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Canada's Ambassador to China Fired for Saying End of Huawei Extradition Case Would Be 'Great'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has fired the country’s ambassador to China, John McCallum, for saying that the detained chief financial officer of Chinese tech giant Huawei could make a strong case to avoid extradition to the U.S.—and that perhaps it would be really good if Canada just backe


There's one huge, mathematical problem with China's offer to go on a big US shopping spree

Doing so would change China from a net creditor to a net debtor nation, and it lacks the financial assets to finance a current account deficit. Take China's offer to load up on US imports with a grain of salt.


China says to have in-depth talks with U.S. on economic, trade issues

BEIJING (Reuters) - China and the United States will have in-depth discussions on economic and trade issues during Chinese Vice Premier Liu He’s U.S. visit next week, the Chinese commerce ministry said on Thursday.


China's slowing economy will make it harder for its companies to pay debts, ratings agencies say

China's slowing economy means companies will find it harder to pay their debts, S&P Global Ratings says. "The economic chill in China is spreading, threatening to weaken profitability across nearly all sectors in corporate China," the agency says in a report.


A simple chart shows the winners and losers from Trump's trade war with China

Brazil has seen exports to China jump as a result of the stopping of US soybean exports to China thanks to the trade war. Beside the USA, Germany has suffered the most of any major economy.


China says Dr. He Jiankui behind gene-edited babies acted on his own

BEIJING — Chinese investigators have determined that the doctor behind the reported birth of two babies whose genes had been edited in hopes of making them resistant to the AIDS virus acted on his own and will be punished for any violations of the law, a state media report said Monday.


U.S. charges China's Huawei with conspiring to violate Iran sanctions

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States on Monday announced criminal charges against China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, escalating a fight with the world’s biggest telecommunications equipment maker and coming days before trade talks between Washington and Beijing.


Chinese human rights lawyer sentenced to four years in prison

Hong Kong (CNN)A Chinese court on Monday sentenced prominent human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang to four years and six months in prison for subversion of state power. Wang, who has languished in detention for more than three and half years, was one of hundreds of lawyers and activists rounded up as p


Detained writer Yang Hengjun left letter calling for a more democratic China

An Australian-Chinese writer detained on espionage charges left a letter calling for a more democratic China, with instructions to release it if he was arrested. Yang Hengjun, who was detained on 19 January, is being held in Beijing on suspicion of endangering China’s national security.


2020 presidential candidates court Iowa farmers by blasting US-China trade war

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Aaron Lehman said he's seen his soybean prices drop by 20 percent in the past six months. And he’s not the only farmer feeling the squeeze. ​​​​​ "Like all farmers, we’ve been tightening our belts trying to make ends meet with low commodity prices and the one commodity that kind


Hong Kong moves to criminalize 'insulting' China's national anthem

Hong Kong (CNN)The trumpet sounds, clear and exultant, and is greeted by a crescendo of boos. This was the scene at repeated Hong Kong football matches, as fans in the semi-autonomous Chinese city expressed their disdain at being represented by the national anthem of the People's Republic of China.


What China’s forced military training for students is like

Karoline Kan attempts to weave together a narrative of her generation in her book, Under Red Skies, the first English-language memoir from a Chinese millennial published in the US.


Forget the F-14 Tomcats: China's Navy Just Released Their Very Own Version of Top Gun (Sort Of)

Cue in the J-15 fighters shown launching from the ski-jump deck of the Liaoning and then maneuvering gracefully over the Pacific. I will make an unpatriotic confession. I like the Chinese version of "Top Gun" better.


Nvidia warns of weakness in China. Stock plunges 16%

New York (CNN Business)China's weakening economy has claimed another corporate victim: Chipmaker Nvidia slashed its sales outlook for the fourth quarter, because of "deteriorating macroeconomic conditions, particularly in China."


These stocks could surge the most if the US lowers tariffs on China and makes a trade deal

The marked popped on Thursday on a WSJ report that the U.S. could ease tariffs on China during negotiations, helping to increase the chances of a long-term trade deal. U.S. stocks with revenue exposure to China of more than 20 percent, including Skyworks Solutions, Broadcom, Micron Technology and Ma


China gives Ivanka Trump 5 new trademarks as trade talks continue

Ivanka Trump has been granted five trademarks from China as her father’s administration continues to negotiate with the Asian powerhouse over trade and ethics experts raise concerns about the first family’s business dealings.


Microsoft search engine Bing is blocked in China

Hong Kong (CNN Business)Microsoft's Bing search engine has hit a wall in China. "We've confirmed that Bing is currently inaccessible in China and are engaged to determine next steps," a Microsoft spokesman said Thursday.


Worst Is Yet To Come For China's Economy

Nomura Securities has broken ranks from their investment bank competitors on China. Their Hong Kong-based team thinks China’s economy will get worse later this year. Stimulus does China no favors.


Thanks to Trump, China's economy is rapidly decelerating -- Here's what could happen next

President Trump is exposing China’s economic vulnerability, showing that the communist nation cannot maintain its rapid growth without it patently unfair mercantilist trade policies.


Human 'hot pot' in China invites tourists to take a dip

(CNN) — A Lunar New Year promotion at a hotel in China's Zhejiang province will likely draw reactions of either horror or delight among fans of Chinese hot pot. Hangzhou's First World Hotel, home to the Yunman Hot Spring, has designed one of its hot spring pools to look like one big human hot pot.