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Vigil held in downtown Portland to mourn victims of New Zealand mosque attacks

PORTLAND, Ore. - Dozens gathered in Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland Saturday to mourn the victims of the New Zealand mosque shootings. The group held a vigil to honor the 50 people killed in the attacks.


Sanders visits Islamic center following New Zealand mosque shooting

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) visited an Islamic center on Saturday to reflect on the recent mosque shootings in New Zealand in which 50 people were killed. The Democratic presidential candidate joined imams, rabbis and pastors at the Islamic Center of Southern California for the event, his campaign s


EDITORIAL: New Zealand massacre shows dark side of social media

The world continues to reel from the latest mass shooting—this time at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. On Friday, 50 innocent worshipers were slaughtered in their houses of prayer.


Bloomberg wants to know what it would take for the US to follow New Zealand and ban semi-automatics

Just six days after a mass shooter killed 49 people at two mosques in New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced all assault weapons and “military-style automatic weapons” would be banned, and there would be a mandatory buy-back program to get every weapon out of the hands of New Zealand’s


World's Tallest Building In Dubai Lit Up With Picture Of New Zealand Prime Minister

The world's tallest building has been lit up with a picture of New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hugging a mourning woman following the Christchurch terror attack. The 828-metre Burj Khalifa was illuminated with the image on Friday and Sheik Mohammed, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emir


Broken-hearted but not broken: New Zealand prays together

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand — New Zealanders observed the Muslim call to prayer Friday in reflecting on the moment one week ago when 50 worshippers at two Christchurch mosques were slain — an act that an imam told the crowd of thousands had left the country broken-hearted but not broken.


How a sign-language interpreter became a symbol of New Zealand’s inclusive response to the Christchurch terror attack

Just before New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern began to speak from behind a lectern in the capital of Wellington on Thursday, a young man positioned himself beside her. Ardern was there to announce that New Zealand would ban semiautomatic weapons, assault rifles and high-capacity magazines —


Australian Muslims honor New Zealand terror victims

He was killed last Friday while he prayed with his family and friends, one of 50 people shot dead at two mosques that day. Participants took part in a "Jumma" or a prayer that happens every Friday, and wanted to remember the victims that were killed while worshiping on March 15th.


Biker Gangs Stand Guard Outside New Zealand Mosques

Even motorcycle gangs are feeling the need to do some good after last week's tragic killing spree around a Christchurch, New Zealand mosque. Gangs including the Mongrel Mob, King Cobra, and the Black Power set aside their differences Friday and stood guard outside mosques all over New Zealand on Fri


'The nation is behind us': New Zealand shares pain of Christchurch Muslims

It began to drizzle as Hati Mohemmed Daoud Nabi was laid to rest in the freshly dug earth of Memorial park cemetery in Christchurch. The 71-year-old was the fifth to be buried on Thursday. Six days earlier, he was the first to die when he held open the door of Masjid Al Noor on Deans Avenue in Chris


Many 'march for love' in New Zealand as mosques reopen

CHRISTCHURCH (Reuters) - About 3,000 people walked through Christchurch in a ‘march for love’ early on Saturday, honoring the 50 worshippers massacred in the New Zealand city a week ago, as the mosques where the shooting took place reopened for prayers.


UVa men's basketball: Cavs center Salt may face off with old friend from New Zealand

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Virginia’s meeting with Oklahoma in a second-round NCAA Tournament game Sunday is likely to provide a career first for Cavaliers post player Jack Salt. As a fifth-year senior, Salt will be facing a fellow Kiwi.


New Zealand gun ban prompts digital protests impeding police efforts

New Zealand police have become inundated with bogus reports filed by people abusing a website established as part of the country’s effort to round up newly banned assault weapons, a top law enforcement official said Friday.


Rachael Bletchly: New Zealand shows 'true leadership' in the wake of terror

In the wake of the Christchurch massacres New Zealand’s Prime Minister has shown us what true leadership is. Compassion, eloquence and action have marked her out as a truly extraordinary politician.


What's really keeping the US from adopting new gun laws like New Zealand's

New Zealand's quick ban on "military-style semiautomatic weapons" announced Thursday drew a stark contrast to the years of stymied gun-control debates in the United States. Despite an alarming number of mass shootings across the country over the last several years, gun legislation remains rare at th


Deadly Attack in New Zealand, Advancements in the Mueller Investigation and 2020 Election: This Week in Politics

Friday, March 15 marked one of the deadliest shootings in world history. A pair of attacks acted out by a suspected Australian white supremacist brought the death of at least 50 Islamic followers. Immediately afterward thousands of individuals voiced their sentiments in grievance for the families wh


New Zealand’s National Bookstore Is Banning Author Jordan Peterson’s ’12 Rules’ Bestseller

Whitcoulls, a chain that has 56 stores across New Zealand, announced on Wednesday, March 20 that it would no longer sell copies of the controversial Canadian author Jordan Peterson’s bestselling self-help book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. The company is tying the decision directly to th


Kentucky Man Threatened to Kill ‘Good Kiddies’ After Being Inspired by New Zealand Shooter, Cops Say

A Kentucky man was arrested after he allegedly threatened to shoot school children. Police received a tip that James Grimes allegedly wrote in a Facebook message about it, and authorities placed him into custody early Friday morning.


Advocacy of Stunning Lands Pays Off: New Zealand Approves Largest National Park Expansion in History

The borders of this beautiful New Zealand park have been expanded by 158,000 acres (64,000 hectares), making it the largest addition of land to a national park in the nation’s history.


Turkey's Erdogan again shows shooting video hours after meeting with New Zealand FM

Blurred video of last week's shooting of 50 people at mosques in New Zealand was shown again at a rally of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Friday, two hours after New Zealand's foreign minister said he understood such footage was no longer being shown. Emily Wither reports from Istanbul.