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Franciscan Br. Octavio Duran fortunate to be key photo historian for Blessed Romero

Archbishop scar Romero poses for a photo with women and children in this undated photo from El Salvador. (CNS/Octavio Duran) Franciscan Br. Octavio Duran wishes he had been able to tell Archbishop scar Romero "thank you" before the revered Salvadoran churchman was gunned down and killed on March 2

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The passion of scar Romero

The sheer gutsiness of it outraged some and thrilled others. Archbishop scar Romero, the highest-ranking churchman in El Salvador, denounced from his cathedral pulpit the government-sanctioned death squads that brutally tortured and murdered anyone who opposed the nation's ruling military junta. At

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Blessed Oscar Romero

+ Born in El Salvador in 1917, Oscar Romero was a carpenter's apprentice during his youth before entering seminary and worked in a gold mine to help support his family. He was ordained a priest in Rome in 1942. + Romero spent several years serving as a parish priest and working with various apostol

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DACA students are not yet living the dream

Hours after threatening to veto a $1.3 trillion spending bill, President Donald Trump signed it into law Friday. But he wasn't happy with what was left out of the bill, and neither were hundreds of thousands of people protected - for now, anyway - under DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arriva

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Opinion: Track and deport will keep Georgians safe

Tackling illegal immigration and protecting Georgia families from criminal aliens is a fundamental component of my campaign for governor. When I announced my candidacy in March of 2017, I told a standing-room-only crowd at the Cobb County Republican Party headquarters that it was time to draw a clea

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Venezuela has inflation fix: dropping zeros from currency

CARACAS, Venezuela - Economic pledges may be par for the course in election campaigns, but in hyperinflationary Venezuela, the candidates' dueling promises are going further, with the incumbent vowing to lop a few zeros off the currency, while his main challenger calls for the adoption of the U.S. d

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JOSE GASPAR: Archbishop Oscar Romero's canonization brings new hope amid a climate of fear

March 24 marks 38 years since the death of Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador. "He was my friend and I loved him dearly," said 90-year-old Arturo Revelo. The now-Tehachapi resident befriended Romero before he was named archbishop and the two were lifelong friends for 40 years. "The people loved

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Pulliam: Former Indiana GOP leader may become ambassador

Former state Republican chairman Jeff Cardwell makes at least one mission trip to El Salvador each year.. His next trip to the Central American country may be as the U.S. ambassador. The Trump administration has slowly filled ambassador openings around the world, and Caldwell's name has been popping

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Listen to these 25 endangered languages before they disappear

You're more than likely aware that there are plenty of endangered animals and species out there on this planet - in fact, the world just got the sad news that the last male Northern white rhino, Sudan, died this week. But you probably don't think about the fact that certain languages are endangered

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In remote outpost in Central America, local volunteers helping to change lives

In a remote mountainous region in the tiny Central American nation of El Salvador is the village of Talnique, a little more than an hour's drive from the capital city of San Salvador. Sara Pelky describes it as "being in the middle of nowhere," adding that the ride from the capital is not on regular

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O2 introduces free roaming in the US, Australia with new Refresh tariffs

UK mobile network O2 has announced that select customers will soon enjoy the benefits of free roaming in an additional 27 international destinations. The new additions - including the USA, Mexico, and Australia - take the total number of free roaming locations up to 75. The move represents O2's firs

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Hope and Fear: How the Fortunes of Five L.A. Immigrants Have Changed Since Trump Took Office

From Dreamers to asylum-seekers to Green Card holders, the president's policies have provoked anxiety and heartache for immigrants at every step For a few hours almost every month, the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center is transformed into a courtroom. A giant American flag hangs above t

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Archbishop Oscar Romero was gunned down inside his own church 30 years ago. Soon he'll become El Salvador's first saint

(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.) Michael E. Lee, Fordham University (THE CONVERSATION) On March 24, 1980, the archbishop of San Salvador was shot inside his own church in a deliberate, cold-blooded murder that shocked

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The Future of Housing Is Here and It Will Be 3D Printed-on Earth and Mars

A home built by ICON. ICON Every year, one under-the-radar company debuts at South by Southwest-the annual tech and music festival in Austin, Texas-that skyrockets to fame. In 2018, while everyone was betting on talks by Elon Musk and panels pitting Facebook leaders alongside media experts, an eight

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Immigration fix for Salvadorans helps Texas [Opinion]

What happens in Central America doesn't stay in Central America. That's one reason why last June, senior U.S. officials convened a conference to address the dire situation in the region. Sitting in the audience, my mind was at ease as I listened to President Trump's top brass lay out a thoughtful, c

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#MeToo can help push justice reforms beyond International Women's Day, Women's History Month

The day before International Women's Day, an Iranian woman was sentenced to two years in prison for appearing in public without a headscarf. Such discriminatory penalties against women are hardly limited to Iran. In El Salvador, where abortion is illegal, women are jailed for the crime of having a m

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The Link Between America's Lax Gun Laws and the Violence That Fuels Immigration

The ready availability of guns in America is often discussed as a domestic-policy matter. But it is also an international issue.Photograph by Didier Ruef / Visum / Redux In the summer of 2009, a sixty-three-year-old professional bass fisherman from Florida named Hugh Crumpler III was arrested for in

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Downtown's Taqueria Local Is Now Serving All-Day Tacos and Booze

Downtown's new Mexican cafe Taqueria Local has arrived with an assortment of tacos, towering nachos, grilled Mexican street corn, and margaritas, with hours that cater to both the surrounding 9-to-5 crowd and late-night diners. The new 60-seat fast-casual eatery, located inside the shuttered Eatsa

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I learned something totally unexpected about my mom when I asked about her pre-kids career

For Women's History Month, we asked our writers to sit down with their unsung heroes - their moms - and explore a topic the two don't normally discuss. Our writers dug deep into subjects like careers, finances, and gender roles, and were shocked by what they learned. We hope you'll be inspired to ha


Japan Moves to End Child Marriage

A bride in traditional Japanese wedding attire poses for photos with her groom at the Itsukushima Shrine in Hatsukaichi, southwestern Japan April 16, 2008. 2008 Reuters In the global push to end child marriage, Japan looks set to join the movement. A proposed revision of Japan's Civil Code would set