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Australia to Give $10 Million to Papua New Guinea to Combat Infectious Diseases

Fighting the spread of infectious diseases requires increased global efforts. Every child needs to be immunised in order to eradicate every strain of polio, measles, and whooping cough. You can take action by telling leaders to prioritise public health and sanitationhere.

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Light earthquake, 4.5 mag was detected near Lorengau in Papua New Guinea

A light earthquake with magnitude 4.5 (ml/mb) was detected on Friday, 156 km SW of Lorengau, Papua New Guinea (97 miles). A tsunami warning has not been issued (Does not indicate if a tsunami actually did or will exist). Exact location of earthquake, 146.3808° East, -3.1236° South, depth 10 km. Exac

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Australia’s Naval Base in Papua New Guinea: Power Play in the South Pacific against China

Thenews just brokethat Australia is planning to return to the Lombrum Naval Base in Papua New Guinea’s island of Manus, which it used to occupy before the country’s independence in 1975. This is significant for many reasons, not least of which is that Australia used to run a so-called “offshore immi


Governor of Indonesia's Papua province visits PNG capital | Loop PNG

Mr Enembe, who was recently re-elected as governor of Indonesia's eastern-most province, led a delegation of 21 people to Port Moresby.


Internet vital for Papua New Guinea to grow tourism market: IFC | Devdiscourse News

The figures were released by IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, in partnership with the Papua New Guinea Tourism Association at the 2018 Lukim PNG Nau, this year’s tourism expo showcasing the country.

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10 Best Image Compressors for Windows 2018

Social media platforms are now the eternal part of everyone’s life and so does the photographs and gifs. This tendency to share your emotions and experience needs photographs and videos. However, heavy, and large image takes lot of your space, whether you are saving it in hard drive or uploading onl

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Giveaway: THE GOOD DEMON by Jimmy Cajoleas

It wasn’t technically an exorcism, what they did to Clare. When the reverend and his son ripped her demon from her, they called it a “deliverance.” But they didn’t understand that Clare and her demon—known simply as Her—were like sisters. She comforted Clare, made her feel brave, helped to ease her

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Exploring Cuba’s Coffee Farms

Cuba, the country of cigars, politics, salsa… and coffee. Some of us may have enjoyed a sweet, heavy-bodiedcafé cubano, but how many of us have actually tasted Cuban coffee? And by that I mean one grown in the country’s fertile soil by its hard-working farmers.

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'Time is right' for coordinated response to Asian currency woes: Nomura

The Chiang Mai Initiative was created after the 1997 Asian financial crisis. It's designed to give the "ASEAN Plus 3" nations an alternative source of foreign currency in case of liquidity problems.With their high levels of external debt, countries such as Indonesia, India and the Philippines are th

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Here's What Fruits And Vegetables Looked Like Before We Domesticated Them

Next time you bite into a slice of watermelon or a cob of corn, consider this: these familiar fruits and veggies didn't always look and taste this way.Genetically modified foods, or GMOs, inspire strong reactions nowadays, but humans have been tweaking the genetics of our favourite produce for mille


Giveaway: What Book’s Got the Best Vampire Love Story?

Vampires are real. Jess would’ve never believed it until she saw them with her own eyes. She knows she has to get off the island, and her gallant rescuer has offered to help. There’s something about Raffaele that’s unlike any man she has ever met, and his touch sends pleasure through her that is bey


Children in Australia’s offshore migrant center are so distraught, some have attempted suicide

But the children are now stuck on Nauru, a desolate island in the South Pacific that’s little more than eight miles square. They’re caught in a strict Australian immigration system that has left them stranded. Some of them have become so depressed after years of living in limbo that they have lost t

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Perspective | Want to help prevent rape? Withdraw Kavanaugh’s nomination.

When Christine Blasey Ford came forward with allegations that Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her at a party when he was 17, it was no surprise that Republicans were quick to deny it ever happened. What was surprising, however, was how many insisted that, if it happened, it didn’t matter.


Australia Donates Port Boats to PNG Customs Service

ABF Deputy Commissioner Operations, Mandy Newton, was in Port Moresby on September 19, and formally presented the assets which will be used to enhance security at the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders’ Week in November. APEC is a regional economic forum established i


Darkside - Chapter Four

In this lesson on Tom Becker’s Darkside we look at how the narrator builds atmosphere in description through the use of pathetic fallacy and personification, making comparisons between chapters four and five. We also evaluate the impact of some key quotes throughout the chapter. Fully differentiated


Denisovan hybrid cave yields four more hominin bones

A tiny bone fragment recovered from Denisova Cave in Siberia caused a big stir last month, after scientistsshowed that it belongedto an ancient-human hybrid they named Denny, who had a Neanderthal mother and Denisovan father1.


Cobalt 27: Don't Forget The Nickel Exposure

This article was first published on Trend Investing on September 13; therefore, all data is as of that date.Cobalt 27 Capital Corp. [TSXV:KBLT] [FR:27O][LN:OUPZ] (OTC:CBLLF) - Price = CAD 6.05Until now, all the focus for Cobalt 27 has naturally been on their rapidly expanding portfolio of cobalt met


Papua New Guinea ‘Quo Vadis’? (Whither Thou Goest?)

Albert EinsteinPAUL OATESGOLD COAST - The constant issue everyone seems to agree on these days is the demonstrable lack of real leaders who can enunciate both a clear vision and a set of achievable national objectives.Whether it be at social get-togethers or standing in line waiting to pay for groce


Test model of Boeing's 777X jetliner shows incredible scale of company's largest-ever passenger plane

A fully-assembled static test model was revealed at the aeronautical firm’s testing centre in Everett, Washington, earlier this month. Although this particular model will never leave the ground it gives a first glimpse of the scale of the record-breaking jet.


Giveaway: THE LIGHT BETWEEN WORLDS by Laura E. Weymouth

Six years ago, sisters Evelyn and Philippa Hapwell were swept away to a strange and beautiful kingdom called the Woodlands, where they lived for years. But ever since they returned to their lives in post-WWII England, they have struggled to adjust.