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Whole-Aircraft-Parachute-System Maker Eyes EVTOL Sector

Dr. Richard McGlaughlin was once again heading for Haiti in his Cirrus SR22 as he had done regularly in the two years since the deadly and devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake of 2010. This time his 25-year-old daughter, Elaine, was accompanying him on the medical supply mission. About 45 min. after


Why we're losing our way in Caricom

We have just witnessed another intersessional meeting of Caricom leaders in Haiti at which some prominence was given to the need for some measure of political control of cricket West Indies. Once again there has been concern as to whether the leaders have not been failing in their ability to advance


Coast Guard repatriates 201 migrants by sea to Haiti

A total of 201 Haitians were returned to Haiti Wednesday by the U.S. Coast Guard, the agency said, after two overloaded boats were intercepted near the Bahamas. A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter spotted a 50-foot freighter Sunday 30 miles east of Great Inagua Island. The 86 migrants from that f


Preserving Natural Land In Palm Beach County, Haitian Migration To Chile & The Impact Of Losing TPS

Marleine Bastien, executive director of FANM, urges lawmakers to renew TPS ODALIS GARCIA / WLRN News Guests for Sundial Tuesday, March 14 2018: Scott Zucker , vice president of Audubon Everglades, called in from a Palm Beach County Commission meeting to discuss efforts to preserve the 37 areas of na


NJ Attorney General joins letter asking Congress to protect Haitian, Salvadoran immigrants

A coalition of 19 attorney generals sent a letter this week to Congress members urging it to pass legislation that will provide legal status to Haitians and Salvadorans whose authorization to work and protection from deportation will expire next year. In a statement announcing his participation, Ne


Tijuana Is Fighting to Support Migrants, One Cerveza at a Time

(Photo: Ivan Morales/ Cervecera Insurgente) In Tijuana, migrant shelters are overflowing, and the expectation is that a groundswell of asylum-seekers is still to come. People are scrambling to welcome newcomers; they could use a drink. Tijuana craft brewery Insurgente is here to offer just that. Ear


Sweden is the first donor to resume Oxfam funding

The Oxfam logo. Photo by: David Bleasdale / CC BY BRUSSELS - The Swedish development agency Sida announced 10.2 million euros ($12.6 million) in humanitarian support for Oxfam this week, becoming the first agency to resume funding for the charity since accounts of sexual misconduct by some of its st


Singer-Dancer Riva Nyri Précil Galvanizes A Haitian Diaspora Through African Folklore

Riva Nyri Precil was born in the United States, but raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Her mother, of Irish-Russian descent, left her involvement in the Black Panther Party in Brooklyn for Haiti when she opened a radio station in support of refugees. Her Haitian father worked as a journalist and lawye


Man's dream to go to Haiti dashed

BRIDGEPORT - A convicted robber who appealed to a judge Wednesday to be allowed to travel to Haiti to prepare for the funeral of his mother - left the court miserable. "What will I say to my family," cried Jean Barjean in his heavy French accent as he left the courtroom. Barjean, 46, was convicted i


How is Oxfam being held accountable over the Haiti scandal?

In February 2018, The Times newspaper revealed that Oxfam employees had been accused of sexual exploitation in Haiti. This event sparkeda series of other reports about misconduct within major charities, which in turn raised serious questions about accountability in the NGO sector. Domenico Carolei l


Flagstaff seamstresses rally round Haiti project

All it took was a Facebook post about a recent Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical Corps trip to Haiti to inspire Wendy Wetzel of Flagstaff to get involved in the lives of young women thousands of miles away. Wetzel saw a post about reusable feminine hygiene kits and how limited access to feminine hy


Maura Healey joins coalition to protect migrants from Haiti, El Salvador

Attorney General Maura Healey has joined a coalition of 19 attorneys general in sending a letter to U.S. congressional leaders calling for the restoration of temporary protective status for natives of El Salvador and Haiti. "The Trump administration's cruel decision to end Temporary Protective Statu


Chattanooga State's Chautauqua Lecture Series 5 Presents: The Haiti You Don’t Know

The Humanities and Fine Arts Division of Chattanooga State Community College will host the fifth lecture of its 4th annual Chautauqua Lecture Series on Thursday, March 22. "Named after the lake in upstate New York where the first of its kind was held in 1874, a Chautauqua brings members of the commu


Mom says VA 'abandoned' veteran amid health crisis

SHERIDAN, Mich. (WOOD) - Sana Gaffney is fed up with the VA, saying she had to take it upon herself to find her son, a U.S. Army veteran, the care he needs. Adam Davis, 28, of Sheridan, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and a rare medical condition. When his mother turned to the U.S. Depar


Schneiderman joins AGs in letter to protect Haitians, El Salvadorans

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman signed a letter Tuesday, March 13, 2018, alongside 18 other attorneys general to help protect TPS recipients from Haiti and El Salvador. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Spencer Platt Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said on Tuesday he joined more than a d


A New Song

"Behold I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?" - Isaiah 43:19 When Robert and I were on our way home with our son, Howie, we started talking about going back. When we found out Howie's special need was nonexistent, we knew we would have the energy, room, and financia


Reporting From War Zones Made Me A Better CEO

It was in March 2004. I was reporting for ABC News on a violent revolution in Haiti. We had an exclusive interview with the country's besieged President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Early on a Sunday morning, my team and I drove through the scruffy streets of the capital, Port-au-Prince, to Aristide's o


Portland doctor brings naturopathic medicine to Haiti

PORTLAND - Dr. Devra Krassner wasn't sure what to expect on a recent trip to Haiti with the group Homeopaths Without Borders. But she said what she found was a country "full of color, activity and music" even as the people there "continue to live in the face of (so) much adversity." Krassner is a na


Haiti and Toussaint Louverture: the response must be a remix

I cannot recall when exactly I learned the revolutionary leader Toussaint Breda had added Louverture to his name, declaring himself the opening. Undeniably, he was an avant-garde of Black freedom, and events in Haiti would turn into a contagion spreading throughout the hemisphere and beyond, eventua


Parish Yang: How come Norwegians don't come here?

This past January the president spoke derisively and crudely about immigration from Haiti and African nations - those 's-hole' countries he called them - and wondered why we couldn't get more immigrants from countries like Norway. This reminded me of a story in The Mencius, a collection of philosoph