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NIGERIA’s Presidential Election 2019 – All Over Again

*At the 99th hour, Nigeria‘s shambolic Presidential election was cancelled last Saturday and now to be held today (02-23-19). Nigerians feel that it was cancelled intentionally and not buying excuses and reasons given for the cancellation. The cancellation has disrupted weddings and other events pla


Voting is finally underway in Nigeria amid several hiccups

Nigerians did not vote as planned last week after elections were delayed over logistical problems. But despite the extra planning period, voting has not begun smoothly in Africa’s largest democracy. In Nigeria’s troubled northeast, voting has been hit by multiple reports of suspected Boko Haram bomb


The Latest: Nigeria finally begins voting for president

DAURA, Nigeria (AP) - The Latest on Nigeria’s election (all times local):. Nigerians have begun voting in a presidential election one week after a surprise last-minute delay blamed on logistical challenges.


"Yahoo Boys" sentenced to 1 year imprisonment each in Nigeria for defrauding "online lovers" under false pretenses in 2 separate cases

Two Nigerian "Yahoo Boys", Onovo Malachy and Festus Ojomola, have been sentenced to 1 year each in two separate cases of online dating fraud. Both their cases were handled and announced by Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).


Exclusive: Nigeria hits oil majors with billions in back taxes

LONDON (Reuters) - Nigeria has ordered foreign oil and gas companies to pay nearly $20 billion in taxes it says are owed to local states, industry and government sources said, in a move that could deter investment in Africa’s largest economy.


Fort Bragg soldiers and citizens of Nigeria, Ghana face marriage fraud charges

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN/AP) — Two Fort Bragg soldiers were indicted, along with a person each from Nigeria and Ghana, with marriage fraud and harboring an alien to enter the United States, officials said Friday.


Gophers: Before basketball in Woodbury, Oturus were playing ping pong in Nigeria

Word is starting to spread across the Big Ten basketball scene this winter about Daniel Oturu. He’s making people notice, on and off the court. The Gophers basketball team’s 6-foot-10 freshman center from Woodbury and Cretin-Derham Hall made the short trip to the U as one of the nation’s top recruit


The Latest: Voting delayed at some polling units in Nigeria

DAURA, Nigeria (AP) — The Latest on Nigeria's election (all times local):. A coalition of civic groups says multiple polling units across Nigeria have not opened more than four hours after the official start of the voting.


Nigeria Polls: Johnson-Sirleaf Urges Politicians to Maintain Peace, Adhere to Rule of Law

Head of the ECOWAS Election Observetion Mission (EOM), former Liberia’s President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, has urged Nigerians, particularly the political class, to sustain the peace that characterised the postponement of the Presidential and National Assembly elections and also conduct themselves ac


In Nigeria's Kaduna, a cry of 'thief' sparks mass murder

Kajuru district in northern Nigeria once boasted a number of bustling villages with Christian farmers of the Adara tribe living side-by-side with Muslim Fulani herders. But since February 11, it has been a place of desolation.


It’s time for Nigeria to sign the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement

It is difficult for Nigerians not to recoil at the government’s lackluster response to signing and ratifying the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) (see Foresight Africa: Top priorities for the continent in 2019). The AfCFTA was introduced in March 2018. As of today, 52 out of 55 countries


Voters Turned Back As Nigeria Cancels National Polls

Late breaking news. Voting for the nation’s next president has been called off for today. Thanks for coming. Stay tuned for further announcements. Not the kind of message one would expect from the superpower of Africa.


MEGA POST: UK cities to Abuja, Nigeria from only £350 roundtrip

Cheap flights from UK cities to Abuja, Nigeria from only £350 roundtrip with Air France. Birmingham/Inverness/London/Manchester/Edinburgh/Newcastle/Aberdeen/Southampton, UK. Birmingham/Inverness/London/Manchester/Edinburgh/Newcastle/Aberdeen/Southampton, UK.


The Latest: Low turnout, late openings in Nigeria election

DAURA, Nigeria — The Latest on Nigeria’s election (all times local):. Some Nigerians are reporting low turnout or the late opening of polls more than one hour into the presidential election.


Nigeria election: Key numbers

In Nigeria, it is often said that no figure is verifiable unless it is the price of a barrel of crude oil. AFP has put together some key numbers ahead of Saturday's election, in which President Muhammadu Buhari's bid for a second term is being challenged by opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar.


Nigeria’s Egusi - a melon often ignored

The Egusi melon, or Citrullus colocynthis, has many more names like colocynth, bitter apple, bitter cucumber, desert gourd, vine of Sodom, or wild gourd. Although the Egusi is consumed in Nigeria, its cultivation hardly attracts any significant attention and even government has not developed any pro


Nigeria votes for a new president after delay

By Ola AWONIYI in Abuja, Aminu ABUBAKAR in Daura, Chris STEIN in Yola, Joel Olatunde AGOI in Port Harco 10 hours ago in World. Nigerians voted for a new president on Saturday after a week-long postponement that has raised political tempers, sparked conspiracy claims and stoked fears of violence.


Army to be 'ruthless' against tampering in Nigeria's postponed vote: Buhari

ABUJA (Reuters) - President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday warned that anyone trying to tamper with Nigeria’s postponed vote risked their lives and accused the electoral commission of incompetence.


Nigeria's voters ask: where's the money?

- Economic crisis - A parliamentary candidate on Wednesday held a small meeting in a working-class district of Lagos to remobilise voters after the election was delayed. Sweetening the deal, a cash offering of 50,000 naira to be doled out to potential voters.


Indigo, ash and time mark Nigeria's centuries-old dye pits

KANO, Nigeria – A little indigo, a handful of ash and time. The dye pits in Nigeria's ancient northern city of Kano are said to be the last ones of their kind after five centuries of existence.