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Elections in Samoa : a new database - Devpolicy Blog from the Development Policy Centre

Since becoming an independent state in 1962, Samoa has held fifteen general elections. With the help of many others, we have now brought the results of all these elections into a single place for the first time. This is the Samoan Election Results Database. You can access it onlinehere.

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Townhome for rent

St. Mary's County, Md., 3-bedroom, 2-level townhome, 2.5-bath with one in master bedroom, one in upstairs hallway and another downstairs. Center unit, 1,160 square feet, electric heat and stove. Dishwasher, fenced-in backyard with a small patio. Living room is wood laminate. Newly installed lightin

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RSIPF farewell retired officers - ‎Solomon‏ Star News

“On behalf of your RSIPF colleagues here today, your colleagues across the country and the grateful people of Solomon Islands, we congratulate you for your service and we say thank you.”


China demand fuels ‎Solomon‏ ‎Islands‏ mass deforestation | News - Travafix

Forest is being felled at an unsustainable rate in the Solomon Islands to meet surging demand from China, according to a new investigation by environmental group Global Witness.A combination of detailed research, satellite imagery, trade data, and on-the-ground and drone photography showed “the shoc


‎Solomon‏ ‎Islands‏ ' forests felled fast to feed China demand -- Global Witness

Aerial photo of log landing area by the coast of Choiseul province, Solomon Islands, showing logs waiting to be picked up by boat and two small bulldozers on July 30, 2018. (Alessio Bariviera/Global Witness/Handout via REUTERS)


Chinese demand for timber could denude ‎Solomon‏ ‎Islands‏ ' forests , environmental group says

The South Pacific nation of the Solomon Islands is felling its tropical forests at nearly 20 times a sustainable rate, according to research by an environmental group published on Thursday, driven by insatiableChinesedemand for its timber. Export volumes of the archipelago’s single largest export co


‎Solomon‏ ‎Islands‏ to get new seismic monitoring network

Staff from GNS Science are in the Solomon Islands for the next month to help set up the country’s first geohazard monitoring network to provide real-time information on earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. ...


Coconut rhinoceros beetle : a huge threat in ‎Solomon‏ ‎Islands‏ and the Pacific - Devpolicy Blog from the Development Policy Centre

A new invasive strain of thecoconut rhinoceros beetle(CRB),Oryctes rhinoceros, is present in Solomon Islands and is spreading rapidly. CRB is the most serious insect pest of coconuts, essential for food security and cash income, resulting in significant yield losses and tree mortality. It also impac


` Untouched ' Pacific island forests could be destroyed within 20 years due to unsustainable logging

Unsustainable and potentiallyillegal loggingin remote Pacific islands could leave their natural resources decimated within 20 years, according to activists.TheSolomon Islandsare described by travel guides and the nation’s tourist board as “unspoiled”, but a new report by international NGOGlobal Witn


Tri Marine 's subsidiary in ‎Solomon‏ ‎Islands‏ faces piracy challenges

National Fisheries Development (NFD), a wholly-owned subsidiary of firm Tri Marine International in the Solomon Islands, is facing a "huge challenge" related to fish piracy involving local fishermen illegally collecting fish from the fishing boats in open waters, the firm’s managing director Frank W


British Museum to Defend Collection in New Initiative : `` Not Everything Was Looted ''

The British Museum is starting a program that aims to soften its reputation as a repository for plundered artifacts, according toThe Guardian. The initiative, a monthly talk called “Collected Histories” that begins on Friday, is partially a response to art historian Alice Procter’s Uncomfortable Art


Paul Allen beyond Microsoft : wrecked warship finder and ultimate sports fan

In recent years, Allen bankrolled several expeditions that resulted in the discovery of Japanese and US vessels that would otherwise have remained, largely forgotten, on the ocean floor.


Tuesday briefing : Microsoft mogul Paul Allen dies

Top story: ‘Heartbroken’ co-founder Bill Gates leads tributes Hello there – Warren Murray with what’s big and breaking in Tuesday’s news. Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, has died of lymphatic cancer aged 65. Allen and Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975 and became billionaires after IBM as


The Fight for Women 's Justice in ‎Solomon‏ ‎Islands‏ : Jennifer 's story

Matangi, October 2018 –The finals are today and the Matangi under-20 girl’s netball team is running through training drills. Their coach, Jennifer Tai, laughs as slippery hands sometimes fumble the ball, but you can tell she is serious about this last practice.But this is a side project for the coac


PHOTO RELEASE -- Huntington Ingalls Industries Starts Fabrication of Amphibious Assault Ship Bougainville -LRB- LHA 8 -RRB-

HII) Ingalls Shipbuilding division officially started fabrication of theAmerica-classamphibious assault shipBougainville(LHA 8) on Monday. The start of fabrication signifies that the shipyard is ready for sustained production and ready to move forward with the construction of the ship." class="canva


Wacko : Navy Destroyer That Sank A Japanese Sub -- With Potatoes

The luck of the Irish was with USSO’Bannon(DD 450) not once, but many times during the perilous years of World War II. The ship was named for First Lieutenant Presley Neville O’Bannon, a hero during the Barbary War who became a U.S. Marine Corps legend.His namesake would also become legendary when a

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Dauntless Dive Bomber : America 's Deadly World War II Bomber that was `` Slow but Deadly ''

Warfare History Network, John D. GreshamSecurity,Marine and Navy bomber pilots made history in the Douglas SBD Dauntless dive-bomber, fondly known as 'Slow But Deadly.'Dauntless Dive Bomber: America's Deadly World War II Bomber that was "Slow but Deadly"World War II gave us many stories of aerial wa


Ace in a Day | HistoryNet

Major Archie Donahue’s reputation preceded him when he began training a new generation of U.S. Marine pilots to operate the Vought F4U-1D Corsair from aircraft carriers in 1944. At the ripe old age of 26, he was one of the early birds who had fought the Japanese in the Solomon Islands, enough in its


Supporting disaster resilience in the Pacific : Who are the key players ?

CANBERRA — For small island developing states in the Pacific, climate change is already resulting in natural disasters that are growing in number and intensity. While some governments still debate the very existence of climate change, Pacific nations are dealing with it on a daily basis — building d


Is the clock finally ticking for PNG 's illegal loggers ? - Devpolicy Blog from the Development Policy Centre

A time traveler from 1988 visiting Papua New Guinea’s forestry sector today would find it distressingly familiar territory. Three decades ago, Commissioner Tos Barnett was conducting hisInquiry into aspects of the forest industry, published as atwo-volume surveyof the corruption and illegalities all