb attack killed two U.S. soldiers in northern Syria.


With evacuations of Turkish-backed rebels ongoing, hardline coalition HTS cements control over majority of Syria’s northwest

A fighter from the Turkish-backed National Liberation Front in west Aleppo countryside last November. Photo by Aaref Watad/AFP. AMMAN: Ongoing evacuations of Turkish-backed rebels from frontline positions in northwestern Syria saw at least 1,700 troops from the National Liberation Front rebel coalit


Suicide blast may be a taste of what's to come as US forces leave Syria

Sha'fa, Syria (CNN) — The drive down to the frontlines with ISIS is long and dangerous. Our escorts from the Kurdish-led forces insisted on taking us in armored vehicles from their base in the al-Omar oilfield. There are ISIS sleeper cells all around, they explained. They come out at night to plant


What Syria Stands to Lose

In April 2018, I drove into Raqqa, Syria, for the first time since reporting eight months earlier on the fight that liberated the city from the Islamic State, known as ISIS. By April, Raqqa resonated not with mortar rounds but with drilling and the rattle of generators as the city's residents uneart


4,500 Marines, F-35 Squadron on Standby in Middle East as U.S. Mulls Syria Exit

Two Navy amphibious ready groups and about 4,500 shipboard Marines are on standby in the Middle East to support an American exit from Syria if needed, a defense official confirmed to USNI News late Monday.


ISIS-claimed attack kills U.S. troops in Syria

A bomb attack claimed by Islamic State killed two U.S. troops and two civilians working for the U.S. military in northern Syria on Wednesday, weeks after President Donald Trump said the group had been defeated there and that he would pull out all American forces. Nathan Frandino reports.


France Will Continue ISIS Fight in Syria as Strikes Hit Deir Ezzour

French President Emmanuel Macron declared Thursday that Paris will remain involved in the battle against ISISI in Syria whether the US pulls out of the country or not. In his New Year speech to the armed forces in Toulouse, in southern France, Macron said President Donald Trump's decision to withdra