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Chicago teacher is accused of leading yoga retreat to Nicaragua while on disability leave

CHICAGO — The Chicago school board is suing a teacher, alleging she owes $18,000 after leading a yoga retreat in Nicaragua while on disability leave. The Chicago Board of Education filed a complaint on Feb. 1 in Cook County Circuit Court against Isaly Acevedo, alleging she unlawfully received and re


Nicaragua crisis takes an environmental toll with plunder of turtle eggs

Some 2,000 sea turtle nests were raided and at least six turtles killed in La Flor Wildlife Refuge on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast during the summer of 2018, according to a conservation NGO. Environmental and scientific organizations have condemned the scale of the raids, which were much larger than th


In Nicaragua, steep pension cuts, tax increases could plunge country into recession

MANAGUA, Nicaragua — Nicaraguans revolted last April when the government announced it was raising payroll taxes and cutting retirement benefits to bolster a social security program hemorrhaging money.


The answer to the migration crisis lies in Central American communities themselves

Nicaragua is roughly 4 million steps from the US border — more if you’re a child. Our policy discussions too often focus on the last of those steps. It’s time to consider the first ones.


FCO Relaxes Travel Advice to Nicaragua

In 2017, Nicaragua welcomed a 19% increase in international travellers, attracting visitors seeking an alluring mix of nature, exotic beaches and Spanish & British colonial heritage.


Nicaragua President Ordered ‘Parapolice’ to Stalk, Kill Protesters: Fmr Police

A former top police official in Nicaragua says civilian squads that brutally repressed anti-government protesters were composed of police officers under the command of the government, raising questions about the viability of the country’s security apparatus.


Malibu Popoyo To Offer Unparalleled Surf Resort Experience along Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast

POPOYO, Nicaragua (February 11, 2018) — Malibu Popoyo, an all-inclusive boutique surf resort, today announced that it has opened its doors for business. Located along one of the best surf regions in the world known as Nicaragua’s Costa Esmeralda, Malibu Popoyo aims to revitalize the mind, body and s


Fears rise in Nicaragua over new social security overhaul

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) - Nicaraguans revolted last April when the government announced it was raising payroll taxes and cutting retirement benefits to bolster a social security program hemorrhaging money.


Nicaragua: Foreign company to invest in plantation of 52,000 coconut plants

More and more companies of foreign origin are arriving in Nicaragua in search of the optimal conditions to grow and to increase the market. The Coconut Corp company will invest 30 million dollars in the plantation of 52,000 coconut plants in the municipality of Bluefields, on the South Caribbean Coa


First ever sports health centre opened in Nicaragua

State-of-the-art health centre opened in Nicaragua. FENIFUT becomes first sports federation in country to have its own medical clinic. The Nicaraguan Football Federation (FENIFUT) had long realised the need for not only improving medical support to Los Pinoleros but actually establishing a state-of-


Protests in Nicaragua contribute to economic decline

Nicaragua’s economy has seen a $900 million deficit and has lost a total of 215,000 jobs, with 70,000 from the tourism industry as a result of university-led protests. The protests, which began last April, are against President Daniel Ortega’s social reforms that would increase taxes and reduce bene


Nicaragua an drinking water

In most countries considered developed or wealthy, drinking water or really all water is not a luxury and is not given much thought, unless you live in Flint, Mich. We turn on taps and out pours the water. We take showers and it’s no miracle that water appears from the shower head. We flush a toilet


Venezuela Accuses U.S. of Secretly Shipping Arms After Weapons Found on Plane

A North Carolina-based air freight company has halted flights to Venezuela following a report by McClatchy linking it to possible arms smuggling. Last week, Venezuelan authorities claimed they had uncovered 19 assault weapons, 118 ammunition cartridges and 90 military-grade radio antennas on board a


Stay Or Go? Ortega's Crackdown Pushes Nicaraguans To Make Hard Choices

Blanka Callejas looks out over the production floor of her family's factory just outside the Nicaraguan town of Granada. Workers scrub down huge metal vats where they process fruit for the Callejas brand of jams and preserves, a staple in Nicaraguan homes for decades. She is worried about how she wi


Editorial: Empowerment by hope keeps mission programs running

There's an emptiness in the hearts of many this month; for the first February in 20 years, North Country Mission of Hope is not fielding a humanitarian-aid trip to Nicaragua. That mission has always been the one intended for high school students to take during their winter break from school. For man


Here Belongs to Us

Before the handful of Chinese guys came ashore one morning in 2014 with their GPS devices and their tape measures and topo maps and their almost comically well-armed military escorts, life in the tiny indigenous coastal village of Bangkukuk Taik, on the knife-edge of southeastern Nicaragua, was pret


¡Las Sandinistas!

¡Las Sandinistas! reveals the untold stories of Nicaraguan women warriors and social revolutionaries who shattered barriers to lead combat and social reform during Nicaragua’s 1979 Sandinista Revolution, the ensuing US-backed Contra War, and documents their leadership in the continuing struggle for


Venezuela Is Not Enough. US Imperialism Lusting After Cuba, Nicaragua

Both historical and current experience in Central and Latin America shows the social progress and people’s rights are not things that are on the agenda of US-installed regimes.


IS the ICJ Final? A jury of our peers.

We had a chance to speak to the Minister about the ICJ campaign in the Capital and more importantly how he views our chances with winning the claim. We mentioned the fact that following a 2012 ruling at the ICJ, Colombia has rejected the ICJ and reasserted control over seas it lost to Nicaragua at t


New mission leaders called to serve in Rome, Nicaragua, India, Uganda and other areas around the world

The following 16 new mission presidents and companions have been called by the First Presidency. They will begin their service in July. Bruno V. Barros, 43, and Luciene M. A. Barros, three children, Jardim do Horto Ward, Maceió Brazil Stake: Brazil Piracicaba Mission, succeeding President Howard K.