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Ecuador orders removal of extra security at London embassy

QUITO, Ecuador - Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno has ordered the immediate withdrawal of extra security assigned to the country's embassy in London where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has resided since 2012. A brief statement from Ecuador's National Communications Secretariat said from now on t


Ecuador Removes Extra Security At Embassy Where Julian Assange Lives

Ecuador granted Assange asylum in 2012. He was avoiding extradition to Sweden over sexual assault allegations, which he denies. That investigation has been dropped, but the U.K. is still seeking to arrest Assange over a breach of bail conditions.


Ecuador Orders Extra Security for Julian Assange to be Removed from Embassy in London

FILE PHOTO: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange speaks on the balcony of the Embassy of Ecuador in London, Britain, May 19, 2017. REUTERS/Neil Hall/File Photo


estudio felipe escudero designs factory workers' dining space in ecuador

estudio felipe escudero links a local cheese factory and its natural surroundings with the design of a workers’diningspace outside of quito, ecuador. with an all-glass façade, ‘lounge in the air’ offers factory employees a leisure area that looks out to the gardens and beyond, towards the ravine.


Ecuador to withdraw 'additional security' at London embassy

The move, ordered by President Lenin Moreno, came after The Guardian newspaper and Focus Ecuador revealed the previous administration of Rafael Correa funded the operation that involved monitoring Assange's visitors, embassy personnel and the British police.


Ecuador pulls extra security from London embassy after spending millions shielding Julian Assange

In this Friday May 19, 2017, file photo, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange greets supporters outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein, File)more >


Meet the Indigenous Women Fighting for Ecuador’s Rainforest

For these women, environmentalism and women's rights are closely linked: Past drilling projects have resulted in increased assaults, cancer, and infertility.


Ecuador may be close to kicking Assange out of their embassy

Is the figurative noose tightening around Julian Assange? We recently learned that Ecuador wasnone too happywith the vast sums of money they’ve had to spend on their perpetual guest living in their London embassy. Prior to that, they may have signaled that he was chewing up too much of their bandwid


Odors from Ecuador’s Embassy in London draw some concern

That is, observers have noticed a certain odor that appears to be coming from this noble edifice, although from exactlywhereis not clear.


Ecuador’s Ex-President Rafael Correa Denounces Treatment of Julian Assange as “Torture”

Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, in an exclusive interview with the Intercept on Wednesday morning, denounced his country’s current government’s for blocking Julian Assange from receiving visitors in its Embassy in London as a form of “torture” and a violation of Ecuador’s duties to protec


Morning mail: Ecuador's costly Assange spy operation

Ecuador bankrolled a multimillion-dollar spy operation to protect and supportJulian Assangein its central London embassy, employing an international security company and undercover agents to monitor his visitors, embassy staff and even the British police,according to documents seen by the Guardian.


Assange Hacked Ecuador Embassy Comms System, Set Up Own Internet

PA Wire/PA Images As Ecuador funded a multi-million dollar effort to protect Wikileaks founder Julian Assange during his stay in the country's London embassy, Assange returned the favor by hacking into the embassy's communications system, the Guardian reported Tuesday. According to a new Guardian re


Advocating for services and legislation to protect survivors of violence in Ecuador

"We have to eradicate all forms of gender-based violence. So that our girls do not have to go through what we have gone through," said Carmen Jeréz a councilor in the city of Pelileo in Tungurahua Province, Ecuador. Carmen supports women to report violence and seek services in her community in Tungu


Ecuador: El Airo‘s people want to stay in El Airo

Talking about theroya(coffee rust) epidemic in El Airo, a rural community in southern Loja province in Ecuador, brings back bad memories to the minds of local coffee growers. In 2010 and 2011, this fungus devastated coffee plants all over the province, plunging farming families into poverty and for


Ecuador replaces finance minister amid economic woes - Breitbart

The president, who on May 24 will have completed his first of four years in office, named business leader Richard Martinez as economy and finance minister, the ministry of communications said.


Home away from home: Ecuador

When I first saw the dirt house, I was horrified. And the no shower situation? I had a terrible cold for a week after taking a bucket bath in freezing, mountain weather. Not to mention my hair didn’t dry afterward for a full 24 hours.


Copa Libertadores changes see Brazilian, Argentine clubs more dominant than ever

In fact, there is little left to fight about. The penultimate week has sorted out much of the pending business. Of the 16 places available, 11 have already been filled -- 12 barring a mathematical miracle. The final week merely completes the cast.


Ecuadorian Court Acquits Amazonian Leader

Yesterday, a court in Ecuador found Agustín Wachapá, a Shuar indigenous leader who opposes mining in the Ecuadorian Amazon, not guilty of inciting violence. The verdict ends a 17-month ordeal that Wachapá should never have endured.


Eight FARC dissidents killed in Colombia border clash

Cadete, who was not reported to be among the casualties, is suspected of involvement in trafficking cocaine and coltan to Venezuela and Brazil.


WikiLeaks and whistleblowers condemn new allegations against Julian Assange

The only and obvious motive behind the unsubstantiated, “anonymous” allegations is to provide the Ecuadorian government with a pretext to renege on Assange’s asylum and force him out of the embassy. Upon doing so, he would be arrested by waiting British police for breaching bail conditions. Once in