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The Harsh Reality: Why This High Profile Chef Helped Her Employee Smuggle a Relative From El Salvador to L.A. ~ L.A. TACO

Acouple of years ago, Teresa Montaño, chef and owner of the newly openedOtoño, noticed that her most reliable employee was falling asleep on the job.

LATACO.COM - 2018-10-23 02:00:03

US ambassador to El Salvador contradicts Trump on aid

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — As United States President Donald Trump on Monday repeated threats to suspend aid to Central American countries, the U.S. ambassador to El Salvador reaffirmed American support for the region to help create more stable societies.

DEVEX.COM - 2018-10-23 09:57:43

'They Immediately See Gangs': From El Salvador To Boston, Helping Young People Shake Stigma And Feel Safe

closemoreVolunteers for Glasswing International lead members of the Glee club in a dance routine at a school in Las Palmas, San Salvador, El Salvador. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

WBUR - 2018-10-23 00:00:00

Stories From El Salvador: Isabel

I was only one year old when my mother took me to El Salvador in 1991. The war was still happening. She missed it so much she didn’t care. All she wanted was to be home again. I continued to return to El Salvador almost every year during my childhood, for months at a time. My mother would excitedly

LATINO REBELS - 2018-10-22 19:39:25

The Latest: El Salvador hopes migrant tensions will ease

U.S. President Donald Trump said Monday via Twitter that El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala had failed to stop people from leaving their countries. He added: “We will now begin cutting off, or substantially reducing, the massive foreign aid routinely given to them.”

AP - 2018-10-22 19:04:54

Trinity Lutheran seeking volunteers for mission trip to El Salvador

Trinity Lutheran Church in Long Lake is planning a one week mission trip to El Salvador in January 2019 in partnership with Thrivent Builds Worldwide, and Habitat for Humanity International. The dates are January 5-13, 2019.El Salvador is the smallest and most populated country in Central America, w

HOMETOWNSOURCE.COM - 2018-10-22 13:00:00

The Memo: Trump fuels GOP’s midterm momentum

At rallies, Trump has blasted the Democratic Party as a “mob” and “the party of crime”; has suggested, without evidence, that members of a migrant caravan coming toward the United States from Honduras are being paid; and has called for more money for his proposed southern border wall.

THE HILL - 2018-10-23 10:00:35

Caravan of immigrants from El Salvador to make its way to the US border on Oct 31st

Posted: Monday, October 22, 2018. 2:50p.m. CST.By BBN Staff:Salvadorans announced today that they are organizing a migrant caravan that will leave El Salvador on October 31, 2018, en route to the United States of America.Salvadorans are following in the path of Honduran migrants that began their jou

BREAKINGBELIZENEWS.COM - 2018-10-22 00:00:00

Banco G&T Continental El Salvador S.A.’s $25 Million Notes Offering

Banco G&T Continental El Salvador S.A. executed ist offering of $25 Million Notes. G&T Continental, S.A., Casa de Corredores de Bolsa acted as arranger on the offering.

GLOBALLEGALCHRONICLE.COM - 2018-10-22 00:00:00

Migrant caravan keeps marching north, Trump keeps warning them to stop

With an estimated 5,000 Central American migrants now making their way north through Mexico, President Donald Trump lobbed another series of threats Monday morning against the region's governments for not being able to stop the growing caravan. Trump wrote that he would follow through on threats to

USA TODAY - 2018-10-22 13:43:32

Suspected Illegal Immigrant, Driving Drunk, Crashes on South Carolina Interstate, Injures Four Kids

A 25-year-old woman whom authorities suspect is an illegal immigrant crashed her car on a South Carolina interstate last Friday, injuring the four children riding with her, according toThe Herald.

LIFEZETTE.COM - 2018-10-22 19:08:59

Opinion | How to Really Help Children Abroad

People in wealthy countries havea lot of good will, time and money to help vulnerable children in poor countries. Too often, though, these resources are squandered — or even end up doing harm. Last week I reported on how volunteers from wealthy countriesperpetuate a harmful system of orphanagesin po

NEW YORK TIMES - 2018-10-23 00:00:00

Analysis | Here’s what social science tells us about that migrant “caravan” — and the Trump administration’s response

Central American migrants, who are part of a caravan trying to reach the United States, walk on a street as they continue their journey in Tapachula, Mexico, on Monday. (Reuters)

WASHINGTON POST - 2018-10-23 07:00:00

Why Mexico isn't stopping the migrant caravan

TAPACHULA, Mexico - As thousands of Central American migrants continue their long walk to the U.S. border, prompting daily condemnations from President Trump, the Mexican government has had to decide: Are Trump's threats enough to trigger an intervention? For now, Mexican police have merely stepped

WASHINGTON POST - 2018-10-22 22:25:40

Caravan migrants flood southern Mexico, tugging suitcases and hopes of reaching U.S.-Mexico border

TAPACHULA, Mexico — Under a hot sun with temperatures hovering around 90 degrees, thousands of migrants on Monday set out in a long column snaking through this city as local residents stood on the sidewalk and filmed with their smartphones the controversial caravan that hasangered President Donald T

USA TODAY - 2018-10-22 23:20:00

AP apologizes for tweet calling migrant caravan 'a ragtag army of the poor'

The Associated Press apologized on Monday for its “poorly chosen” words in a tweet that described a migrant caravan traveling through Mexico toward the U.S. border as being “like a ragtag army of the poor.”“We’ve removed an @AP tweet from Oct. 21 that said a migrant caravan in Mexico was ‘like a rag

THE HILL - 2018-10-22 17:02:55

Kennedy: The reasons why the caravans keep coming

We know that another large caravan of mostly undocumented Latin Americans is making its way from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala through Mexico, but why are they on the march?

FOXBUSINESS - 2018-10-23 04:53:43

Vox Sentences: The caravan reaches Mexico

Vox Sentences is your daily digest for what’s happening in the world. Sign up for theVox Sentences newsletter, delivered straight to your inbox Monday through Friday, or view theVox Sentences archivefor past editions.The Honduran migrant caravan, now counting nearly 7,500 members, travels north; vio

VOX - 2018-10-23 00:00:02

7,500 Caravan Migrants Continue March to U.S.: 'Our Strength Is Greater Than Trump's Threats’

Amid ongoing threats fromPresident Donald Trump, thousands of migrants from Honduras are continuing their march through Mexico and toward the U.S. border, in search of a safer and more prosperous life.Despite attempts by the Mexican authorities to stop the migrants from crossing a bridge between Gua

PEOPLE - 2018-10-22 11:55:00

How Trump could stop future migrant caravans

Another immigrant caravan from Central America is heading to the US, again drawing presidential ire. Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday that he will shut down the US-Mexico border if he has to, in order to stop the immigrants.

QUARTZ - 2018-10-22 13:15:09