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Now World Bank slams Poroshenko's anticorruption court bill, $800 mn in the air

Satu Kahkonen, Country Director for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, Europe and Central Asia. Photo: World Bank Group / worldbank.org 2018/01/18 - 01:12 News Satu Kahkonen, the World Bank director responsible for the Ukrainian direction, has sent a letter to the Ukrainian Parliament and President's A


Proud to live in a nation of 'holers'

Bret Stephens, New York Times Published 5:19 pm, Wednesday, January 17, 2018 As tourist destinations go, the Republic of Moldova - tucked between Ukraine and Romania - probably isn't on anyone's bucket list. It's the poorest country in Europe, with per capita GDP barely exceeding Sudan's. Sex traff


UEFA receives nine bids for 2020 European Super Cup

January 16 - Nine venues have expressed an interest in hosting the European Super Cup in 2020 between the winners of the Champions League and Europa League. UEFA said the nine were Tirana (Albania), Minsk (Belarus), Helsinki (Finland), Nice (France), Haifa (Israel), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Chisinau (Mo


Steve Sailer

Proud to Live in a Nation of Holers Bret Stephens JAN. 12, 2018 As tourist destinations go, the Republic of Moldova - tucked between Ukraine and Romania - probably isn't on anyone's bucket list. It's the poorest country in Europe, with per capita G.D.P. barely exceeding Sudan's. Sex trafficking and


Language professor trashes Trump as having less forethought than 'my cat and my forks, knives and spoons'

Linguistics Professor John McWhorter of Columbia University told CNN's Don Lemon Friday that there was no way to take what Trump said about "sh*thole countries" as anything but racist. "It's quite clear that he sees black people as lesser," McWhorter said. "It's a combination of these things. Now, l


Republic of Moldova Joining the Blockchain Race for Innovation, Transparency and Investment

CHISINAU, Moldova, Jan. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The creation of DTMA "Digital & Distributed Technology Moldova Association" founded by local and supported by international advisory with further workshops and presentation bringing several international representatives to Moldova to present variable


From where I stand: "I am different, but that doesn't mean that I should be condemned"

Olga Berdeu, 50, is a woman with disabilities from Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, who attended UN Women's "We have abilities, we want possibilities!" initiative, which aims to strengthen the leadership skills of women with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova. The initiative ran from June to O


Moldova court suspends pro-Russia president again

Chisinau (AFP) - Moldova's Constitutional Court on Friday suspended pro-Moscow President Igor Dodon for the second time this week for vetoing new media laws expected to crack down on Russian broadcasts. Dodon has refused to sign the legislation, dubbed the "laws on Russian propaganda" by its support


Business is cautiously optimistic about Ukraine, though many problems still remain

Ukrainian hryvnias. Photo: politeka.net 2018/01/05 - 01:12 Analysis & Opinion As the third year of reforms in Ukraine draws to a close, current and potential international investors are calculating risks with an eye on the economy failures and revealed political liabilities, including the recent s


Moldova: God has enough

I love people, but sometimes they stress me out-particularly when there are a whole lot of them in a tiny room, and they're all speaking Romanian really loudly. I know this because I got to experience it about three or four times a day for about a week in Moldova. I was the self-proclaimed "Sock Mom


One Year From Travel Bloggers Life

We’ve been doing and eating a lot of not budget things.FEBRUARY. We spent that month in many places of polish mountains.MARCH. We did a subjective guide to the province of Świętokrzyskie in PolandAPRIL. We made a guide of Katowice – a city in Poland that is not very tourist-related.MAY. We did a sub


Moldova Leader Pans 'Shameful' Court Decision to Suspend His Powers

(Reuters) - Moldovan President Igor Dodon on Tuesday criticized a decision by the country's constitutional court to suspend his powers temporarily due to a wrangle between him and the pro-Western government over ministerial appointments. "The court once again confirmed its image of an obedient polit


Belarus processor launches new salmon products in Russia, expands ready-to-eat offering

Russian Sea, which belongs to Belarusian processor Santa Bremor, launched a new range of skin-packed salmon products on the Russian market in 2017, sources told Undercurrent News. They are made with salmon farmed in Russia's Far East, and include both cold-smoked and hot-smoked salmon, as well as st


2018 Agenda for Disclosure

High-status disclosures of previously suppressed information are likely to bring the following changes in 2018: The Rockefeller, Kissinger, Bush, Clinton and Obama political syndicates will be peacefully and lawfully removed from American public life permanently. President Barack Obama, like Preside


2018 Florida Cup Preview, Part 1: The Debutants

The 2018 Major League Soccer season will not start until March, but there will be good soccer to watch in the Sunshine State way before that as the fourth edition of the Florida Cup is set to kick off on Jan. 10, bringing eight clubs from six different countries to the state. The tournament will hav


Make 2018 Your Year of Abundant Joy With These 3 Spiritual Lessons

(Pexels/Kaique Rocha) The clock is running out on 2017. This chapter is almost closed, and it's time to exit the dreams, the accomplishments, the hurts and the challenges we have faced this year. The New Year is right around the corner, and plans have already begun for 2018, the year of "Supernatur


Missing Christmas Already? In Russia, the Party Is Only Just Getting Started

If you are already feeling blue that Christmas is over or are looking for an excuse to gorge on another massive dinner, fear not. In some parts of the world, including Russia, the holiday is yet to come. In fact, you have around a week to address any Christmas cards to Moscow, Cairo and elsewhere. T


Merkel’s Efforts to Teach Trump About Diplomacy Didn’t Go Well

A year ago, as many in the world awaited Donald Trump's swearing-in with great anxiety, reports that President Obama planned to spend a bit more time tutoring his successor sparked fleeting hopes that the pair might forge an unlikely friendship. Months later, Trump was accusing Obama of wiretapping


Global effort seeks phase-out of orphanages

Bucharest, Romania - Soft toys on the beds and posters on the walls. No more than three children to a room. One of the girls living in the four-bedroom house gushes about getting makeup for her birthday. In this group home on a leafy street in Bucharest, Romania's orphanage nightmares seem far away.


The Great Migration: a Rugby World investigation

As the global rugby landscape seemingly shrinks, Rugby World investigates the good and bad experiences of athletes who have emigrated to play - from exploitation to prosperity. This investigation first appeared in Rugby World magazine on 5 December. The Great Migration. Illustration by Simon Scarsbr