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74 years ago , US Marines waded into ` the toughest battle in Marine Corps history ' - here are 25 photos of the brutal fight for Tarawa

US forces now had to push into the Central Pacific, from which they could target Japanese strong points and communications lines. US officials had spent much of that year preparing for Operation Galvanic - the capture of the Gilbert Islands, a group of coral atolls that are now part of Kiribati. Hel

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Fiji to move more than 40 villages inland as seas rise

* Fiji has moved 3 villages, to move 43 more * Working on ways to accept future Pacific migrants By Alister Doyle Environment Correspondent BONN, Germany, Nov 17 (Reuters) - Fiji plans to move more than 40 villages to higher ground to escape coastal floods and is also working on ways to help future


Many small island nations can adapt to climate change with global support

(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.) Martina Grecequet, University of Minnesota; Ian Noble, University of Notre Dame, and Jessica Hellmann, University of Minnesota (THE CONVERSATION) Island nations are on the front lines


Hip-Hop dancers to teach ‎Kiribati‏ youths

Managing Director of Hailies Entertainment Simon Chottu meeting with Tateraka Enterprises, Kiribati Ministry of Women & Youths representatives and other businesses houses in Tarawa who invited a hip-hop dance crew from Honiara to teach their youths dancing as part of their preparation for their bigg


The Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air and Space Museum

Thanks very much to C for ferrying me around northern Virginia at the weekend to see a couple of things that had long been on my list: the Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air and Space Museum, and the battlefield at Manassas/Bull Run. At the Udvar-Hazy Center, obviously the standout exhibit is the


Youth hold tsunami summit in Japan

13 November 2017: Students from 26 countries came together last week for a pioneering event to mark World Tsunami Awareness Day in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture in Japan. The spirit of "Yui Maaru" which means mutual support and bonds between people in the Okinawan dialect, was at the heart of the Hi


First time in Oceania - Fiji Forum

I've been to all European countries but never been outside of Europe and long for some new adventures. What would you recommend to visit for a first-time traveller in Oceania? My natural choice would have been Australia and/or New Zealand but due to harsh immigration policies of the respective count


Susan Morrison : Boris Johnson is an upper-class buffoon worthy of Blackadder

Boris Johnson, the UK's Foreign Secretary, makes General Melchett from TV show Blackadder Goes Forth look like a genius, writes Susan Morrison. At this time of year, my thoughts turn to remembrance. I wear a small enamel 1920s vintage poppy. Sometimes I -wonder who wore it before me and why. My grea


Hawaii boat wreck shows eco-risk of fishing fleet practices

HONOLULU (AP) - Just offshore from Waikiki's pristine white sand beaches, a fishing boat transporting foreign workers destined for low-paying jobs in Hawaii's fishing fleet smashed into a shallow reef last month. The stranded boat has been leaking oil and diesel ever since in an area prized by swimm


At midpoint of UN talks , words of wisdom from 3 climate luminaries

A flooded road in Tebikenikoora, also known as Golden Beach, on South Tarawa in Kiribati. The island nation, once led by Anote Tong, is already experiencing the impacts of climate change. ( Ciril Jazbec) Editor's note: The world's leaders are meeting in Bonn, Germany, for the UN climate conference.


Schmidt Ocean Institute Completes ROV Expedition at UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Schmidt Ocean Institute has announced that it has made seventeen underwater robotic dives with its ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) SuBastian, completing the first expedition of the islands and eastern seamounts of the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) in the nation of Kiribati. This expediti


Promoting Industrial Upgrades for

Kaohsiung Nov. 9 2017: The 2017 Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show, kicks off today, with the event taking place Nov. 9-11, at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (KEC). The fishery industry's annual event is now in its third year. As an imperative commercial platform for the industry and a d


Do you know which is the world 's unhealthiest country is ?

LONDON: According to a new research conducted by Clinic Compare, the Czech Republic has been named the least healthy country in the world. The data collected by the website was from the World Health Organisation. It analysed alcoholic consumption, tobacco consumption and the prevalence of obesity in


Fish 2.0 : Connecting Sustainable Seafood Businesses in the Pacific with Global Networks

Fisheries are critical to economic livelihood and food security in the Pacific. Inshore fisheries provide the primary or secondary source of income for up to 50 percent of Pacific households (SPC 2015). Government, business, civil society, and international partners must work together to ensure sust


West Virginia firms praised for international market entry

West Virginia officials have recognized 34 companies for exporting products to a new country in the previous year. Gov. Jim Justice and other officials presented the Governor's Commendation for International Market Entry last week. The award is a framed piece of currency from each new country where


Australia facing tough choices about future of coal

The bleak future of coal in Australia and around the world has been highlighted in a new report that also points out why it is so hard for many countries to give up. The latest United Nation's Emissions Gap Report 2017, already reported on here in general, sets out the importance of preventing furth


New Zealand to Introduce a `` Climate Refugee '' Visa

The New Zealand immigration department sets aside 75 places a year in a lottery for migrants from Kiribati, and at the moment it can't fill them. National flag of Kiribati, public domain image source Wikimedia Guest essay by Eric Worrall New Zealand is considering adding "climate change" to its li


At COP23 , Prioritizing Adaptation and Addressing Loss and Damage

Hurricane Maria's devastating effect on Puerto Rico won't escape notice at COP. (Flickr/USDA) As representatives from around the world gather in Bonn, Germany for the 23rd Conference of the Parties, the climate summit known informally as COP23, millions of Puerto Ricans are waiting for power to be r


Oxfam reveals ` ruthless inequality ' of climate change

People in low and lower-middle income countries were five times more likely to be forced from their homes by 'sudden-onset' weather disasters, like floods and storms, than people in richer countries, according to Oxfam. In Uprooted by Climate Change Oxfam illustrates the ruthless inequality of clima


Artist Robin White 's monumental new works celebrate collaboration

Robin White paints a tapa cloth, part of a large-scale collaborative artwork created with Ebonie and Ruha Fifita in 2014. White, who has Pkeh and Ngti Awa ancestry, is very much a Pacific Islander. As a young and already well-known painter, she moved to Kiribati, where she stayed for 17 years, switc