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Nicaragua’s Church trapped in the middle of climate of fear

In October, the government of Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo imposed a sweeping ban on civil protest in Nicaragua, which critics saw as an effort to snuff out a spontaneous protest movement that almost brought them down earlier this year.

IRISHCATHOLIC.COM - 2018-12-13 07:04:57

Journalists’ lives at risk in Ortega’s socialist Nicaragua

Since anti-government protests broke out in socialist Nicaragua in April, more than 300 people have been killed and thousands injured. The world is aware of the situation thanks in large part to the nation’s independent media outlets.

TODAYNICARAGUA.COM - 2018-12-13 02:55:37

Nicaragua: US legislation Key for Accountability

(Washington, DC) – United States President Donald Trump should move quickly to sign into law a bill that will allow targeted sanctions against top Nicaraguan officials and others implicated in egregious human rights violations, Human Rights Watch said today. The legislation will create a powerful to

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH - 2018-12-12 22:00:00

Nicaragua’s youngest, newest bishop says Church wants government with ‘values’

Bishop Rolando Alvarez is the shortest, youngest and newest bishop of Nicaragua, appointed in 2011 at the age of 44. Despite all that, or maybe because of it, he didn’t get a soft landing in his first gig.

ANGELUSNEWS.COM - 2018-12-11 07:00:00

Behind the Fire that Propelled Nicaragua’s Uprising

The Indio-Maíz fire sparked the current wave of protests and repression in Nicaragua. But the fire reveals far more about the consequences of the Ortega administration’s failure to respect Indigenous and Afro-descendant rights and to halt the colonization of Indigenous lands.

NACLA.ORG - 2018-12-12 07:00:00

Nicaragua: Attack on CENIDH is a blow for human rights

In response to the decree by Nicaragua’s National Assembly cancelling the legal registration of the Nicaraguan Centre for Human Rights (CENIDH) today, Erika Guevara Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International, said:

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL USA - 2018-12-12 07:00:00

Nicaragua diocese feels effect of clash between regime and protestors

JINOTEGA, Nicaragua - In Nicaragua, some bishops can be in hot water because they opened the doors of local churches to people wounded by the military, so they could be treated by doctors who themselves are being sent to prison for “aiding and abetting” a coup.

ANGELUSNEWS.COM - 2018-12-12 07:00:00

Nicaragua Rejects US Congressional Passage of NICA Act

The US Congress approved the Nica Act that will now go to President Donald Trump's desk to sign. The United States Congress (U.S.) approved Tuesday the Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality Act (Nica Act) which seeks to sanction the government of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

CUBASI.COM - 2018-12-12 15:14:25

House OK’s bill to impose sanctions against Nicaraguan officials who violate human rights

WASHINGTON – The House has sent President Donald Trump a bill that would approve new sanctions against the government of Nicaragua in response to a reported crackdown on demonstrators during an uprising in the Central American country this past spring.

USA TODAY - 2018-12-12 20:28:00

Seattle University Establishes Emergency Scholarship Fund for Students at the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) in Nicaragua

In the wake of ongoing unrest in Nicaragua, Seattle University, in partnership with the Jesuits’ Central and Southern Province, has initiated efforts to support students at the Jesuits’ Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) de Nicaragua. The political and economic crisis and accompanying unrest led to t

IGNATIANSOLIDARITY.NET - 2018-12-11 17:53:14

Public Designation, Due to Significant Corruption, of Nicaragua's Roberto Jose Rivas Reyes

Due to his involvement in significant corruption, the Department is publicly designating the President of Nicaragua’s Supreme Electoral Council, Roberto Jose Rivas Reyes, under the terms of Section 7031(c) of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act of 201

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE - 2018-12-12 07:00:00

Nicaragua: Jeremy Corbyn must end his silence over the country’s repressive regime

The Nicaraguan government began a brutal crackdown in April which has left at least 325 dead. Protests against social security reforms were violently put down, but the repression only fanned the flames of dissent. As more protesters came onto the streets, the government reacted with yet more force.

THE CONVERSATION - 2018-12-11 08:29:22

Nicaraguan lawmakers go after allegedly anti-government NGOs

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – President Daniel Ortega's allies in Nicaragua's legislature are canceling the legal status of non-governmental groups identified as supporting months-long opposition protests.

FOX NEWS - 2018-12-12 22:51:07

Climate signals blink red, insuring resilience in Nicaragua, digital credit unions and fintech banks, perpetual purpose-driven trusts

Climate signals blinking red, a test for global leadership at COP24 (podcast). Optimism may or may not be self-fulfilling; pessimism surely is. That’s why the pessimism that opened the “COP 24” global climate talks now underway in Katowice, Poland is so alarming. The Paris climate accord was reached

IMPACTALPHA.COM - 2018-12-10 17:58:44

Incofin drives launch of climate resilience insurace for Nicaragua’s farmers

– The Belgian impact investor is backing Nicaraguan microfinance organizations Fundenuse and Micrédito in rolling out “event-based” insurance policies to 6,000 small farmers. The insurance product will protect farmers against destructive weather events.

IMPACTALPHA.COM - 2018-12-10 00:31:09

sanctions law against the government of Nicaragua will soon be in the hands of Trump

Next week, the United States Congress is expected to approve amendments to the Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality (NICA) Act, and then it will pass to President Donald Trump to sign it.

TODAYNICARAGUA.COM - 2018-12-09 08:49:10

Nicaraguan student opposition leader discuses political crisis with faculty experts, calls for freedom for his homeland

Lesther Alemán, a 20-year-old student opposition leader in Nicaragua, recently visited FIU and joined a panel of faculty experts for a conversation about the crisis raging in his country.

FIU.EDU - 2018-12-12 13:51:58

Repression of Non-Profit Groups in Nicaragua is Arbitrary and Baseless

Washington, DC—This morning, the Nicaraguan National Assembly revoked the legal status of two leading human rights organizations, the Nicaragua Center for Human Rights (Centro Nicaragüense de Derechos Humanos, CENIDH) and Hagamos Democracia. This will force the organizations to shut down operations

WOLA.ORG - 2018-12-12 23:14:51

Prince Of Salsa Takes On President Of Nicaragua With Protest Anthem 'Mordaza'

The U.S. just slapped heavier economic sanctions on the Nicaraguan government for its violent repression of protesters. Among the Nicaraguans denouncing that regime here in South Florida is the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Luis Enrique. Known as the “Prince of Salsa,” Enrique today lives in Miam

WLRN.ORG - 2018-12-10 23:32:25

C-Market Stories: Fatima Ismael, Soppexcca, Nicaragua

In this new series on Barista Magazine Online, coffee producers talk about what a low C-market price means to them. The global commodity market for coffee has recently fallen to a 12-year low, dropping below $1.00/lb. and in many cases falling below the cost of production for coffee farmers. At the

BARISTAMAGAZINE.COM - 2018-12-07 14:55:23