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Asylum Seekers Deserve Decency and Dignity, Not Deportation

Men seeking asylum in Israel enter Holot Detention Facility in the Negev desert on January 26, 2017. Eliyahu Hershkovitz Almost four years after the establishment of the Holot detention facility, the cabinet is expected Sunday to approve a proposal to close the site in four months' time. The decisi

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Netanyahu: Time to increase deportation of African migrants

It is time to increase the pace of deporting African migrants, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet on Sunday. Netanyahu said that his policy regarding getting migrants to leave the country has three prongs, with the current focus on encouraging most of them to self-deport to a third

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Grateful for the chance to give

At a time when we're about to gather with our families to give thanks, I invite you to peer into my medical clinic waiting room in East Durham: The room is often filled with little Syrians, Somalis, Afghanis, Iraqis and Burmese boys and girls, who pack in next to families from Rwanda, Eritrea, Cuba


Saving Somalia Through Debt Relief

Somalia needs humanitarian aid to stem its short-term suffering, but that cash will not break the country's deadly cycles of drought, hunger, and poverty. To do that, the IMF must forgive Somalia's crushing debt, just as it has for nearly every other heavily indebted poor country. LONDON - Julius Ny


Marrosso Cafe Will Serve Flavors From Ethiopia, Sudan, and Eritrea

There's going to be a new option in Dallas for East African cuisine. Dallas Culturemap reports that the soon-to-open Marrosso Cafe will serve up food from Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, and Eritrea. The restaurant is going to be open at 7989 Belt Line Rd. in Spring Creek Village, and it's slated to open in


'The Shannara Chronicles' 207 & 208 Review: Warlock & Amberle

The Shannara Chronicles "Warlock" and "Amberle" was a lesson in how love and letting go of the past can strengthen you for what's to come. In the face of insurmountable evil, each and every single one of our heroes is going to be able to conquer their demons because of the strength, power, and forti


UNHCR Flash Update Libya (9 - 16 November 2017)

301,988 returned IDPs (returns registered in 2017) 43,608 registered refugees and asylum seekers in Libya 114,309 persons arrived in Italy by sea so far in 2017 USD 77.2M Funding requested in 2017 Highlights UNHCR appreciates the cooperation with authorities in Libya and Niger, who facilitated the d


Persecuted Christians at risk of being forgotten, bishop says

BALTIMORE (CNS) -- Persecuted Christian minorities in Asia, Africa and the Middle East are at risk of being forgotten, according to the chairman of the U.S bishops' Committee on International Justice and Peace. "It is important that the church tell their stories," said Bishop Oscar Cantu of Las Cruc


Mapped: The 23 newest UNESCO World Heritage sites

In July, UNESCO added 23 new World Heritage sites to its register, bringing the official tally to 1,073. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization decided to recognize the Modernist buildings of Eritrea's Asmara, the Sacred Island of Okinoshima in Japan, Germany's Caves an


I Calculated Ethnic Groups' Rates Of U.S. Terrorism. Here Are The Results

One detail about the recent terrorist attack in New York City has many readers scratching their heads: the perpetrator, named Sayfullo Saipov, was... Uzbek? From Uzbekistan? Is that even a country? After a bit of confused googling, a reader may find that, yes, Uzbekistan is a real, landlocked countr


Iran: U.S. and Canada, 'Self-Proclaimed Champions of Human Rights,' Have Killed 'Millions'

(CNSNews.com) - An Iranian representative at the United Nations on Tuesday accused Canada, the U.S. and other "self-proclaimed champions of human rights" of hypocrisy and said their policies have killed "millions of people." The diplomat was responding to a General Assembly resolution condemning the


Libyan Markets Sell Slaves for $800 Apiece

Slavery is alive and well in certain corners of the world, from North Korea's big-money "labor export" racket and brutal work camps to Libya, where CNN discovered slave auctions hawking migrant workers for $800 apiece: "Eight hundred," says the auctioneer. "900 ... 1,000 ... 1,100 ..." Sold. For 1,2


Dallas restaurant with African fare fuels foodies and vegans alike

A fresh new restaurant featuring food from the East African countries of Ethiopia, Sudan, and Eritrea is coming to Dallas. Marrosso Cafe will open at 7989 Belt Line Rd. at the intersection of Coit Road, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a rare commodity for an Ethiopian restaurant in Dallas: a ful


This Might Be the Bay Area's Most Interesting Coffee Shop

New hires practice at the 1951 Coffee Company barista training program. (Angelica Ekeke) In a college town like Berkeley, if you've seen one coffee shop, you've seen them all. One, however, on Channing Way, just a few blocks from campus, pours a unique twist: It's operated entirely by refugees. Th


Seattle Peace Chorus presenting concert dedicated to free speech

Seattle Peace Chorus director Frederick West (Courtesy of Frederick West) Seattle Peace Chorus is presenting "Freedom of the Press/Freedom of Song," dedicated to the importance of free speech and expression, and a mix of related themes, narration, instrumentals and singing. The numbers are unnerving


With Mugabe's Era Ending in Zimbabwe, a Warning Echoes in Africa

JOHANNESBURG - When Zimbabwe's generals moved against President Robert Mugabe on Wednesday, their action foreshadowed the potential end of more than just one political career. It echoed across a continent where the notion of the "big man" leader is defined equally by the lure of power in perpetuity


Denver city attorney's office made $2.4 million in car seizures in 2016

DENVER -- The Problem Solvers have uncovered a city law that's making Denver millions of dollars before defendants have even been convicted of a crime. The Denver statute is called a Public Nuisance Abatement Ordinance and it allows police to confiscate property, usually cars, for a crime you may la


Rural Colorado's white population is declining, and minorities are transforming the region's culture and economy

HOLYOKE - Within the walls of a small classroom papered with posters of the alphabet, rudimentary English words and a sombrero, students Elizabeth Enriquez and Esther Figueroa wrestle with intricacies of the language at the same desk, but at different ends of the immigrant timeline. Figueroa, 54, ha


How the Kremlin span the On Again Off Again Trump-Putin Meeting

This article first appeared on the Wilson Center site. Russian and American media covering last week's Asia-Pacific summit in Vietnam treated their respective audiences to two very different plots with barely overlapping storylines. Whereas the U.S. media focused on what President Donald Trump said


The U.S. and Others May Have Been Wrongly Sanctioning Eritrea for Years Over Alleged Al-Shabab Support

For the past eight years, Eritrea-a tiny country in East Africa-has been under a comprehensive arms embargo and tough sanctions on political leaders. The sanctions were imposed in 2009 by the U.N. Security Council after it found that Eritrea had "provided support to armed groups undermining peace an