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Marshall Islands rare nation untouched by soccer's sprawling reach

Yet there is a place, perhaps a paradise for soccer haters, that is immune to the game’s charms.

USA TODAY - 2018-07-17 02:08:00

STAR Center Announces Polar Code Approved by USCG & Marshall Islands

DANIA BEACH, FL - STAR Center, a division of the American Maritime Officers Safety and Education Plan, is pleased to announce new U.S. Coast Guard STCW approved Polar Code Operations Training for personnel on vessels subject to the Polar Code. These five-day courses are offered in partnership with t

MARITIME-EXECUTIVE.COM - 2018-07-16 15:50:54

Marshall Island Residents To Have Clean Drinking Water Access | Markets Insider

SAFETY HARBOR, Fla.,July 16, 2018/PRNewswire/ -- 15,000 outerMarshall Islandresidents will have access to clean drinking water through 3,000 water filters and training provided by Sawyer International, a company at the forefront of water filtration providing over 80 developing countries clean drinki

BUSINESS INSIDER - 2018-07-16 15:33:00

Why Locals Can't Eat on United's Marshall Islands Flights That Are Over 4 Hours - View from the Wing

First Hawaiian bank, owned by a French banking group, is pulling out of its relationship with domestic banking there due to regulatory risk even though there’s no indication of money laundering. This makes cashing paychecks from the US military base problematic.


Documentary chronicles climate change through three children growing up in the Marshall Islands

Nine-year-old Izerman calls his home, the Marshall Islands, "the only place that I would ever live in if I had to choose.”


Renewable Energy News / World Bank to support 3MW PV project in Marshall Islands

The World Bank and the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands launched two climate change related projects that will boost investment in renewable energy and spur energy efficiency.Read Full Article HereFor more great articles:PV-Tech(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)


Hawaii volcanic smog blankets Marshall Islands - Breitbart

Majuro (Marshall Islands) (AFP) – Haze from the Kilauea volcano eruption in Hawaii blanketed the Marshall Islands 3,700 kilometres (2,300 miles) away on Sunday, as officials warned it would continue moving west.


Hawaii Volcano Eruption: Dangerous Volcanic Smog Blankets Sky in Marshall Islands, Thousands of Miles From Kilauea

The eruption of the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii is spewing more than molten lava and ash. It is also putting out 15,000 tons of “vog,” or volcanic fog, every day.


AMATEUR BASEBALL: Marshall A’s fall to Bird Island, 6-5

Hitting: Marshall (Kontz 2-5; Penske 3-5; Ellis 3-5, HR, 3 RBI; Olson 1-4, RBI; Meyer 2-4, RBI; Thompson 2-4).


Following the money in Spygate’s London connection: A small but crucial piece of the puzzle - Liberty Unyielding

You knew there'd be a tropical isle in this somewhere. On approach to Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands, where the offshore shell-companies congregate. (Image: Screen grab of YouTube video)


Marshall Islands Replaces US Dollar With Its Own Cryptocurrency But There’s ONE HUGE PROBLEM

“As a country, we reserve the right to issue a currency in whatever form it is, whether in digital or fiat form”


Micronesia: Scenic island-hopping and a lesson in letting go

ASSOCIATED PRESSThe view from the top of a World War IIera lighthouse in Chuuk, Micronesia.ASSOCIATED PRESSA thin strip of coral atolls separates the ocean from the lagoon in Majuro, Marshall Islands.ASSOCIATED PRESSIntricately woven baskets and accessories are traditional crafts made by locals in M


Marshall Islands To Replace US Dollar With Own National Cryptocurrency

At a time when most countries aremullingover the use of cryptocurrency, one nation has gone ahead and declared their new cryptocurrency as the sole national currency. The Marshall Islands recently signed a bill to declare “The Sovereign” (SOV) its new official cryptocurrency, replacing the U.S. doll


The Marshall Islands replaces the US dollar with its own cryptocurrency

The Marshall Islands made its own cryptocurrency, doing away with the US dollar. The government has signed the change into law, making the "sovereign" its new official cryptocurrency, as spotted by CNBC Africa cryptocurrency trader host Ran Neuner on Twitter yesterday. The bill was signed into effec


Oceanographic instruments deployed in Majuro atoll for wave data collection

Moriana Phillip, General Manager of the RMI EPA highlighted the importance of the project for the Marshall Islands saying, “The collected data will be valuable to EPA officers and other government agencies, but more importantly it will directly benefit the coastal residents in Majuro. As we monitor


Stonington lobsterman dies in Jericho Bay - Mount Desert Islander

According to Sgt. Troy Dow, the body of 59-year-old Wayne “Butch” Ciomei was found in the water late Friday afternoon tangled in pot warp. His boat, the 36-footChelsea Lynn, was found aground, still running on a ledge west of Marshall Island.


NASA Invites Media to View New Mission to Study the Frontier of Space

WASHINGTON,May 21, 2018/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Media will have the opportunityJune 4-5for tours, interviews and photographs of NASA's Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) as it prepares to leave Vandenberg Air Force Base inCaliforniafor a scheduled mid-June launch from Kwajalein Atoll in theMar


Marshall Islands to Make Cryptocurrency SOV Its Official Money

Marshall Islands, a small country of 53,000 people in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, may become the first sovereign state to make a cryptocurrency its legal tender, which means that its official digital currency must be accepted as a means of payment.


Stonington lobsterman drowns in Jericho Bay - The Ellsworth American

According to Sgt. Troy Dow, the body of 60-year-old Wayne “Butch” Ciomei was found in the water late Friday afternoon tangled in pot warp. His boat, the 36-footChelsea Lynn, was found aground, still running on a ledge west of Marshall Island.


Lobster fisherman drowns off Stonington

“Wayne “Butch” Ciomei was found in the water wrapped in a fishing line and his 36-foot lobster boat, the Chelsea Lynn, aground and running off the island after he was reported missing by his son Friday.