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How to visit the stunning Kuang Si Falls in Luang Prabang, Laos

Kuang Si Falls is unlike most waterfalls which end in deep dark pools. This three-tiered waterfall in Laos has bright turquoise pools that rival the Caribbean sea. Tucked into a steep hillside, the shallow pools allow for the unusually bright color to shine through. Just 29 kilometers south of Luang

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Club, class help celebrate Hmong language and culture

True Vue grew up speaking two languages: Hmong at home and English at school. After arriving in Wisconsin from Thailand at 1 year old, however, she had no one to teach her how to read and write in her native language. That she had to do for herself. The child who was born in a refugee camp taught he

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Chef James Syhabout and Anthony Bourdain on the secrets behind Lao cuisine

January 17, 2018, 8:40 AM|When he was young, chef James Syhabout fled Laos with his family after it fell to communists in 1975. They arrived in Oakland six years later, and Syhabout went on to become the force behind the two-Michelin starred restaurant, Commis. Its sister eatery, Hawker Fare, focuse


Add These Spots To Your Solo Travel Plans This Year

Unsplash We noted in our 2018 Uproxx Travel Hot List that searches for solo travel were way up. And, why not? Hitting the road solo offers an array of great opportunities. You're implored to reach out and meet new people in ways that traveling as a couple or in a group doesn't provide (trust us, it


Malaysia have made history! Here are five other times the country had something to cheer

Malaysia overcame the odds on Tuesday and became the first-ever ASEAN country to qualify for the AFC Under-23 Championship knockout rounds, bringing joy to football fans across the country. Here FourFourTwo looks at five other times there were something to cheer about in Malaysian football in recent


Laotian restaurant opening in Greensboro

219-A S. Elm St., Greensboro.By Carl Wilson carl.wilson@greensboro.com GREENSBORO - Downtown is getting a Laotian restaurant. Lao Restaurant and Bar is opening at 219-A S. Elm St. It is opening in the space vacated by Crafted: The Art of the Taco, which recently moved across the street to 220 S. Elm


Meditation down the Mekong: Spa Junkie at... Phou Vao

In a lush corner of Laos, Spa Junkie learns the art of Vipassana, one of the most ancient and challenging meditation techniques The Belmond's open-sided wooden vessel, complete with a bar and a double bed for afternoon "nappings", cruises along the Mekong's calm waters I am tempted to fill these p


That time the CIA shot down an airplane with an AK-47...from a helicopter

"An Air Combat First" painting by Keith Woodcock in the CIA's collection remembers the occasion that an Air America helicopter fought off an attack on a remote radar site just over the North Vietnamese border with Laos. (Photo: CIA) Some 50 years ago this week, a helicopter that wasn't officially th


China and Mekong Countries Adopt New River Plan

In a summit big on fanfare but light on detail this week, China pushed through a five-year development plan with the countries along of one Asia's most critical and embattled rivers - the Mekong. Leaders of the Mekong's five downstream countries - Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos - met


China lavishes cash on ally Cambodia with eyes on the Mekong

Phnom Penh (AFP) - Beijing has pledged billions of dollars to build new infrastructure in Cambodia, officials said Thursday, as Chinese Premier Li Keqiang ended a two-day charm offensive currying favour for its mega-dams across the Mekong. The storied waterway, which twists through parts of Myanmar,


Noninvasive Cerebral Oximetry May Help Detect LAO Stroke

Using noninvasive cerebral oximetry during prehospital triage was a quick way to detect large artery occlusion (LAO), paving the way for the better selection of stroke patients going to comprehensive stroke centers for endovascular therapy, one center reported. The finding that a relatively large di


Mekong countries pledge more cooperation as demands on river grow

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Countries along the Mekong River said on Wednesday they would reinforce security, trade and environmental cooperation in the face of concerns over competing demands on its waters, particularly given multiple dams being built by China. The 4,350 km (2,700-mile) long Mekong, kn


New York Times cites Branson among global 'places to go' in 2018

The New York Times named Branson No. 21 on its "52 Places to Go" list for 2018. The Times interactive list was published Wednesday morning and includes a wide variety of destinations across the globe, among them New Orleans (No. 1), China's Gangwon Province (No. 7) and the Luang Prabang region in La


India to court ASEAN leaders as it seeks edge over China

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will host 10 Southeast Asian leaders as guests of honour at India's Republic Day celebrations as New Delhi seeks to blunt China's influence in the region. Provided by AFP India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been aggressively showcasing India as an alternative to China


China, Asia leaders discuss Mekong dam projects

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) - Leaders of nations along Southeast Asia's Mekong River gathered Wednesday in Cambodia's capital amid a push by China to build more dams that are altering the water flow and raising environmental concerns. The meeting was chaired by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and Chi


Bringing Our Boys Back Home

Lt. Col. David Greenburg, an ophthalmologist with the U.S. Army, examines a Lao child at a clinic held by DPAA at a former crash site in Oudomxay Province, Laos. "It's one of the things I'm most proud of in my life," Greenburg said. Officially, the Vietnam War ended in 1973. But in many ways, it has


Lessons on Life from a Journey to the Jungle Cave of Death

David V. Baxter / Places Apart Author & Photographer: David V. Baxter Several years ago, I read about a cave deep in Laos where a single U.S. cruise missile strike in the 1960s killed 374 men, women, and children seeking refuge there. I was unaware of the historical context or geography of Laos at


Hmong Veterans Ask Congress for Right to Burial in National Cemeteries

The Hmong people fought alongside American soldiers against Communist forces during the Vietnam War. When the U.S. pulled out of the region, their Hmong allies were left to fend for themselves. Knowing that staying in Laos meant their deaths, many fled across the Mekong river into Thailand before im


A UN Women booklet helps smooth the journey for Lao migrant workers in Thailand

Two young women read the Safe Migration Booklet at the shelter for victims of trafficking in Vientiane, Laos. They had worked at a banana plantation in Thailand. As poor Lao villagers cross into Thailand to start new lives as migrant workers, they can soothe some of their worries by carrying a co


Thai tradition a priority at Fort Collins' Cafe de Bangkok

The kitchen at Cafe de Bangkok is treated as a sacred place. One must be of Thai descent to even be considered for a cook position at the 1232 W. Elizabeth St. eatery where pungent homemade curries simmer for hours and Thai pop music blares in the background. Cook applicants must also prepare curry,