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CUBA: We hear you and see you

In the past it was very difficult to get news directly from Cuba. During the anti- Vietnam-War years Radio Havana Cuba, on shortwave radio, told war news untold by U.S. corporate media. Print issues of Granma, the newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee, were rarely seen and were al

WORKERS WORLD - 2018-06-17 14:23:34

Trump is willing to negotiate with North Korea - but not Cuba - Hot Air

Even though Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un — “Adversaries can become friends,” the president declared — the White House does not believe there is an opportunity for negotiations with Miguel Díaz-Canel, 58, named as president of Cuba in April.

HOT AIR - 2018-06-16 20:55:00

Researchers: Can Ultrasound Cause Illnesses Like Cuba, China Incidents?

Researchers are studying whether ultrasound can make people sick after American diplomats in Cuba and China reported hearing odd sounds in their apartments before falling ill with symptoms like nausea, headaches and hearing loss, theWall Street Journal reports.

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Cuba to expand internet implementation and access

HAVANA -Cuba plans to develop computerization of Cuban society and access to the internet, said Maimir Mesa, minister of communications.

CURACAOCHRONICLE.COM - 2018-06-15 22:26:15

Why we still don’t know what’s going on with ‘sonic attacks’ in Cuba and China

The mysterious symptoms afflicting American diplomats in Cuba may have spread to diplomats in China, but we still don’t know what’s making them sick. The US government says it’s investigating how the incidents are related, andit insists that some sort of attack is to blame in Cuba. Since so much of


U.S. Officials Press Cuba on ‘Urgent Need’ to ID Source of Attacks on Diplomats

“The United States reiterated the urgent need to identify the source of the attacks on U.S. diplomats and to ensure they cease,” the State Department said in a release. “We also reiterated that until it is sufficiently safe to fully staff our embassy, we will not be able to provide regular visa serv


Connecting With Locals in Cuba: What Visiting is Really Like | Intrepid Travel Blog

Let’s be honest: the first few days were a struggle. I was tempted to pay for all of the internet cards so that I could update my social media or text my friends back home. I embarrassingly felt like an internet addict who needed her fix. I was committed, though. If there was any country that I want


Brazilica Festival Launch Brings Samba Beats To Revolucion De Cuba

Liverpool's International Samba Carnival returns to the city next month for the 11th consecutive year, with the main carnival day taking place on Saturday 14 July,


Podcast — RNR #212: Talking with John Erardi about “Tony Perez: From Cuba to Cooperstown” | Redleg Nation

On this week’s episode, I had a great conversation with author John Erardi about his latest book, “Tony Perez: From Cuba to Cooperstown.” It’s a fantastic read, and our conversation was a lot of fun as we dug into Perez’ life and career and much more.


Kayaking Cuba’s pristine Caribbean bays an all new adventure | The Star

As I sit in a damp sea kayak floating in the chop of massive Cienfuegos Bay along Cuba’s southern coastline, I know this is it. I’m in full anticipation of one of those moments travellers yearn for — the #wanderlust tableaus we share on social media to wow our friends, family and other followers.I r


Cuba hopes to avoid importing sugar; will reduce future exports

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba, short on sugar for domestic consumption after a disastrous harvest, hopes to avoid importing by drawing on its reserves and plans to begin the coming harvest early, industry officials told Reuters.


Discover Corps Launches New Cuba Trip for Families

San Diego-based tour company,Discover Corps, has launched a new six-day itinerary toCuba. Called theCuba: Family Island Exploration, the trip allows travelers to enter Cuba on a "Support for the Cuban People" visa.Travel to Cuba experienced a massive surge when formerPresident Obamaloosened restrict


US renews call for Cuba to probe cause of health ‘attacks’

FILE - In this Aug. 14, 2015, file photo, a U.S. flag flies at the U.S. embassy in Havana, Cuba. The United States is renewing calls for the Cuban government to determine the source of “attacks” on U.S. diplomats in ...more >


A Cuban American in Cuba – Stephanie Weber – Medium

The weekend I left was the same weekend that Americans fled to major airports to protest Trump’s refugee ban. There I was, heading on a plane, at a time when refugees were being both insulted and defended, I was returning to the very place my refugee family left.


How Can You Invest in Cuba?

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FLASHBACK: Media Cheered Obama’s ‘Tear Down This Wall’ Moment with Cuba

Donald Trump’s summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has been met with skepticism from liberal journalists with the likes of CBS correspondentBianna Golodrygarailing: “The self-proclaimed dealmaker in chief has so far proven to be more of a deal breaker, tearing up international deals.” CNN


Did he try to smuggle $33,000 in electronics to Cuba? The question is in federal court

The trial of a Texas man charged with trying to smuggle tens of thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment into Cuba from the Florida Keys began this week in Miami federal court.Bryan Singer, 46, who federal prosecutors say also goes by the name Bryan Blackheart, faces a maximum sentence of 10


Cuba releases details of incident involving US official

The U.S. Embassy in Havana,Cuba.The Cuban response comes after the USA withdrew two more people from the U.S. embassy in Havana, Cuba, due to health concerns,according to a senior State Department official.


Rick Scott, vocal Cuba deal critic, mostly mum on North Korea deal

Gov. Rick Scott has repeatedly blasted President Obama’s move to thaw relations with Cuba, criticizing him for not securing moves toward democracy, the lack of punishment for human rights abuses and the continuing persecution of political prisoners by the Castro regime. Scott has written op-eds and


Cuba’s Echevarria produces monster leap in Stockholm

ReutersCuba’s Juan Miguel Echevarria produced the furthest long jump in 23 years — 8.83 meters — in winning the Diamond League meeting in Stockholm on Sunday, but a tailwind denied him a place in the record books.The 19-year-old raced to the stands to celebrate with supporters after producing the fi