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N.Korea readies missile launch ahead of US-S.Korea drill, says report

The long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 (Mars-12) is launched during a test in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on May 15, 2017. - Picture by KCNA via ReutersSEOUL, Oct 14 - North Korea is believed to be preparing to launch a ballistic missi


US preparing to send B-1B bomber, F-22 stealth jets to Seoul amid fresh North Korea threats

The air fleet will participate in the upcoming Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (Adex). The US Air Force on Friday (13 October) announced that they are preparing to send a B-1B Lancer strategic bomber, F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jets and other key defence assets to South Korea.


Woman who defected from North Korea says regime is 'much worse' than media portrays it

A North Korean woman who defected to China has claimed Kim Jong-un's totalitarian regime is "much worse than the way media portrays it." Identified as Joy, the woman escaped from the secretive communist state when she was 18. But after making it across the border to China, she was trafficked and so


North Korea: Where can its missiles reach?

Photo: How far can North Korea's missiles reach? North Korea has threatened Australia with "disaster" for aligning itself with the US against the country's reclusive regime. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop insists we are "not a primary target", but it is clear the US is not the only country imperille


Australia Says North Korea's Threats Won't Intimidate It

Australia pledged to continue to support allies seeking to curb North Korea's efforts to build a nuclear arsenal after Pyongyang warned of the risks of siding with President Donald Trump's administration. Joining the U.S. in seeking to increase pressure on North Korea would mean Australia "will not


General: Aiming Nuclearized ICBM at US May Trigger Preemptive Strike on N. Korea

As North Korea appears to accelerate the development of its nuclear and missile programs, tensions are escalating between the United States and the communist state. President Donald Trump has publicly criticized the policies of past administrations, saying North Korea is "a problem that has to be s

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The monster nuclear submarine the US sent to South Korea looks like it may be packed with Navy SEALs

The Ohio-class guided-missile submarine USS Michigan docked at South Korea's Busan Naval Base as part of a routine port visit.Petty Officer 2nd Class Jermaine Ralliford / Business Insider The US Navy maintains that the USS Michigan, a submarine known for carrying special-ops teams, stopped in the S


North Korea Cannot Fire a Nuclear Weapon Yet, Says South's Defense Minister

South Korean defense minister Song Moo-young said on Thursday that the North Korean communist regime does not have the ability yet to fire a nuclear weapon. When asked whether the North had developed the technology and ability to launch such a weapon, Song said he believed it had not reached that le


Could North Korea's 4,300 Tanks Crush America in a War?

As Washington ratchets up the pressure on North Korea-or potentially launches a preemptive strike-the Kim regime in Pyongyang has options to strike back hard at (Photo: Wikimedia commons, 247Sports) As Washington ratchets up the pressure on North Korea-or potentially launches a preemptive strike-t


North Korea Is No Longer the Hermit Kingdom - but How Long Will China Be Its Lifeline?

Down the street from my home in Bangkok, next to a tailor and a nail salon, sits a peculiar outpost of the North Korean state. Inside the Pyongyang Okryu restaurant, five tall, pale waitresses float among the tables in sparkly dresses and carefully cultivated smiles. "Are they really North Korean?"

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US, South Korea Developing New War Plan To Finish Off North Korea In Under A Month

The U.S. and South Korea are developing new wartime operations plans to achieve rapid victory over the North should conflict occur, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff revealed Monday. "We are drawing up a new operational plan while re-estimating overall conditions, including our capabilities in


US commander must 'imagine the unimaginable' on NKorea

Singapore (AFP) - The top US commander in the Pacific warned Tuesday he must "imagine the unimaginable" in responding to the threat posed by the North Korea's nuclear weapons programme. US commander must 'imagine the unimaginable' on NKorea Admiral Harry Harris, head of the US Pacific Command, made

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Propaganda leaflets calling for 'Death to old lunatic Trump!' floated into South Korea from North Korea

Handout photo shows an anti-Trump leaflet believed to come from North Korea by balloon.Thomson Reuters SEOUL (Reuters) - Propaganda fliers presumed to be from North Korea and calling U.S. President Donald Trump a "mad dog" have turned up across central Seoul, including near the presidential Blue Ho


The U.S. Navy Just Parked a Guided-Missile Submarine Right Near North Korea

As tensions with North Korea continue to rise, the United States continues to bring more long-range precision striking power into the region. On October 13, USS Michigan (SSGN 727)-an Ohio-class guided-missile submarine-pulled into a South Korean naval base in the port city of Busan. While the U.S.

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Talks among US, South Korea, Japan center on North Korea

What to do about the regime of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, center, was to be the key topic of a meeting in Seoul among officials from the U.S., South Korea and Japan. (KCNA via KNS) Senior officials from the United States, South Korea and Japan were scheduled to meet in Seoul on Wednesday to

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South Korea, U.S. begin joint naval drills amid North Korean threat

The USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier arrives in Hong Kong, Oct. 2, 2017.The nuclear powered aircraft carrier was participating in joint drills with South Korea on Oct. 16, 2017. AP Last Updated Oct 16, 2017 4:21 AM EDT SEOUL, South Korea -- South Korean and U.S. troops have begun five days of jo


The Latest: Putin halts NKorea ties in line with UN demands

BRUSSELS (AP) - The Latest on European sanctions against North Korea (all times local): 5:15 p.m. President Vladimir Putin says Russia is curtailing economic, scientific and other ties with North Korea in line with restrictions imposed by the United Nations. Putin's decree, published Monday on the s

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North Korea Is Playing a Longer Game Than the U.S.

If we think through the North Korea nuclear weapons dilemma using game theory, one aspect of the problem deserves more attention, namely the age of the country's leader, Kim Jong Un: 33. Because peaceful exile doesn't appear to be an option -- his escaping the country safely would be hard -- Kim nee

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Kim Jong Un wants to turn ground zero of North Korea missile tests into tourism hotspot

SEOUL (Reuters) - In the seaside city of Wonsan, North Korean families cook up barbecues on the beach, go fishing, and eat royal jelly flavor ice cream in the summer breeze. For their leader Kim Jong Un, the resort is a summer retreat, a future temple to tourism, and a good place to test missiles. H


The Military Is Practicing Rapid Evacuations of Americans From South Korea

The U.S. military will practice evacuating noncombatant Americans out of South Korea as tensions escalate over Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs. The annual drills, which will take place on Oct 23-27, aims to prepare "service members and their families to respond to a wide range of crisis ma