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Powerful earthquake strikes Oaxaca, Mexico

OAXACA, Mexico - An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.2 struck Oaxaca, Mexico, early Saturday, according to the US Geological Survey. The quake was located 4 miles from Lzaro Crdenas in southern Oaxaca. USGS puts the depth at 32 kilometers. It struck at around 8 a.m. local time. There wer

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The Big One: Where Will the Next Earthquake Hit in the U.S.?

Earthquakes happen every day in the United States. Usually, they're small-sometimes unnoticeable. One such magnitude 5.8 earthquake happened on Friday off the coast of Northern California. Early reports indicate that there is only a small chance of any fatalities or damage. But there will always be

NEWSWEEK - 2017-09-23 10:50:01

Bodies of eight foreigners found in Mexico rubble

The bodies of eight foreigners have been recovered from the rubble of the quake that struck Mexico City, officials said Friday. The remains were those of four Taiwanese women, a Korean man, a Spanish man, a Panamanian woman and an Argentine man, Mexico's high court said in a statement citing informa

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Man's deportation to Mexico turns out to be 'death sentence' despite wife's plea to federal judge

Juan Coronilla-Guerrero's wife feared her husband's deportation to Mexico would be a death sentence, and she turned out to be right. Coronilla-Guerrero was found dead last week, three months after being booted from Texas by immigration agents, according to the American-Statesman. He was 28. His d

NY DAILY NEWS - 2017-09-21 15:15:45

Human trafficking survivor estimates she was raped 43,200 times

If you didn't think human trafficking was a problem, read that number again. Karla Jacinto, of Mexico City, says she was lured away from her home when she was 12 years old by a pimp who dazzled her with gifts, kind words, and a red Firebird Trans Am. He pretended to be her boyfriend, Jacinto says,

THE DAILY DOT - 2017-09-21 16:49:59

The busiest land border crossing in the world is closed this weekend

This weekend, the San Ysidro border crossing-which connects San Diego in California to Tijuana in Mexico-is shutting down. For 57 hours from Sept. 23-25, tens of thousands of travelers will need to find another way from the US into Mexico. All southbound traffic-cars, trams, trucks-will be stalled.

QUARTZ - 2017-09-22 13:31:31

Woman Gives Birth in the Middle of the Street During Earthquake in Mexico: ‘It Was a Miracle’

El Pais When the deadly 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico City on September 19, a young mother was rushed from a hospital and out onto a street corner to give birth to her baby boy amidst the chaos that was unfolding. Jessica Mendoza was preparing to give birth at Sanatorio Durango hospital whe

PEOPLE - 2017-09-22 23:43:39

Is It Safe to Visit Mexico Right Now?

Like most earthquakes, the 7.1 magnitude tremor that struck Mexico on Tuesday, September 19, and claimed at least 286 lives, doled out its destruction unevenly. Jojutla, a town of 60,000 two hours south of Mexico City and near the quake's epicenter, lost more than half of its buildings outright, wit

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Girl rescued after 33 hours trapped under rubble following devastating Mexico earthquake

An eight-year-old girl has been rescued after she spent 33 hours under the rubble of a building that collapsed during a devastating earthquake in Mexico. A violent 7.1-magnitude quake struck central Mexico on Tuesday (19 September), killing at least 230 people and destroying several buildings. The

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Meth-laced soft drink triggers travel alert

United States citizens have already been warned about tainted alcohol in Mexico. This week, a soft drink is the subject of a new warning. Health professionals in Arizona issued the warning after one person died and as many as nine others became ill in Mexicali, Baja California, after drinking 7Up th

MEXICONEWSDAILY.COM - 2017-09-23 17:37:28

Southern Mexico rocked by 6.1-magnitude earthquake 

A 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck southern Mexico early Saturday, the third to hit the reeling nation over the last two weeks. The mighty quake sparked new panic in a nation where nearly 400 people have been killed by natural disasters since the beginning of September. The U.S. Geological Survey

NY DAILY NEWS - 2017-09-23 15:26:13

'Breathing' road in Mexico terrifying locals after quake

A road in Mexico has been caught still moving - as "if it was breathing" - in the wake of the devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake that ripped through the country's capital. The cracked tarmac in Morelos is shown moving up and down as if being pushed by the mighty lungs of the earth. In the footage

NEW YORK POST - 2017-09-21 23:32:47

Mexico Earthquake Rescuers Were Told to Go Home, But They Paused to Honor Their Country First

On Tuesday, without any warning, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook Mexico City with such ferocity that entire buildings crumbled, over 200 people lost their lives, and others were left trapped under the rubble. The first 72 hours after a disaster such as the one Mexico experienced on Tuesday are crit

IJR - 2017-09-23 18:50:38

Is it safe to visit Cancun or Mexico City after the earthquake?

Mexico was rocked by a devastating earthquake, killing hundreds of people on the anniversary of the great Mexico City earthquake in 1985. The earthquake had a magnitude 7.1 on the Richter scale and the epicentre was in Puebla, south-east of Mexico city, but the damage has been widespread.Greenpeace

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He said deportation would kill him. His body was found in Mexico this week.

The Rio Grande runs through canyons above Lajitas, Texas, Monday, April 17, 2017. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner) Juan Coronilla-Guerrero promised deportation to Mexico would kill him and it did. On September 12, four armed men burst into a house in San Luis de la Paz in central Mexico looking for the 28-ye

WASHINGTON POST - 2017-09-21 10:57:00

Powerful aftershock hits Mexico City days after deadly earthquake

The country is still reeling from a deadly quake (Picture: AP) A strong aftershock has hit Mexico City days after a powerful earthquake that killed hundreds of people. Witnesses at the scene reported feeling buildings sway during the shock.Turns out Nibiru didn't smash the world to pieces It measure

METRO.CO.UK - 2017-09-23 14:22:40

11 Family Members, Including 2-Month-Old, Die During Baptism After Church Collapses in Deadly Mexico Earthquake

A baby's baptism ended in tragedy on Tuesday when a 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked a Mexico church, killing nearly a dozen family members, according to reports. The family had gathered at the Santiago Apostol Church in Atzalafor the 2-month-old girl's christening - only three people made it out ali

PEOPLE - 2017-09-21 16:08:33

MEET FRIDA: An awesome rescue dog who has saved more than 50 lives in Mexico after the earthquake [VIDEO]

Every once in awhile we need a great post about a dog and this one fits the bill perfectly. Meet Frida, a rescue dog who has saved at least 52 lives in the aftermath of the earthquake in Mexico: Meet Frida, a rescue dog who has saved more than 50 lives in Mexico https://t.co/d5NRtvmezhpic.twitter.co

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The United States is unprepared for the next major earthquake

In this September 19, 2017 photo, a man is rescued from a collapsed building in the Condesa neighborhood after an earthquake struck Mexico City. CREDIT: AP Photo/Pablo Ramos Two devastating earthquakes recently rocked Mexico in the short span of 12 days, killing nearly 300 people and leaving many mo

THINK PROGRESS - 2017-09-23 08:00:02

Here's what earthquake magnitudes mean-and why an 8 can be so much scarier than a 6

We know an earthquake is severe when it has a high magnitude number. The 1985 quake that devastated Mexico City was an 8. The quake that shook central Mexico this week was a 7.1. But what exactly is magnitude? Basically, magnitude is a number representing the total energy released in an earthquake,

LA TIMES - 2017-09-22 10:00:00