The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Gaza And Israel – Who Is Besieging Whom? - 01-10


Sieges existed in history ever since the first earth berm was constructed around a village. Countless treatises were written on how to besiege a village, a town, a city, a fortified military base. There are as many varieties of sieges as there are recipes for hummus in Israel, but they all share two fundamental characteristics: the defensive fortifications are erected by the besieged and the goal of the besiegers is to occupy, at least temporarily, the real estate within these fortifications. Simply put, it is the goal of the besieged to be left alone and the goal of the besiegers to mess with them. One can say with certainly that the necessary condition for a military operation to be called a siege is that the fortifications are the property of the besieged, with the sufficient condition being the strong desire by the besiegers to gain entry into said property, fortifications notwithstanding.