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Museveni in Ethiopia for Heads of State summit on DRC election

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian Capital for a High-Level consultation meeting of Heads of State and Government on the current situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to discuss the post Presidential elections’ disagreements in the


36M children lack access to basic services in Ethiopia

Housing and sanitation most acute needs of children, says report. An estimated 36 million of a total population of 41 million children in Ethiopia are multi-dimensionally poor, which means they are deprived of basic goods and services, says a new report released on Thursday by the Central Statistica


Ethiopia revises refugee law to allow more inclusion

Ethiopian lawmakers on Thursday voted overwhelmingly to promulgate a law that allows for better inclusion of refugees in the country – the Refugee Proclamation. The House of Peoples Representatives passed the law after it had been passed by the Council of Ministers having incorporated detailed comme


How investment in irrigation is paying off for Ethiopia’s economy

After rapid economic growth averaging 10% every year between 2004 and 2014, Ethiopia has emerged as an engine of development in Africa. And there are no signs that ambitions for further growth are fading. This is clear from the government’s blueprint to achieve middle-income status – or gross nation


Ethiopia rebuts allegations of splashing airstrikes against Oromia front

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADV) – The Ethiopian government has rebutted reports that its airforce conducted air strikes against Oromia Liberation Army (OLA) last weekend. The regional communication bureau in Ethiopia’s Oromia regional published the rebuttal on state-affiliated Federal Broadcasting Corpo


Malaria mosquito vector, Anopheles stephensi, seen in Ethiopia for 1st time

A type of mosquito that transmits malaria has been detected in Ethiopia for the first time, and the discovery has implications for putting more people at risk for malaria in new regions, according to a study led by a Baylor University researcher.


Ethiopia arrests 835 rampaging ex-rebels over insecurity in Oromia

Eight hundred and thirty-five armed members of the Oromo Liberation Front, OLF, have been arrested by a Command Post in Ethiopia, the state-affiliated FBC reports. Weapons and other logistics were seized in the raid that resulted in the arrest of the OLF members who are believed to be behind a spike


Nearly 36 million children are poor in Ethiopia

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – According to the Central Statistical Agency and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) estimation released report earlier on today a number of about 36 million children are poor in Ethiopia.


Ethiopia’s Command Post arrest more than 500 OLF rebels

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – Fana Broadcasting Corporates (FBC) has reported that Ethiopia’s Command Post recently arrested 850 armed members of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).


Injera: Ethiopia's Super Bread

Teff, Ethiopia's traditional grain, has been enjoying its well-deserved spotlight as a recently discovered superfood. Teff is extremely healthy and nutritious, and certainly worth getting acquainted with. You can find teff in health food and ethnic stores. There is a darker variety and a lighter one


Ethiopia deploys military against opposition faction

Addis Ababa (AFP) - Ethiopia has deployed soldiers against an armed faction of a recently-legalised opposition group that is robbing banks and attacking residents in the country's remote west, the government said Wednesday.


Ethiopia fuel squeeze and Djibouti's continued economic importance

For a populous nation as Ethiopia – on record as Africa’s second biggest only behind Nigeria, imports are as important to its economic growth as are the goods it also exports – chief amongst them, coffee.


Ethiopia security forces detain 835 OLF rebels

The Command Post established to prevent conflict at Benishangul Gumuz and western Oromia regional states of Ethioopia, has detained 835 armed members of OLF who were involved in disrupting peace in the areas, according to government affiliated news agency Fana.


U.N. members owe $2 billion in debt to peacekeeping, U.S. owes a third

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - U.N. member states owe nearly $2 billion in peacekeeping funds, United Nations chief Antonio Guterres has warned, with the United States responsible for more than a third of that.


The Case of the Sidama People’s Referendum for Regional Statehood in Ethiopia: The Need for Speedy Proceeding!

The Sidama People are one of the indigenous Cushitic or Kushitic language speaking Ethiopians. After EPRDF (Ethiopia People Revolutionary Democratic Front) assumed power in 1991 immediately after the transition period (between 1991-1995) the Sidama nation was granted regional self-administration for


Ethiopia: Hyatt Regency Opens Hyatt Hotel Addis Ababa

American multinational hospitality company, Hyatt Hotels Corporation has unveiled its first Hyatt branded hotel in Ethiopia as it continues to gain ground in the continent. The hotel is its seventh in Africa, citing a good record of doing business.


African Interest-Free Banking and Finance Forum to be held in Addis Ababa- Ethiopia

Africa is new destination for interest-free finance. African Interest-Free Banking and Finance Forum (AIBFF) will convene in Addis Ababa – Ethiopia on 6th February, 2019 to explore and discuss innovative financial inclusion strategies that can create clear pathways to financial and economic Solution


WorldRemit set to boost Ethiopia’s remittance income

Digital remittance transfer company, WorldRemit is set to boost Ethiopia’s income from remittance by partnering with Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). The new strategic partnership significantly increases WorldRemit’s footprint in Ethiopia, enabling its customers in over 50 countries to make mobile


Spotlight: Ethiopia’s DJ Rophnan Nuri at Coke Studio Africa 2019

New York (TADIAS) — In Ethiopia young people are in love with Rophnan Nuri — the Addis Ababa-born and raised DJ, song writer, composer and producer who has introduced his own version of a popular world music genre employing digital instruments to mix traditional beats from all corners of the country


Ethiopia army airstrikes on OLF is 'fake news' - Oromia govt

The regional communication bureau in Ethiopia’s Oromia regional state has rubbished reports of military airstrikes in western Oromia, state-affiliated FBC reported on Tuesday.