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Republic of Ireland : Eligibility is players ' decision says Stephen Kenny

"I think it is up to the individual player, isn't it?" The former Dundalk bosstold the Irish News.

BBC - 2018-11-27 00:00:00

Mick McCarthy re-appointed as Republic of Ireland coach

For now, Kenny, who recently stepped down from his role as manager of League of Ireland champions Dundalk, has been appointed coach of the Under-21 national team.

AS.COM - 2018-11-25 19:52:34

Royal Mail suspends postman who flew Paras flag ahead of Northern Ireland v Republic of Ireland match

Mr Harding, who had been travelling in a mini-coach from east Belfast with Northern Ireland fans, was pictured with the flag after getting off the vehicle at a service station.

IRISH NEWS - 2018-11-22 17:00:00

Steven Davis : Northern Ireland and Republic both ` desperate ' for a win

“The players are very familiar with each other and it’s like playing any of the home nations, there’ll be that edge to the game,” added the Southampton midfielder.

NEWSLETTER - 2018-11-15 00:00:00

Republic of Ireland vs Northern Ireland predictions and match preview

In a break from Nations League action, Northern Ireland head to the Republic of Ireland for a game expected to more competitive than your regular friendly. It will also see Republic of Ireland manager Martin O’Neil go up against his former national team from his playing days and his namesake in the

SQUAWKA.COM - 2018-11-15 00:00:00

Northern Ireland and the Republic in tug-of-war over Jimmy Dunne

Here in Ireland, players born in the North are eligible for both nations, while those from the Republic can play for the North through the grandparent rule.

DAILY MAIL - 2018-11-14 22:30:13

Northern Ireland and Republic could end up in different time zones after Brexit

The EU wants to ban daylight savings time - and the UK doesn't. MPs fear that could leave Northern Ireland and the Republic one hour apartBrexit is going to be a race against time - in more ways than one(Image: AFP/Getty Images)Northern Ireland and the Republic could end up in different TIME ZONES a

MIRROR - 2018-11-13 12:26:26

Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland players join together to support children with cancer | IFA

Players from the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland football squads have together visited Ireland’s largest paediatric hospital, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, to support children with cancer and to highlight the work of medical and caring staff who help to fight the disease.

IRISHFA.COM - 2018-11-13 00:00:00