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Nicaragua must allow access to human rights investigators: OAS

"We're repeating ourselves, but the truth is this is worth repeating," Almagro said during the meeting.

ALJAZEERA.COM - 2018-10-19 21:53:00

7 Shops to Battle for Oakley Surf Shop Challenge Championship in Nicaragua

SURFER Magazine is pleased to announce that the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge National Championship is set to return toMark and Dave'sat Playa Colorados in Rivas, Nicaragua, October 22-26, 2018. Seven teams have earned an all-expense-paid journey to the world-class Central American surfing destination

SURFER.COM - 2018-10-19 17:52:29

Almagro: “Cuban model” is exported to Nicaragua

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, assured that the Nicaraguan government adopted the “Cuban model of repression” and has used it during the last six months of the sociopolitical crisis, the same forms of state abuse that are committed in Cuba against c

TODAYNICARAGUA.COM - 2018-10-19 12:31:50

Amnesty International points to extrajudicial killings in Nicaragua

MANAGUA (Reuters) - Human rights organization Amnesty International said on Thursday it had documented at least six "possible extrajudicial executions" in Nicaragua during a government crackdown on protests against President Daniel Ortega. FILE PHOTO: A riot police officer fires his shotgun towards

REUTERS - 2018-10-19 02:34:50

Nicaragua intensified crackdown on protesters: Amnesty

Authorities carried out arbitrary detentions, torture and use of indiscriminate force, Amnesty says in new report.

ALJAZEERA.COM - 2018-10-18 16:39:00

Nicaragua accused of using military-grade weapons to crush protesters

Hundreds have been killed since the crackdown began earlier this year.Nicaraguan security services have been using weapons of war as part of a brutal crackdown against anti-government protesters, a report by Amnesty International claimed Thursday. Pictured: Nicaraguan riot police pictured during a p

THINK PROGRESS - 2018-10-18 13:30:00

Tigo Nicaragua launches first consumer broadband plans

Tigo Nicaragua(Millicom)has launched its first residential internet packages around 10 years after acquiring local cable operator Amnet.The plans use the company’s HFC cable broadband network and are available in and around the capital city Managua.Packages range from 10Mbps broadband with 10 HD cha

TODAYNICARAGUA.COM - 2018-10-18 12:39:07

Nicaragua fights protests with 'shoot to kill' policy: Amnesty

Nicaragua's ambassador to France, Ruth Esperanza Tapia Roa rejected Amnesty's report as "baseless", in comments to AFP.

DIGITAL JOURNAL - 2018-10-18 11:30:12

After six months of crisis in Nicaragua, Ortega remains hooked to power

On the 18th of April last, protests against pension reform then abandoned, have kicked off a broad movement to demand the departure of president Ortega and his wife, the vice-president, Rosario Murillo.


Anti-Government Protesters Arrested In Nicaragua - The Organization for World Peace

On Sunday, Nicaraguan police arrested 38 people in Managua who were protesting against the Nicaraguan government and calling for the resignation of President Daniel Ortega and his wife, as well as the Vice President Rosario Murillo, according to theBBC. The protest, dubbed “United for Liberty”, had


Financial tools for US policy towards Nicaragua and Venezuela: A conversation with Treasury Assistant Secretary Marshall Billingslea

The U.S. government has expanded its use of financial tools in its strategy to address national security and foreign policy concerns, including human rights abuses and corruption carried out by the governments in Venezuela and Nicaragua. These financial tools, along with diplomatic efforts, can help


Speaker shares Nicaragua story

Through this work, the Center for Development in Central America was established in 1994 in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua.Since that time, the organization has remained committed to helping those in need. Anyone who is willing to help is welcome, she said.


Human Rights Groups Call for Release of Protesters Arrested in Nicaragua - Latino USA

Just hours after the arrests,two activists were detainedwhile boarding an airplane, the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights reported. Indigenous rights advocate Lottie Cunningham was released, but activist Haydee Castillo was transferred to El Chipote prison.


Nicaragua: Dozens Detained as Anti-Government Protests Continue

Human rights groups are calling for the release of dozens of people arrested during an anti-government protest in Nicaragua on Sunday. Police said that 38 people were detained in the capital, Managua, of which eight have so far been released. The arrests came a day after the police warned that it wo


Migrant money could be keeping Nicaragua’s uprising alive

© Oswaldo Rivas/ReutersRiot police try to block protesters during a march called "United for Freedom" against Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega in Managua, Nicaragua, Oct. 14, 2018.Protesting is nowillegal in Nicaragua, according to President Daniel Ortega.


Public Employees in Nicaragua: “We’re Also Victims”

Carlos admits he’s on the wrong side, and he repeats this realization five times during our conversation. ”I know I’m on the wrong side: I know it, and my wife knows it. It makes me ashamed,” he states.Public workers are sent daily to th rotondas in Managuaa. Photo: Carlos Herrera/ConfidencialFor th


Nicaragua frees 30 arrested for staging protest

Ortega, who led the Sandinista revolution in 1979, has been back in power since 2007 and is accused of running a corrupt and cruel leftist dictatorship along with his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo.


Deaths due to rain rise to six

Sinapred reports that two municipalities are isolated by flooding in the Northern Caribbean, affecting more than 150,000 families in the area.

TODAYNICARAGUA.COM - 2018-10-18 12:48:12

Nicaragua cops use stun grenades to end anti-govt rally | The Malaysian Insight

Police detaining demonstrators participating in the United for the Freedom march in Managua, Nicaragua, yesterday. – EPA pic, October 15, 2018.


Nicaragua police arrests anti-government protesters

Men and women, some of them elderly, were beaten by police before being dragged down the street and loaded into police vehicles.