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Today Was A Big Victory For Japanese Tattooing

Last fall, the Osaka High Courtruledthat tattooer Taiki Masuda broke the law by tattooing without a medical license. Today, the court issued a ruling on his appeal.


Germany & Japan Face Recession Risk as Export Powerhouses Feel Trade War Pinch

Growth in two of the world's biggest export economies ground to a halt last quarter, according to data published Wednesday, as slowing global trade and increasing uncertainty from the myriad disputes between President Donald Trump and leaders from Tokyo to Toronto puts the breaks on global growth.


Natural disasters hit Japan's economy

Exports fell 1.8% from the previous quarter, the fastest decline in more than three years, Reuters said.


He’s supposed to shape Japan’s cybersecurity. He just admitted he doesn’t use computers.

Yoshitaka Sakurada, a minister from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party, was asked about his computer use during a meeting of a parliamentary committee.


Japan and Russia to push peace talks with island return in sight

SINGAPORE -- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed on Wednesday to accelerate talks toward concluding a peace treaty based on a 1956 declaration, which includes the return of two of four northern islands to Japan.While the Japanese side has not abandoned its

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Mysterious Boats Full of Corpses Keep Washing Up in Japan

Nearly 100 dilapidated wooden boats have washed up in northern Japan this year. Sometimes they’re empty, other times they carry corpses, or skeletons, earning them the eerie title of “ghost ships”. And it’s thought they’re coming from North Korea.The influx of these vessels into Japan’s waters has b


Japan expects up to 340,000 foreign workers after bill passes

TOKYO -- Between 260,000 to 340,000 foreign workers could enter Japan if a planned amendment to the immigration control law passes the Diet, according to a government estimate learned by Nikkei.


'Ghost boats' with skeletonized bodies wash ashore in Japan

TOKYO - Scores of dilapidated wooden boats believed to be from North Korea have washed ashore in northern Japan in a seasonal influx. The coast guard said Monday that 95 rickety boats, sometimes carrying skeletonized bodies, have arrived so far this year, a pace that is likely to exceed last year's


Ageing Japan reluctantly begins prising open its doors to migrant workers

In an estimate provided to parliament, which has just started deliberations on a bill to revise the law, the government said that it expects up to 47,550 foreign workers to enter the country in the first year of the programme, and 345,150 workers over five years.

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Japan, South Korea most lucrative for Vietnamese workers - VnExpress International

A Vietnamese migrant worker can make $1,000 to $1,200 a month in Japan and South Korea, four times the average monthly salary in Vietnam, which was VND6.5 million ($290) last year.


Japan's Abe, Pence to visit Australia amid China concerns

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, left, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shake hands at Abe's official residence in Tokyo Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)


BTS should apologise to Japan and Nazi victims, says rabbi

The Simon Wiesenthal Center accusedBTS, who last week were dropped from a Japanese TV show over a T-shirt that appeared to celebrate the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, of “mocking the past”.


Core principles of Japan’s Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy align well with Singapore, ASEAN’s priorities: PM Lee

He pointed out that on this issue, ASEAN is guided by three main considerations: Whether it supports ASEAN unity and centrality, whether it facilitates trade, investment and connectivity in the region, and whether it espouses a rules-based world order anchored on international law.


Japan's SoftBank steps closer to transformation with mammoth mobile...

SoftBank’s bets so far have been as varied as small gaming startups, ride-hailing firms such as Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL], and e-commerce behemoth Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA.N).


Pence talks trade, North Korea on trip to Japan

“Our nations’ security and prosperity depend on this vital region, and the U.S. will continue to ensure that all nations, large and small, can thrive and prosper,” he added,the Japan Timereported.


Riding India's future in present-day Japan at 260 kmph

It arrived, no, rushed in like a monster -- long nosed, sturdy, roaring, as if terribly hungry -- but came to a halt, almost in stealth.


Japan ranked 49th in English proficiency, rated ‘low’ again:The Asahi Shimbun

EF Education First, which operates in 116 countries and regions, has administered a free online exam to determine its English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) and publicized the rankings since 2011.


US Vice President, Japan’s Leader Discusses Trade, North Korea

“American products and services too often face barriers to compete fairly in Japanese markets,” Pence said. He called on the two sides to negotiate a new trade deal that will be, in his words, a “model,” for other nations.


Gene therapy drugs step toward approval in Japan

TOKYO -- Novartis has applied with Japanese authorities to have a gene therapy drug approved, a move that could give Japan at least two such drugs in the coming year, Nikkei has learned.

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Japan: An Ambitious Ally

They were Indian soldiers from remote communities, Chinese farmers from rural outposts, Vietnamese fishermen participating on behalf of their French colonial masters, and Japanese sailors in service of their emperor.