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New Science: 89% Of The Globe’s Islands – And 100% Of Large Islands – Have Stable Or Growing Coasts

to shrink Earth’s coasts. It hasn’t. “Over the past decades, atoll islands exhibited no widespread sign of physical destabilization in the face of sea-level rise. 88.6% of islands were either stable or increased in area, while only 11.4% contracted. It is noteworthy that no island larger than 10 ha


Here's what the Coast Guard has been doing while not getting paid for their service

As a partial government shutdown continues into its 24th day, members of the Coast Guard saw their first missed paycheck Tuesday. The service, which falls under the Department of Homeland Security, was able to pay Coasties through the end of the year thanks to a last-minute determination based on le


Devs Behind Marshall Islands’ National Crypto Confirm Plans to Launch This Year

A national cryptocurrency for the Marshall Islands is still being actively developed, despite previous disagreements among government officials on the subject, a blog post from the team behind the coin revealed Jan. 10.


Marshall Islands gives update on its Sovereign cryptocurrency

Announced last year, the Marshall Islands’ plan to introduce a digital currency as the nation’s legal tender is showing signs of progress. The Sovereign (SOV) met a little resistance among lawmakers late last year when lawmakers threatened to try and oust the country’s president, Hilda Heine. She su


Australia is battling China for influence in the Pacific

AUSTRALIA HAS always been proprietorial about what Scott Morrison, the prime minister, calls its “patch”—those millions of square miles of Pacific Ocean over which the archipelagic countries of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia are scattered. It has also been complacent. The patch was for flying o


Marshall Islands Updates 2019 Roadmap for Sovereign Cryptocurrency

The Marshall Islands’ plan to issue a sovereign cryptocurrency, dubbed ‘the Sovereign’ (SOV), appears to be progressing, with the Oceanic nation announcing that it will work alongside Steve Tendon, a former adviser to the Maltese Office of the Prime Minister regarding blockchain policy, in developin


Surf the Pristine Shores of the Marshall Islands | The Wanderlist 2019

What? The ultimate private wave at the ends of the earth. Where? Beran Island Lodge, the Marshall Islands, somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Why? Surfers don’t need to be told the value of empty waves, but could you put a price on perfect, peeling perfection, with literally not another s


Steve Tendon to Head Marshall Islands’ Native Cryptocurrency

The government of the Marshall Islands, headed by Hilda Heine, is immovable in its resolve to issue and official cryptocurrency to avoid an exclusive dependence on the U.S. Dollar.


Marshall Island Hires Malta’s Strategic Advisor to Assist in the Issue of an Official Cryptocurrency

The government of the Marshall Islands, headed by Hilda Heine, stands firm in its efforts to issue an official cryptocurrency as a mechanism for optimizing financial services and avoiding an exclusive dependence on US Dollars to ensure the proper functioning of banking operations.


Moonday Mornings: Ethereum Classic hackers return $100K worth of stolen funds

It’s another Monday and that means we have another Moonday Mornings for you. Here’s what you need to catch up on from over the weekend. 1. Nine cryptocurrency mining firms have decided to band together and sue a Washington State utility company after it raised electricity costs. The lawsuit claims t


Blockchain Expert Steve Tendon Joins Marshall Islands’ Crypto Team

Marshall Islands has finally reached its plan to launch its own cryptocurrency. As a sign of their serious passion for digital tokens, the small nation invites blockchain expert Steve Tendon to join the team.


St. Louis Federal Reserve Predicts ‘Flood’ of Altcoins Will Drive Down BTC Prices

The St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve bank has published a report seeking to examine the long-term prospects of BTC as an investment. The paper is highly critical of bullish outlooks for bitcoin, asserting that a “flood” of altcoins will deflate the price of all cryptocurrencies relative to fi


Marshall Islands Says Blockchain Expert Is Advising National Crypto Issuance

Blockchain expert Steve Tendon is advising and assisting the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) on the issuance of the Sovereign (SOV) cryptocurrency for the Pacific nation, according to a press release.


The Wanderlist 2019 | 50 Unmissable Travel Experiences, Curated by Amuse

It’s cold outside, the nights are long, and the residual afterglow of the festive period has finally faded. Everywhere you look, there are adverts telling us we should be starting new diets, joining new gyms, reinforcing that old cliché, “new year, new you”. You may (if you’re feeling particularly p


Blockchain Consultancy Firm Chief Hired to Help Launch Sovereign (SOV)

The Marshall Islands, a small country in the Pacific Ocean, has recently revealed that it hired Steve Tendon, the head of blockchain consultancy firm ChainStrategies, as its cryptocurrency advisor.


Once derided, ways of adapting to climate change are gaining steam

This article was created in partnership with the National Geographic Society. From chronically flooded Midwestern towns to fire-charred California suburbs, from Bangladesh’s sodden delta to low island nations facing rising seas, a long-underplayed strategy for cutting risks related to human-driven c


Ocean temperatures rising faster than initially thought, according to new research

Ocean temperatures are increasing faster than scientists previously thought, according to new research. An analysis published in the journal Science on Thursday states that improved methods of testing found that warming throughout oceans between 1971 and 2010 was more widespread than originally repo


2019: The Year of Decentralized Money

This New Year edition of the SOV newsletter will bring you up to speed with all the news from 2018 and outline our plans for 2019. In early 2018, we relocated to the Marshall Islands to kick off the project and to help craft the Sovereign Currency Act of 2018, which officially declares SOV as legal


Plutonium has been leaking into Pacific from US Cold War nuke test site for years

Deadly radioactive plutonium is leaking into the Pacific Ocean from a tiny island where the U.S. detonated dozens of Cold War nukes. During its clean-up operation on Enewetak Atoll, in the Marshall Islands, the military built a giant concrete dome to house the toxic material left over from the nucle


Scott Morrison wants to be friends with Pacific, and Pacific has a shopping list

The step up is principally being driven by the perceived need to respond to China's growing influence in the region. It is easy to forget that six Pacific Island countries (Solomon Islands, Nauru, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, Palau, Kiribati) still recognise Taiwan, and so have nothing at all to do wit