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Edward A. Starosielec, Calspan vice president and visionary engineer

Edward A. Starosielec's career connected him to a variety of innovations and research: helping Olympic skiers, researching missile defense systems, testing the first cellular phone systems, and work that led to car technology and computer search engines. The retired vice president of what is now kno


U.S. Sticks to ICBM Test-Flight Plan Amid North Korea Tensions

The U.S. Air Force is going ahead with two long-planned flight tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles next month despite efforts to damp tensions over North Korea's nuclear ambitions and encourage fragile talks with South Korea. Test launches of American missiles -- without the nuclear warhead


America's Most Powerful Nuclear Weapon Almost Killed The People Who Helped Build It

Sixty-one years ago on an island in the South Pacific, scientists and military officers, fishermen and Marshall Islands natives observed first-hand what Armageddon would be like. And it almost killed them all. The Atomic Energy Commission code-named the nuclear test Castle Bravo. The March 1, 1954 e


The U.S. Wanted to Discuss Iran. Russia Brought Up Black Lives Matter.

Javad Safaei of the Iranian delegation and the American ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki R. Haley, during a Security Council meeting on Friday.Credit Drew Angerer/Getty Images UNITED NATIONS - Efforts by the Trump administration to marshal a muscular international response to Iran's crackdow


This Muslim-Majority Country Would Have Voted With Trump On Jerusalem Embassy Move

The president of Kosovo has said the Balkan statelet would have supported President Donald Trump's decision to relocate the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which would have made it the only Muslim-majority nation to do so. The move, which has angered the Muslim world, means the U.S. now eff


This Is How to Sneak Oil Into North Korea

Donald Trump's desire to squeeze Kim Jong Un's regime risks being undermined by the furtive maneuvers of oil tankers at sea. The enforcement of international measures limiting sales to North Korea -- part of an effort to force Kim to abandon nuclear weapons -- is becoming near impossible because sup


Trafigura Denies Involvement in North Korea Oil Transfer

The Lighthouse Winmore, a Hong Kong-flagged vessel suspected of transferring oil to North Korea in defiance of international sanctions, is seen in the sea off Yeosu, South Korea December 29, 2017. Picture taken December 29, 2017. Yonhap via REUTERS By Kanga Kong and Dan Murtaugh (Bloomberg) - Trafig


ABOVE THE FOLD: UN vote on Jerusalem – a huge success

The United States and Jerusalem were not trounced by the vote that took place in the United Nations General Assembly denouncing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. People are looking at the wrong numbers. One hundred and twenty-eight nations voted for the resolution condemning the United States and


The powerful 'Foreign United': Letter to the editor

Shame on the United Nations for voting to condemn the United States for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. We showed them by cutting their budget by $285 million. Our UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, told them that we were taking names and she meant it. Personally, I think that we could have


Thousands of Palestinians Take to Streets for Fourth Consecutive Friday to Denounce Trump's Jerusalem Move

According to news reports, dozens of Palestinians were wounded by live fire from Israeli security forces Palestinian protesters clash with Israeli security forces at the Israeli separation barrier on December 23, 2016 in Bethlehem, West Bank. Ahead of Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem Palestinian


Key Take-Aways from UNGA Vote on Jerusalem: Facts vs Spin

Last week, on December 21st, the United States took off the gloves at the United Nations. With the General Assembly poised to vote on a resolution rejecting President Donald Trump's policy shift regarding the status of Jerusalem, Nikki Haley, the United States' Ambassador to the United Nations, warn


The World's Most Dreamy Airbnbs for 2018

PHOTO: Among Airbnb's most coveted properties is an honest-to-goodness Central Asia-style yurt. (photo via Flickr/mike) Just in time to inspire your travel daydreams for 2018, Airbnb has released its most "wish-listed" homes in every country around the world. The list includes penthouses, castles, t


UN denounces US over move to Jerusalem

The UN General Assembly voted 128-9 with 35 abstentions on Thursday in favor of a nonbinding resolution declaring US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital "null and void". AP The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on Thursday denouncing US President Donald Tru


Israel's Supporters at the UN: A Comedian President and the Most Fat Country

The UN General Assembly has backed a resolution calling on the US to withdraw its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The non-binding resolution was approved by 128 states, with 35 abstaining and nine others voting against. The nine who voted against the resolution were the United Sta


Form 8-K Gener8 Maritime, Inc. For: Dec 22

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Despite Haley threat, UN votes to condemn Trump's Jerusalem decision

(CNN)The United Nations voted overwhelmingly to condemn President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel despite threats from the US to pull funding from the world body. Some 128 countries voted for the resolution, while nine voted "no," and 35 nations abstained, in


Here are the 7 small nations that sided with U.S. and Israel on U.N.'s Jerusalem vote

The seven countries that sided Thursday with the United States and Israel on a U.N. General Assembly resolution declaring "null and void" President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital are all small and obscure as world players. Here's the list: 1. Guatemala 2. Honduras 3. Marshall


BREAKING: UN Votes OVERWHELMINGLY to Condemn the United States

The vote has concluded. Over Jerusalem and our plans to move the embassy, the United Nations has voted overwhelmingly to condemn the United States. It wasn't close, and our true friends are few. The United Nations votes to condemn the United States on December 21, 2017 The vote was 128-9 with 35 abs


General Assembly Overwhelmingly Adopts Resolution Asking Nations Not to Locate Diplomatic Missions in Jerusalem

GA/11995 GENERAL ASSEMBLY PLENARY TENTH EMERGENCY SPECIAL SESSION, 37TH MEETING (AM) Those Supporting Text Will Be Remembered, United States Warns, as It Garners 128 Votes in Favour, 9 Against, 35 Abstentions The General Assembly voted overwhelmingly during a rare emergency meeting today to ask nati


Pacific Christmas centers on church

Sister Martha Bellu from the Marshall Islands* is serving a mission in the Utah Logan LDS Mission, in Franklin. Christmas traditions in the Marshall Islands are similar to those of the United States. "On Christmas Eve we gather together with our families. We cook our food for sharing it! We have a C