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Examining Inner Mongolia Energy Engineering Co., Ltd.’s (HKG:1649) Weak Return On Capital Employed

Today we are going to look at Inner Mongolia Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. (HKG:1649) to see whether it might be an attractive investment prospect. Specifically, we’re going to calculate its Return On Capital Employed (ROCE), in the hopes of getting some insight into the business.


Global Fumed Silica Market Expanding Worldwide with Top Players Evonik, Cabot Corporation, Wacker Chemie, Tokuyama Corporation, China National Bluestar (Group) Co,Ltd, Inner Mongolia Sucon Silicone Co, Ltd., Dongyue Group Ltd, Heraeus, Agsco Corp, Applied Material And Others

Global Fumed Silica Market Report 2018-2025 includes a comprehensive analysis of the present Market. The report starts with the basic Fumed Silica industry overview and then goes into each and every detail.


Mongolia Emerging as Preferred Choice for Japanese Bitcoin Miners

Ginco, a Japanese e-wallet organization is running two cryptocurrency mining facilities in the capital city of Mongolia, the Ulaanbaatar. Out of the two mining facilities, one is located underground in a condominium complex. Ginco launched its mining business in October last year when most of its co


African Swine Fever Spreads to Mongolia

(Bloomberg) -- Sign up for China Rising, a new weekly dispatch on where China stands now and where it's going next. Asian pork producers need to redouble efforts to combat African swine fever after Mongolia reported its first outbreak, just five months after the deadly pig disease was first discover


Mongolians are getting angry about corruption

MORE THAN 20,000 Mongolians braved bone-chilling cold on January 10th to rail against their government in Sukhbaatar square in the centre of the capital. It was the second such protest in a fortnight. The demonstrators, who were allowed into the square only after being breathalysed and frisked, had


Passengers Help Hogtie Violent Man on Russia-Bound Flight

Passengers and cabin crew worked together to restrain a violent man on an S7 Airlines flight from Bangkok to Novosibirsk, Russia this week. According to Express.co.uk, the 26-year-old was reportedly recently released from prison in Thailand and snuck a bottle of whiskey onto the flight before becomi


Best Backcountry Skiing | Where to Ski the Best Snow in 2019

“Knowledge,” as the ‘comedy’ slogan beloved of university ski trip hoodie wearers has it, “is powder”. As a cliché, it might be up there with urging people to keep calm and carry on, (and should therefore be consigned to the bin, along with any garment it adorns), but there is a glimmer of truth in


Al-Shabab attacks, swine fever, and sexual harassment at the UN: The Cheat Sheet

IRIN editors give their weekly take on humanitarian news, trends, and developments from around the globe. It has been a tragic week in East Africa, as militant group al-Shabab claimed responsibility for an attack in Kenya and was accused of kidnapping 60 schoolchildren in the Bakol region of souther


China Just Deployed Its Deadly DF-26 "Carrier-Killer" Missiles in A Very Slick Way

China has deployed anti-ship ballistic missiles to the country's northwest plateau in an apparent attempt to protect them from the U.S. Navy's own missiles. China has deployed anti-ship ballistic missiles to the country's northwest plateau in an apparent attempt to protect them from the U.S. Navy's


Study shows no long-term removal of Neandertal DNA from Europeans

A team of researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology has found evidence that suggests there has been no long-term removal of Neandertal DNA from modern Europeans. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group describes using whole-g


Rare Color Photos Show What the World Looked Like 100 Years Ago

It might come as a surprise, but it wasn’t long after photography became widespread that experiments with color took place, creating vivid images which suggested endless possibilities.


Building Mongolia’s Green Future

A country that has contributed least to global climate change now has to cope with and adapt to the very real effects they are faced with. - The landlocked country of Mongolia sparks certain images in the mind—rolling hills with horses against a picturesque backdrop.


Deepfakes Present the Threat of Truly Fake News (Part 2)

Last week in Part 1 we talked about the threat from “deepfakes,” which are pictures, audio recordings or video footage showing real people saying and doing things they didn’t actually do or say.


Miners Migrate To Mongolia In Search Of Cheap Electricity

The falling profitability of mining business forces owners to look for new territories, where two important criteria are taken into account: cheap electricity and cold weather. It became known that currently, companies which are engaged in mining started paying attention to Mongolia. This country ha


Canadian's death sentence will backfire on Beijing

Dr. John Lee is senior fellow at the Hudson Institute (Washington) and United States Studies Centre (Sydney), and an adjunct professor at the University of Sydney. From 2016 until April 2018 he was senior national security adviser to the Australian foreign minister and also served as the lead advise


Do You Have This Stock in Portfolio?: Inner Mongolia Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. (HKSE:1649)

Inner Mongolia Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. (HKSE:1649) PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS IN FOCUS:. The debt/equity shows a value of 173.962. D/E Ratio is calculated by dividing a company’s total liabilities by its shareholder equity. In general, a high debt-to-equity ratio indicates that a company may not be a


Third Men's Youth Olympic Games - 2018

The 3x3 basketball competition at the Youth Olympic Games was organized by the IOC and FIBA. The Games included 20 men’s teams and 20 women’s teams, as well as a dunk contest for men and a shoot-out contest for women.


Mining Closures Reveal Recurring Bitcoin Bear Market Trend

Another bitcoin miner this week shut down its operations, though the news didn’t come as much of a shock. The latest closure, of U.S.-based Giga Watt which went bankrupt last year, follows a trend among large mining operations that stretches back years.


What Life Was Like for Ancient Mongolians

Little is known about what life was like for Mongolians during the Bronze Age. The period has long been shrouded in mystery because of a lack of artifacts and settlements, and consequently, it’s been difficult for archaeologists to understand how Mongolians developed and thrived back then.


How 1850s America Offers a Model for Escaping Poverty

Next week, top-tier business executives and global leaders will gather at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos to discuss globalization and the world’s most pressing problems. One of the issues bound to be discussed is global poverty, and how to finally eradicate it.