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Liberian FA whistleblower Woodson says she will not stand in elections until rules are followed

March 23 - Rochell Woodson, the Liberian FA executive committee member who blew the whistle on corruption within the federation, has said she will not stand for election for president while the LFA continues to break its own statutes and manipulate the election rules. Speaking to the press in Liberi

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More than Liberia president's son

Tim Weah's famous father was inaugurated as president of Liberia in January, the 18-year-old midfielder made his debut for Paris Saint-Germain on March 3 and he could make his first appearance for the U.S. national team next week. "It's insane," he said Wednesday. "It was just like it's all coming a

TIMES UNION - 2018-03-22 22:08:18

Weah debut with PSG and possibly US follows dad’s election

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Tim Weah's famous father was inaugurated as president of Liberia in January, the 18-year-old midfielder made his debut for Paris Saint-Germain on March 3 and he could make his first appearance for the U.S. national team next week. "It's insane," he said Wednesday. "It was just l

WASHINGTON TIMES - 2018-03-22 21:37:40

What does battling witchcraft look like?

(Christian Post) For Pastor James Cuffee, witchcraft is real. It's dangerous. It's deadly. It killed his father, and his cousin was murdered at the hands of a witch who claimed she could turn herself into a tree. In deeply remote areas of Liberia, one of the world's hotspots for witchcraft, fightin

WND - 2018-03-22 20:00:56

U.N. closes up Liberia peacekeeping mission after 15 years

DAKAR (Reuters) - The United Nations closed its peacekeeping mission to Liberia on Thursday, 15 years after it was deployed in the aftermath of two civil wars that ended with the fall of then-president Charles Taylor. U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed and Liberia's President George Weah,

REUTERS - 2018-03-22 21:55:18

Notorious toothfish poacher arrested in Liberia

An Antarctic and Patagonian toothfish poaching vessel was arrested on March 13 in waters belonging to the West African state of Liberia by the local coast guard, with assistance from NGO Sea Shepherd, the latter said. The F/V Hai Lung, known to the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marin

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Millions making plans to leave Africa for Europe and U.S., says report

NEW YORK(Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nearly 1.5 million people have left sub-Saharan Africa for Europe and the United States since 2010, while millions more are making plans to follow in their footsteps, researchers said on Thursday. Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya were the biggest sources of migrants t

REUTERS - 2018-03-22 13:14:20

Government of Liberia launches project to prioritize climate governance through improved National Adaptation Plans

22 March 2018, Liberia - Africa's first Green Climate Fund-financed project to support National Adaptation Plans was launched in Liberia earlier this month. The National Adaptation Plans project kicked off on 12 March in Monrovia and benefits from US$2.3 million in financing from the Green Climate F

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United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Liberia completes its mandate

22 March 2018, Monrovia - In a pivotal moment for the history of Liberia, the United Nations mission there successfully completed its mandate after almost 15 years of supporting the West African nation in the transition to peace and democracy. At a ceremony in Monrovia today attended by President Ge

RELIEFWEB.INT - 2018-03-22 07:00:00

First Black Female Astronaut, One Of Many Who Inspire Chicago Youth

In 1987, Mae Jemison was selected for the NASA astronaut program. Jemison grew up on the South Side of Chicago and had a background in engineering and medical research, she had also just returned from a two-year tour in the Peace Corps where she worked as a Medical Officer in Sierra Leone and Liberi

THECHICAGOCITIZEN.COM - 2018-03-21 17:08:23

Notorious Toothfish Poacher Arrested by Liberian Coast Guard, Assisted by Sea Shepherd

A notorious Antarctic and Patagonian toothfish poaching vessel, famous for plundering the Antarctic, was arrested on March 13 in waters belonging to the West African state of Liberia by the Liberian Coast Guard, with assistance from the marine conservation group Sea Shepherd. The F/V Hai Lung, known

ECOWATCH.COM - 2018-03-21 16:46:17

Exclusive: Bility pressures Infantino not to release Liberia financial audit findings in advance of LFA elections

March 21 - Outgoing Liberia FA (LFA) president Musa Bility has petitioned FIFA and its president Gianni Infantino not to release the findings of an audit of the LFA in December last year. Bility, who boasts he has a close relationship with Infantino, and was one of the African chiefs instrumental in

INSIDEWORLDFOOTBALL.COM - 2018-03-21 14:10:17

Barbara Dollar helps fill "brown bags" with food for local seniors

Opelika Observer Volunteer Barbara Dollar's story begins in Berlin, Germany, during World War II. There was nothing to eat and it was a struggle to stay alive. "Times were tough when I was little. The Soviets (Russians) were all around us. The Americans kept us from starving and freezing to death b

OPELIKAOBSERVER.COM - 2018-03-21 12:16:12

"Black Panther" is now the highest grossing film ever in East, West and southern Africa

Black Panther director and scriptwriter Ryan Coogler was determined to make the film's fictional setting of Wakanda a positive image of Africa. African audiences have rewarded this vision by making it the highest grossing film in southern, East and West Africa ever. The hype surrounding the film was

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Zambia – Zimbabwe Preview: Chipolopolo out to boss the Warriors in four-nation tournament

The four-nation tournament will take centre stage in Ndola on Wednesday, with the hosts taking on Zimbabwe in the second match With the Fifa break upon us, national teams will be engaged in a number of international friendlies this week. A look at the Council of Southern African Football Associati


Liberia: out with the old, in with the old. Bility may be going but his cronies aren't

March 20 - Liberian FA president Musa Bility may be standing down at the next elections scheduled this March, but the corruption plagued federation does not appear to be cleaning up its act with allegations of election rigging and candidates standing who shared in the misappropriation of $50,000 of


Bioengineered plants help defend against Ebola and other deadly diseases

Photo credit: PhylloTech The world was gripped with panic and near hysteria when, in 2014, an Ebola disease outbreak in the West African country of Guinea threatened to become a pandemic. The disease, one of the most contagious and deadliest known to man, had hitherto caused isolated epidemics only


Tim Weah, son of ex-soccer superstar and Liberian president, is on U.S. national team roster

Many athletes have famous parents. U.S. soccer player Tim Weah, for instance, is the son of a president. Not a bank president, company president or team president. The president of a country. In December, the West African nation of Liberia elected his father, George, a former soccer superstar, to a


7 Ways USAID is Strengthening Land Rights

In dozens of countries, we're addressing a wide range of issues, including conflict minerals, women's rights and policy reform A community in Zambia's Eastern Province proudly displays the maps resulting from USAID-supported community participatory mapping efforts. / Sandra Coburn, The Cloudburst Gr


This Liberian entrepreneur started her own pop-up shop

In 2013, Wilhelmina Myeonway Cooper did something few Liberian women manage to do - she launched her own business. Passionate about fashion, Wilhelmina realized that she could work with local bag makers and artists to get them to customize bags for clients. She came up with the idea after observing