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Hungary’s FM Disses Pompeo, Goes on Tucker Carlson Who Cheers His Pro-Family Policies

Peter Szijjarto makes a surprise visit on Tucker’s show to explain Hungary’s new program two days after humiliating Mike Pompeo (see video below) The program gives mothers who have four or more children exemption from income tax for life, along with other proposals.


Hungary Journal

Hungary’s foreign ministry has summoned the Swedish ambassador over critical remarks by a Swedish minister concerning the Hungarian government’s recent family assistance measures, the foreign minister said on Friday.


Strasbourg court calls on Hungary to improve the living conditions of asylum seeker family

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has called on Hungary to improve the living conditions of an Iraqi family of asylum seekers with three children living in the Tompa transit zone.


Kissing polar bears in the Budapest Zoo steal the show! – Video

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, it seems like love is definitely in the air in the Budapest Zoo. Two polar bear were caught “sharing a kiss”, to the joy of the onlookers 🙂


Instagram tipps: 5 spots for the perfect panorama of Budapest – PHOTOS

Budapest is a beautiful city as it is, but there is something extra special about panorama shots of the city. Luckily, there are five amazing spots above the city which enable any Instagram lover to take that perfect shot of the capital.


Hungary Faces 'Worrying Course' on Women's and Refugee Rights, Expert Says

Fighting domestic violence, allowing for freedom of the press, and finding solutions to the refugee crisis all foster sustainable development. The current state of human rights in Hungary is raising concerns. You can join us in taking action on this issue here.


Viktor Orban’s plans to boost Hungary’s birth rate are unlikely to work

“IMMIGRATION MEANS surrender,” thundered Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, at a state-of-the-nation address in Budapest on February 10th. The strongman expounded his pet conspiracy theories, pouring vitriol on George Soros, a billionaire whom he blames for many of Hungary’s problems, and the E


Hungary attracts record numbers of visitors

Hungary saw record-breaking numbers of travellers in 2018, the National Tourism Agency has revealed, based on figures just released by the Central Statistics Office. In 2018, commercial lodgings around Hungary registered 12.5 million guests, an increase of more than 5% when compared to 2017.


Increased cooperation with Thailand in Hungary’s interest, says Hungarian FM

Given that Thailand has the largest economy in its region, it is in Hungary’s interest to intensify cooperation with the Southeast Asian country, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said in Budapest on Friday.


AMP 69: Hungary’s Grenade-Launching AK

The Hungarian AMP-69 is, I think, the undisputed ugliest military AK variant ever fielded. It is truly an example of function over form, designed specifically for the role of dedicated rifle grenade launcher. To this end, the muzzle is fitted with a grenade spigot, a side rail mounts a high-angle op


Budapest Weekend Guide for 15-17 February

Our regular round-up for the upcoming weekend offers plenty of suggestions for where to go, what to do and who should not be missed during the next three days. There are always so many happenings to choose from in Budapest – exhibitions, parties, live music, festivals and more – but here is our pick


They are the best athletes in Hungary!

Hungarian athletes of the year gala was held on 14th February 2019. The gala took place in the National Theatre of Hungary in Budapest and was broadcasted by TV channel M4 Sport.


Hungary tells UK Jewish group to 'mind its own business' over antisemitism

A Hungarian government minister has accused a senior representative of British Jews of politically motivated lying, telling her to “mind your own business” following a meeting in which she raised concerns about antisemitism.


Hungary summons Swedish ambassador over minister’s critical remarks

Hungary’s foreign ministry summoned the Swedish ambassador over critical remarks by a Swedish minister concerning the Hungarian government’s recent family assistance measures, the foreign minister said on Friday.


Brazilian woman tried to smuggle 3 kgs of cocaine in condoms into Hungary – flabbergasting photos

The 30-year-old woman arrived in Hungary with more than three kilogrammes of cocaine. The case is now being investigated by the airport police. She arrived at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport on 10 February in the late hours of the night from Brazil – szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu reported. In


Poll: Who should qualify from the second semi-final of Hungary’s A Dal 2019?

Hungary’s national A Dal is continuing its search for the Magyars’ entrant in Tel-Aviv. Eighteen acts have made it to the semifinals, and last Saturday we got to know the first four finalists. The second semifinal will take place this Saturday from 19:30 CET, but who should the second set of four fi


Hungary – the country with the weirdest Guinness World Record titles?

Having numerous Guinness World Record titles sounds good and definitely makes a country more interesting. While there are serious competitions all over the world where Hungarians achieve amazing results, it is also nice to look at the goofier side of Hungary sometimes and list some of the weirdest G


Sluggish procedure against Hungary back on table

Troubles with Hungary and Poland will be back on the agenda of EU affairs ministers next Tuesday (19 February) - but procedures looking into their dismantling of the rule of law and the erosion of democracy in the two countries will not move forward.


Foreign minister: Budapest Process to become symbol for stopping pro-migration forces

The Budapest Process interregional forum on migration will become a symbol for stopping pro-migration forces, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Saturday, commenting on the forum’s next meeting held in Istanbul.


Hungary axes income tax for women with 4 or more kids

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Hungary's government announced new tax benefits for families on Sunday as part of an effort to increase the birth rate while holding a hard line against immigration.