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France Censures Israel’s Claim of ‘Sovereignty’ Over Golan Heights, Cites Int’l Law

IMAGE: Surveying Syria’s Golan Heights region, much of which has been stolen by Israel. This week, President Donald Trump declared US recognition of “Israel’s sovereignty” over the illegally Israeli-occupied Golan Heights are which actually belongs to Syria but was stolen by Israel during the 1967 S


Romania, Honduras recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital

JERUSALEM – The leaders of Romania and Honduras have announced they will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, following the lead of President Donald Trump. Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez delivered their announcements Sunday at the American I


Israel's Netanyahu, in close election race, visits U.S. ally

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - With Israel’s election just two weeks away, Benjamin Netanyahu will get to showcase his close ties with Donald Trump in a U.S. visit just days after the president backed Israel’s hold over the occupied Golan Heights.


Israel opens fire on Gaza rally, killing 2, injuring 181 Palestinians

On the last day of the 40th session at the UN Geneva Office, the Council discussed the resolution against Israel submitted by Bahrain, Bolivia, Cuba, Pakistan, Senegal, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Palestine.


Trump Tweets Israel Has Authority Over Golan Heights – Violates UN Resolution & Changes US Policy

President Trump said today that the United States should recognize Israel’s authority over the Golan Heights, one of the world’s most disputed territories, reversing decades-long American policy and violating a United Nations resolution.


In Light of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitism, CURE Hosts Roundtable Discussion in Saint Paul to Discuss Israel

Star Parker, President of CURE, opened up the event by showcasing how the event was intended to invoke a “robust conversation” on how christians, muslims and secularists can all live in the same place “without tearing each other apart.” She also notes how CURE exists “to tell the truth in a time whe


Israel strikes Gaza over bomb balloons

"Is it worth it now to enter Gaza? We are experiencing our best decade security-wise", he added, during an interview with Israel Radio. Palestinians in Gaza had thrown a number of explosive devices toward the border fence with Israel, one of which set off air raid sirens in the south of the country


Heads of State: Honduras to Open Diplomatic Mission in Jerusalem, Romania to Move Embassy

The prime minister of Romania announced on Sunday that her country will move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, while the president of Honduras announced the opening of an official diplomatic mission in the city.


U.N. rights forum condemns Israel over deadly Gaza protests

GENEVA (Reuters) - The United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday condemned Israel’s “apparent intentional use of unlawful lethal and other excessive force” against civilian protesters in Gaza, and called for perpetrators of violations in the enclave to face justice.


Loony! Pompeo claims Trump is 'working with God' to save Israel from Iran

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday it's possible that God is working with President Trump to save Israel from the "Iranian menace." Trump was interviewed by Chris Mitchell of the Christian Broadcasting Network, who asked if Trump might be like the Old Testament's Queen Esther, whom God hel


Israel Rejects UN ‘Bias’ in Gaza Protests Report

A wounded Palestinian is evacuated during a protest calling for lifting the Israeli blockade on Gaza, at the Israel-Gaza border fence in the southern Gaza Strip October 19, 2018. (Reuters)


Cruz says administration's Golan Heights policy is 'tremendous'

(CNN) — Republican Sen. Ted Cruz called President Donald Trump's decision last week to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights a "tremendous" move Sunday.


Trump's Golan Announcement Was No Impulse Tweet

Donald Trump once again overturned decades of U.S. policy via Twitter when he declared on Thursday that the United States should recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, a disputed territory Israel seized in the 1967 war with Syria. The area, he wrote, is “of critical strategic and secu


U.S. Islamic leader publishes list of 'Islamophobic' terms

“Jihadist,” “Islamic violence,” “Islamist extremist” and “radical Islam” are all Islamophobic terms, Esam Omeish wrote on Facebook in the wake of the New Zealand mosque massacre.


Gaza rehearses for 1 million at the fence next week, as Israel kills two more men

At the end of nearly 1,000 yards of newly-grown spring grassy turf, a renewed barbed-wire border fence rises three meters up, in anticipation of a million person march next week between Gaza protesters and their well-known antagonist snipers.


Israel retaliates against Gaza claiming barrage of '300 explosives' targeted IDF troops

The Israeli Air Force has struck at least two 'Hamas outposts' in Gaza in retaliation for what the IDF claimed was an overnight barrage of some '300 explosives' thrown across the border fence at Israeli troops.


IDF Strikes Gaza Cell That Launched Firebombs Toward Israel; 3 Said Wounded

The Israeli army said it struck in Gaza on Saturday afternoon, targeting a cell that launched incendiary balloons toward Israeli territory from the southern Strip. According to Palestinian reports, three were wounded in the attack, which targeted an area east of the al-Bureij refugee camp in central


For Israel, Purim Is Anything But an Irrelevant Ancient Holiday

In the words of Ecclesiastes, there is nothing new under the sun. This is especially true when it comes to the nation of Israel. The ancient foes of Israel are the current foes of Israel. And to this day, the nation faces existential threats from its ever-present enemies.


Abbas: I agreed to US-led NATO force in ‘Palestine’

The Palestinians have proposed deploying US-led NATO forces in a future Palestinian state to address Israel’s security concerns, PA President Mahmoud Abbas revealed on Saturday.


Pompeo Offered to Help Resolve Maritime Dispute Between Lebanon, Israel

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets with Lebanon's President Michel Aoun at the presidential palace in Baabda, Lebanon March 22, 2019. REUTERS/Jim Young/Pool. The US escalation expressed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo against Iran and Hezbollah during his visit to Beirut did not prevent the o