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Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Secures China’s Bona Film as Investor

China’s Bona Film Group has boarded Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” as a co-investor, the company confirmed to Variety Monday. The company did disclose the value of its investment, or the scale of its stake.


China’s latest monkey cloning tests are considered 'monstrous'

China’s latest monkey cloning experiment has sparked outrage and been labeled “monstrous” by animals welfare advocates. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Neuroscience have cloned five monkey babies from a single donor with genes edited to cause diseases.


China's Moon Plants Are Dead

The moon is a lifeless world once again. The cotton plants that sprouted on the moon's far side aboard China's Chang'e 4 lander are dead, done in by the bitter cold of the lengthy lunar night, GBTimes reported today (Jan. 16).


Box Office: ‘Glass’ Maintains No. 1 Overseas, ‘Deadpool 2’ Launches in China With $21 Million

“Glass” dominated the foreign box office for the second weekend in a row as M. Night Shyamalan’s twisted thriller generated another $23.6 million from 55 overseas territories.


Asian stocks poised to slip amid uncertainty over US-China trade talks

Stocks in Australia slipped in morning trade. On Wall Street, stocks dropped to their lows of the day following a Financial Times story which said the U.S. had canceled a trade meeting with Chinese officials. The report was later confirmed by a source familiar with the situation to CNBC's Kayla Taus


Stocks slide as slow growth in China weighs on earnings

NEW YORK (AP) -- Stocks slumped in morning trading on Wall Street after two major U.S. companies warned that slower economic growth in China was hurting their results. Caterpillar, a bellwether for industrial companies, has also been warning investors that higher costs related to tariffs would hurt


A massive Chinese phone company that outsmarted Apple in China and India is now heading to the West

Oppo is largely unknown in the West, but it has teased an official UK launch on Tuesday. It's part of a family of other massive smartphone brands such as Vivo and OnePlus. Oppo will find it tough to break in to the UK market, but it does have a reputation for adding cool new features to its smartpho


Marko Arnautovic: West Ham striker to stay despite China offer

West Ham striker Marko Arnautovic says he will stay at the club despite an offer from China. Arnautovic, 29, was the subject of a £35m bid from a Chinese club, thought to be Shanghai SIPG, with wages of around £200,000 a week on offer.


Global stock markets falter after China data, Brexit Plan B awaited

LONDON (Reuters) - European shares fell on Monday from recent six-week highs as a global equity rally stalled after data confirmed a slowdown in China’s economy and investors awaited for Britain’s next steps to break the deadlock over Brexit.


Apple, Nvidia and Caterpillar may be pointing to widespread 'pain' from China's slowdown

Caterpillar and Nvidia are seen as industry bellwethers, and their outlooks often point to wider trends in global growth, said Rodrigo Catril, a senior currency strategist at the National Australia Bank.


How the U.S.-China trade war ends

This story is part of an ongoing series on U.S.-China relations, jointly produced by the South China Morning Post and POLITICO. The United States and China have just five weeks to come up with a deal that both nations can hail as “wins” in their closely watched trade war, and they’re each asking the


China's Lishen says has not signed agreement with Tesla on supplying batteries

BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s Tianjin Lishen said on Tuesday it has not signed any agreement with Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) on supplying batteries to the U.S. electric vehicle maker’s Shanghai factory.


China accuses US of a 'blatant breach' of trade policy in WTO meeting

"This is a blatant breach of the United States' obligations under the WTO agreements and is posing a systemic challenge to the multilateral trading system," says a Chinese representative Monday.


Romantic Karl Marx anime targets new generation of Chinese communists

Beijing (CNN)"Everything I do is for the poor masses of this Earth!" bellows the deep voice over bombastic classical music. This is Karl Marx, but not as you know him: dashingly tall, with a pronounced jawline, suave brown curls and blue eyes, and speaking Chinese -- a world away from the German phi


We ranked the world's nuclear arsenals — here's why China's came out on top

Of the nine nations that control the roughly 14,200 nuclear weapons in the world, Russia's bombs could most easily end all life on earth. But a nuclear arsenal can't just be judged on how deadly it is.


Trump administration reportedly pushing allies to bar China's Huawei in race for 5G networking

The Trump's administration is putting heat American allies to bar Huawei and other Chinese tech firms from building the infrastructure needed to produce 5G, the New York Times reported.


Ballistic missile can hit moving ships, China says, but experts remain skeptical

Hong Kong (CNN)Chinese state-run media on Monday posted a pointed defense of the capabilities of its so-called "Guam killer" missile, challenging an earlier CNN report that doubted its ability to hit moving ships at sea.


It's Not Lack Of Trust But China's Outrageous Behavior That's The Problem

Tyler Cowan, an economist whom I normally greatly admire, has come out with his diagnosis of what ails the US-China relationship. It’s not trade, he says, but a “lack of trust.”


The Army Wants a 1,000 Mile Range Supergun to Sink China's Navy

The Army is working on a supergun with a 1,000-mile range that could potentially hit targets in the South China Sea from a gun pit on land, Army Secretary Mark Esper told reporters on Wednesday.


China slams US over 'unreasonable crackdown' on Huawei

Beijing (CNN Business)China has lashed out against the United States, accusing it of trying to "kill" Chinese businesses after US prosecutors indicted telecom giant Huawei on a slew of charges.