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World’s Largest Bee Thought Extinct Makes a Comeback in Indonesia

A bee species once thought to have faced extinction was rediscovered in its native home of Indonesia last month. A female Megachile pluto, known as Wallace’s Giant Bee, was spotted in the province of North Maluku while scientists conducted research in the area for five days.


World’s largest bee, thought to be extinct, found in Indonesia

The giant bee was first discovered in 1859, but since has only officially sighted once. An international team of researchers set out to rediscover the bee in January. Determining exactly when a species is extinct is difficult, especially for small animals like insects.


Not seen since 1981, world's largest bee rediscovered in Indonesia

SYDNEY, Australia (WTHR) - The world's largest bee has been found again, nearly 40 years after it was last seen. The Megachile pluto, commonly known as Wallace's giant bee, was last seen in 1981 and believed to be extinct. But scientists in the North Moluccas island group in Indonesia have found it


The World's Largest Bee Has Been Rediscovered in Indonesia

A team of researchers and conservationists found and recorded the world's largest bee, thought by some to be lost forever. News recently broke out of the scientific community that the Wallace's giant bee has been rediscovered in Indonesia. Known in insect circles as the "holy grail" of bee discoveri


World's largest bee, once feared extinct, rediscovered in Indonesia

The world’s largest bee, last seen by a scientist in 1981, is not extinct after all. A single female was found and documented earlier this year on an Indonesian island, an Australian university and other groups said Thursday.


World's Largest Bee Rediscovered in Indonesia After Species Was Thought to Be Extinct

The world's biggest bee is pretty darn hard to find. As long as a human thumb, the so-called Wallace's Giant Bee hasn't been seen in decades. Named after Alfred Russell Wallace, who discovered the behemoth species in Indonesia, the black creature was last seen in 1981.


Massive 'nightmare' bee thought to be extinct found alive in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia (KRON) - IT'S ALIVE!. The world's largest bee, which was once thought to be extinct, is actually not extinct. Wallace's Giant Bee (Megachile pluto) was discovered alive and well in January, in the Indonesian province of North Maluku on the Maluku Islands.


World's Biggest Bee Believed To Be Extinct Found Alive In Indonesia

After nearly 40 years of thinking that the world’s biggest bee has gone extinct, scientists found them on an island in Indonesia. The last time it was spotted was in 1981 and was rediscovered just last month.


Indonesia to get first payment from Norway under $1b REDD+ scheme

JAKARTA — It’s taken nearly a decade, but Indonesia is finally set to receive the first part of a $1 billion payment pledged by the Norwegian government for preserving some of the Southeast Asian country’s vast tropical rainforests.


Can you bee-lieve it? World's largest bee discovered in Indonesia after 38 years

The world's largest documented bee was missing for nearly four decades, until a team of researchers rediscovered the insect last month in Indonesia. The world's largest documented bee was missing for nearly four decades, until a team of researchers rediscovered the insect last month in Indonesia.


World's Largest Bee Once Thought Extinct Was Just Discovered In Indonesia

Entomologist and bee expert Eli Wyman with the first rediscovered individual of Wallace’s giant bee (Megachile pluto) in the Indonesian islands of the North Moluccas. © Clay Bolt.


Norway starts payments to Indonesia for cutting forest emissions

Almost a decade after Norway signed a $1-billion deal with Indonesia to help protect its tropical forests, the first payment for reduced emissions will be made after deforestation rates fell, environmentalists and government officials said.


SpaceX Successfully Launches Indonesia’s 1st High Throughput Satellite

SpaceX successfully launched SSL‘s Nusantara Satu communications satellite, built for Indonesian satellite operator PT Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (PSN), aboard a Falcon 9 rocket from the SpaceX launch base in Cape Canaveral, Florida yesterday. The satellite is successfully performing post-launch mane



The intensive musical theatre training of INDONESIA MENUJU BROADWAY is well underway, as 70 of Indonesia's most promising musical talents are being taught by a team of Broadway professionals from Passport to Broadway led by Amy Weinstein and Stephen Brotebeck.


Binance Forays Into Indonesia’s Booming Crypto Scene, a Key Emerging Market

For a number of reasons, a majority of the nations in Southeast Asia have quickly become mainstays in the crypto space. Singapore, whose government has indirectly invested in Binance, is known for its array of industry startups, banks that operate in good faith with Bitcoin traders, and sector event


Stunting, loss of earning potential linked to Indonesia’s 1997 wildfires

It was 1997, and while record fires were raging across Indonesia a new socio-economic crisis may have been quietly unfolding among the country’s infants and unborn children, according to a new study.


Indonesia’s Game of Thrones Problem

GSTAAD — “Winter is coming.” That’s the urgent message Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo delivered in a speech to World Bank leaders in Bali last October. It was a reference to the popular television series, Game of Thrones, in which seven kingdoms scheme and battle to claim the Iron Throne,


Indonesia SIM registration takes toll on top 2

The implementation of a government-mandated prepaid SIM registration effort in Indonesia had a heavy impact on the two largest operators in the country, as they shed a collective 69 million connections in 2018.


Garuda Indonesia INSANE business class deals !

I’ve recently picked up a rather lucrative promotion by Garuda Indonesia that’s been surprisingly under-the-radar. From now until 31 March 2019, travellers who book in groups of 4, 5, and 6 can enjoy their award-winning business class fares at a special price. This includes a suite of destinations o


Hijab in Indonesia – the history and controversies

The hijab, a veil worn by Muslim women to cover their heads, has become more popular in Indonesia in the last two decades. History records that the hijab-wearing culture in Indonesia goes back to the 17th century. However, despite many Indonesian women wearing it, controversies surround the hijab.