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DACA eased my fears, but I will not let a piece of paper define my future

Some people believe that the meaning of your name affects your character. It shapes the kind of person you turn out to be. Personally, I think that's mostly ludicrous, but I will say that names can inspire confidence. My name is Andrea. It has Greek roots and means "warrior" - which is perfectly fit

HELLOGIGGLES - 2017-09-16 17:38:27

Report: DACA Amnesty May Trigger Flood of 4-6M Foreign Nationals, Not 800K

Should President Trump follow through on a deal where nearly 800,000 illegal aliens are allowed to remain in the United States and eventually obtain U.S. citizenship, research shows it would create a flood of four to six million chain migrants coming to the United States. Trump, who adamantly oppose

BREITBART - 2017-09-15 00:53:42

Guatemala Congress withdraws bill that cut anti-graft penalties

GUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) - Guatemala's Congress on Friday repealed a controversial bill it had passed only two days earlier, which critics had blasted as a setback in the fight against political corruption. Prosecutors have accused President Jimmy Morales and the main political parties of illegal c

REUTERS - 2017-09-15 22:45:20

Public Outcry Forces Guatemala Congress to Backtrack on 'Impunity Pact'

Guatemala's congress is backtracking on an attempt to weaken anti-corruption efforts following massive public outcry and a rapid response by the country's highest court, indicating that while international pressure has not seemed to deter corrupt political elites from attempting to shield themselves

INSIGHTCRIME.ORG - 2017-09-15 21:16:26

Anti-president protests during Guatemala independence day

Street protests demanding President Jimmy Morales step down erupted in various places in Guatemala on Friday, as the country celebrated its 1821 independence from Spain. The demonstrations fed into months of opposition directed at Morales and several lawmakers who are under a cloud of corruption sus

MSN.COM - 2017-09-15 19:49:05

Guatemalan bishops condemn congress' attempt at imposing impunity

GUATEMALA CITY (CNS) - The Guatemalan bishops' conference has condemned the country's congress for gutting campaign finance laws at a time when accusations of corruption and electoral irregularities are implicating the president and others in the political class. The bishops expressed "their condemn

CATHOLICPHILLY.COM - 2017-09-15 19:26:39

Guatemala court suspends bill replacing sentences with fines

GUATEMALA CITY (AP) - Guatemala's Constitutional Court on Thursday provisionally blocked legislation approved by congress that reduced punishments for illegal campaign financing and opened the possibility of replacing prison sentences of 10 years with fines. Guatemala's human rights prosecutor Jorda

TOWNHALL - 2017-09-15 05:39:00

Guatemala Congress says it will withdraw contested graft reforms

GUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) - Guatemala's Congress announced on Thursday that it will withdraw controversial reforms that critics had described as a serious setback in the country's fight against political corruption. On Wednesday, Guatemala's Congress approved a "national emergency" decree to curb pe

REUTERS - 2017-09-15 22:40:28

Hispanic Heritage Month And The Federal Republic Of Central America

Today is the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. It's also the Independence Day of various Central American nations: Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa-Rica, and Guatemala. The purpose of this post is to briefly talk about the history of Hispanic Heritage Month and to teach readers about a pe

PATHEOS.COM - 2017-09-15 15:55:57

Guatemala lawmakers approve reduced penalties for campaign finance crimes

[JURIST] The Congress of Guatemala [official website] approved legislation that decreases the penalties for campaign finance crimes on Wednesday by a vote of 105-19. The reform reduces [Reuters report] the maximum sentence for illegally funding an election from 12 to 10 years, as sentence which can

JURIST.ORG - 2017-09-15 15:16:00

Guatemala Congress repeals bill that cut campaign penalties

Sonia Perez D.|APBy Sonia Perez D.|APSeptember 15 at 8:31 PM GUATEMALA CITY - Guatemalan lawmakers on Friday repealed a recently passed bill that reduced the punishment for illegal campaign financing and set off a storm among government opponents who called it a reversal in the fight against impunit

WASHINGTON POST - 2017-09-15 13:31:00

Shreveport man held in Guatemala over bullets in luggage

Members of Congress say a Louisiana man has been detained in Guatemala since March after bullets were found in his luggage during an airport scan. Members of Congress say a Louisiana man has been detained in Guatemala since March after bullets were found in his luggage during an airport scan. Sen.

NOLA.COM - 2017-09-14 00:17:09

USCIS to Naturalize 300 New Citizens at Coast Guard Academy

NEW LONDON, Conn. - In recognition of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Field Office Director Nieves Cardinale will present 300 citizenship candidates to the Honorable Warren Eginton, Senior U.S. District Judge, U.S. District Court for the District of Co

COASTGUARDNEWS.COM - 2017-09-14 23:59:59

Tomb of early classic Maya ruler found in Guatemala

Palace Acropolis at the Maya city of El Peru-Waka in northern Guatemala. Credit: Damien Marken The tomb of a Maya ruler excavated this summer at the Classic Maya city of Waka' in northern Guatemala is the oldest royal tomb yet to be discovered at the site, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Guate

PHYS.ORG - 2017-09-14 11:24:11

Latin America Has a Blueprint of How to Deal with Venezuela

Using the past as a guide, regional powers must control the situation before outside powers try to. Venezuela is a traumatic and consequential crisis. The Americas have not witnesses a perfect storm of similar and simultaneous political, economic and human rights proportions in decades. There have b

NATIONALINTEREST.ORG - 2017-09-14 23:21:47

The Banana Wars: How The U.S. Plundered Central America On Behalf Of Corporations

Heartbreaking Historical Photos From America's Battle For Fair Working Conditions A Guatemalan insurgent surveys the landscape during a revolution backed by the U.S. government. The U.S. only got involved after the United Fruit Company lobbied Congress to protect their interests - and spent half a m

ALL-THAT-IS-INTERESTING.COM - 2017-09-14 23:00:00

Mexico accepts Israeli offer to help develop Central America

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto said on Thursday that his country had accepted Israel's offer to help it and the United States develop Central America, as Israel and Mexico seek to deepen business ties. Speaking at a news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin N

REUTERS - 2017-09-14 22:31:19

Mexican Day Parade 2017 Guide: Parade Route, Traffic Closures And Times

MURRAY HILL, NY - The annual Mexican Day Parade is coming to Manhattan this weekend, one of the city's first major events during National Hispanic Heritage month. Hispanic Heritage month, which starts on Friday, covers the independence anniversaries for countries including Costa Rica, El Salvador,

PATCH - 2017-09-14 21:56:24

5 Ways to Get Settled When Your Start-up Takes You Abroad

I'm pleased to share a guest post from Michelle Acker Perez, who is originally from California but now works for a nonprofit in Guatemala with her husband. Follow her on Twitter @MichelleAcker. Many entrepreneurs and their families may end up of moving or temporarily relocating abroad. With an incre

INC.COM - 2017-09-14 09:00:00

Guatemalans fear bill will replace sentences with fines

Guatemala's human rights prosecutor has asked the country's highest court to block legislation approved by congress that could replace prison sentences of 10 years with fines. Prosecutor Jordan Rodas said Thursday the legislation represented a danger to the public. President Jimmy Morales said he

ABC NEWS - 2017-09-14 20:52:00