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Israeli prime minister's office deletes tweet mentioning ‘war with Iran’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office shared and then deleted a tweet Wednesday saying he was meeting with other Arab leaders to discuss “war with Iran.” The tweet came as Netanyahu spoke to reporters after meeting with Oman's foreign minister, Yusuf bin Alawi, on the sidelines of the U


Mike Pence urges Europe to quit Iran deal, stop busting sanctions

WARSAW, Poland — The Trump administration lashed out at some of America’s closest traditional allies on Thursday, accusing Britain, France and Germany of trying to bust U.S. sanctions against Iran and calling on European nations to join the United States in withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear deal.


Iran unveils Fateh, its first semi-heavy, missile-equipped submarine

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s state TV is reporting that the country’s President Hassan Rouhani has unveiled the first Iranian made semi-heavy submarine. The Sunday report said the Fateh, “Conqueror” in Persian, is capable of being fitted with cruise missiles.


Iran's Zarif: 'Risk of War With Israel Is Great'

Iran's foreign minister accused Israel of looking for war and warned that its behaviour and that of the United States was increasing the chances of a clash. "Certainly, some people are looking for war ... Israel," Mohammad Javad Zarif said at the Munich Security Conference, Reuters reported.


The Latest: Iran urges Europe to do more to keep nuke deal

MUNICH (AP) - The Latest on the Munich Security Conference (all times local):. Iran’s foreign minister says European nations need to do more than talk if they want to preserve a deal meant to keep Tehran from obtaining a nuclear weapon after the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the tr


Iran foreign minister: ‘Why should we trust President Trump?’

Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, spoke out in an exclusive interview with NBC News to deliver a powerful message directly to President Trump. NBC’s Richard Engel reports for TODAY.


Iran rips Pence, U.S. over 'unhealthy fixation'

MUNICH — Iran’s foreign minister is blasting the United States’ “unhealthy fixation” with his country and condemning the Trump administration’s efforts to press European countries to pull out of the nuclear agreement with Tehran.


Russia, Turkey and Iran agree to coordinate on Syria amid potential U.S. vacuum

MOSCOW — The leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran agreed Thursday on the need to coordinate on eventual arrangements for northeastern Syria after an expected U.S. troop withdrawal, but they remained far apart on what those plans could entail.


The Cybersecurity 202: Iran indictments show even U.S. intelligence officials are vulnerable to basic hacking schemes

Even trained intelligence officers can be conned by basic hacking campaigns designed to win their trust. That’s the lesson from a sweeping indictment unsealed Wednesday against four Iranian hackers -- and a former U.S. Air Force intelligence specialist who allegedly defected to Iran for ideological


Iran presses Europe to defy US and stay in nuke pact

MUNICH – Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has urged European leaders to reject pressure from the United States to leave a nuclear accord designed to keep Tehran from making atomic weapons.


Iran Says Pakistan Involved in Zahedan's Attack

Funeral of the dead Revolutionary Guards soldiers in the city of Isfahan on Saturday, February 16, 2019. (AFP) Iran took advantage of the bombing, which targeted Zahedan last Wednesday and killed 27 Revolutionary Guards soldiers, to accuse Pakistan of being involved in the attack.


Iran blasts US efforts to turn Europe against nuclear deal

MUNICH (AP) - Iran’s foreign minister is blasting the United States’ “unhealthy fixation” with his country and condemning the Trump administration’s efforts to press European countries to pull out of the nuclear agreement with Tehran.


Iranian photographer says Trump used photo without permission to push ‘agenda against Iran’

An Iranian photojournalist on Tuesday accused President Trump of using a photo she had taken to push his “agenda” against Iran, saying that she felt “cheated and abused.”


Pence calls for European allies to dump Iran deal after Merkel defends accord

Vice President Pence on Saturday called on European allies to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear pact with Iran after German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke out in defense of the accord.


New book fuels hope, anger for family of ex-FBI agent abducted in Iran

A new book by a former hostage - and a recent flurry of tips - are giving new hope to the family of retired FBI special agent Robert Levinson that he may still be alive more than a decade after he disappeared in Iran.


Pence says time has come for EU to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal

MUNICH (Reuters) - U.S. Vice President Mike Pence pressed European countries on Saturday to withdraw from a nuclear deal between Iran and major powers, and urged them to be wary of using telecoms equipment supplied by Chinese provider Huawei.


Iran’s Government Is Using Crypto Startups as Part of Its Blockchain Embrace

Iran’s central bank is working with a pair of blockchain startups that are developing what could be the groundwork for a new token ecosystem, CoinDesk has learned. Many government banks around the world have launched isolated blockchain pilots. But in January, the Central Bank of Iran unveiled plans


Pence urges Europeans to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal, warns of more sanctions

WARSAW — Vice President Pence on Thursday launched a combative broadside against some of America’s closest allies, calling on European countries to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran and accusing them of attempting to break U.S. sanctions against “that vile regime” in Tehran.


Trump’s Iran summit shows just how far he is from the rest of the west

Does Mike Pompeo realise what a foolish figure he cuts as he shambles around Europe, spouting risible tosh about Donald Trump’s commitment to a “new liberal order” and America as “force for good” in the Middle East? It seems he does not. Pompeo is a former soldier, Tea Party Republican, hawkish CIA