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Nicaragua sharply cuts budget because of unrest

Agence France-Presse@afpPublished 10:07 AM, August 15, 2018Updated 10:07 AM, August 15, 2018

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Dalton First Methodist Church VBS group raises money for school in Nicaragua

Contributed photoKen Elben, pastor of Family and Children's Ministries at Dalton First United Methodist Church, reacts after seeing the total raised during vacation Bible school in June as Grace Goetz, Dalton High School senior, Dean Osuch, pastor of Outreach and Spiritual Formation, and senior past

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Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega accuses Colombia of plotting to overthrow him

Ortega, who has been called to step down by his country’s opposition, claimed that the Colombian government is plotting with his country’s opposition in order to prevent losing Caribbean waters to the Central American country.

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Fundraising to Bring Solar Power and Clean Water to Nicaragua, El Salvador - 44News | Evansville, IN

The group was in Evansville fundraising to meet their $115,000 goal. If achieved, the solar power projects could bring clean water to 500 families.

WEVV.COM - 2018-08-15 04:36:49

Nicaragua’s Failed Coup: What You're Not Being Told

While the international pressure continues, by mid-July it became clear that, for the time being at least, the opposition in Nicaragua no longer has sufficient local support to achieve its goal.


Nicaragua: Crisis reduces potato consumption

According to potato producers and importers, potato consumption has decreased due to the migration wave, the closing of restaurants, and the reduction of the restaurants working hour.

FRESHPLAZA - 2018-08-14 00:00:00

Ongoing Civil Unrest In Nicaragua Can Lead To A Refugee Crisis - The Organization for World Peace

The political crisis that started in Nicaragua since the mid of April in 2018 has raised great concern among its citizens as well as national and international authorities. Everything had started as a student protest in Managua against the Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega has now become a violent

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Burlington/Puerto Cabezas Sister City Program calls for end to killings in Nicaragua - VTDigger

Press Contacts:Dan Higgins,[email protected]Trish O’Kane,[email protected], 802-497-0347 or 802-495-6025

VTDIGGER - 2018-08-13 21:24:30

Las turbas: Who are Nicaragua's pro-government armed groups?

On July 17,footageemerged online of masked men hoisting a red-and-black flag emblazoned with the letters FSLN in what they said was Monimbo, a neighbourhood in the south Nicaraguan city of Masaya."Long live the Sandinista Front!" the men shouted, some of them pointing rifles into the sky."Sandino li

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'This is a revolution': Who are Nicaragua's student protesters?

The night before her class, Solis Gonzalez had seen some Facebook live videos about protests, but she had not been involved herself.So when students started running outside of the university building, holding rocks, she wasn't sure what was going on.


Human Rights Proponents Receive Death Threats In Nicaragua - The Organization for World Peace

Prior to August 6, in addition to the death threats,the organization received what they believe to be credible informationthat staff members might be charged with fake crimes if they remain in the country. This prompted the head of ANDPH, Alvaro Leiva, and other staff to leave the country. They plan


Chamorro: Nicaragua protests must be 'peaceful'

Chamorro: Nicaragua protests must be 'peaceful'August 14, 2018A Nicaraguan opposition leader says the country is now facing a "national revolt" by many groups.BBC News - WorldFull Article...

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A Tale of Two Dictatorships

Following the news in Nicaragua since April 19 has been a constant source of inspiration, anxiety, and anguish. A few weeks ago, when a friend in Nicaragua forwarded me a news article, I opened it with trepidation and prepared myself for more heartbreak. But there was no way I could have prepared my

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Canals Interrupted | Hakai Magazine

Never underestimate the importance of a big ditch, especially if it links two oceans. Canals allow for the rapid and free flow of goods, keeping the global economy ticking. Any threat to a major shipping canal means economic and political turmoil. Look at theSuez Crisis of 1956: when Egypt nationali

HAKAI MAGAZINE - 2018-08-15 00:00:00

Nicaragua protests leave one dead: police - Breitbart

Police identified the gunshot victim in Matagalpa as Lenin Mendiola, the son of a longtime leader of the ruling Sandinista Front, according to a police statement reported by local media.


50,000 lb. shipment of aid heading from Stevens Point to Nicaragua

Volunteers from the Stevens Point/Nicaragua Partners are working Monday to load three 40 foot semi-truck containers with 50,000 lbs. of humanitarian aid. The shipment includes educational supplies, sewing machines and supplies, sports equipment, furniture such as bookshelves, chairs, desks, tables,


Plasencia Alma del Campo Tribu Cigar Review –

While the Placencia Alma Fuerte was the cigar that grabbed everyones attention in 2017, there was another line from the company that hooked me from the second I lit up. The Alma del Campo which translates to “Soul of the Fields” is more medium bodied, but it’s loaded with flavor and it’s today’s rev

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Things In Nicaragua Are All Bad - Here's Why - Gazette Day

For those who weren’t alive during the mid-1980s conflict, the Iran-Contra Affair involved the United States trading weapons to the Iranian government so seven American hostages could come back to the US and escape the grip of Iranian militants located in Lebanon, a country in the Middle East. Iran


Things To Do In Guatemala (Backpacking Guatemala Guide)

Guatemala is the perfect place for travelers because of the beautiful landscapes, magical ruins, and real cultural involvement you would experience. Most travelers often visit Guatemala again because it’s so easy to get attached to their culture and of course, their beautiful places. The Mayan cultu

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Thousands of Nicaraguans Flee from Violent Government to Costa Rica

Students clash with riot police agents close to Nicaragua's Technical College during protests against government's reforms in the Institute of Social Security (INSS) in Managua on April 21, 2018. Photo: Inti Ocon, AFP