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Meet Bolivia’s Dog Savior, Fernando “Ferchy” Kushner

Meet La Paz, Bolivia’s, dog savior, 45-year-old Fernando “Ferchy” Kushner. Ferchy has made it his life’s mission to help Bolivia’s homeless dog population. In 2015, he formed the organization Alimenta Perritos de la Calle (Feeding Street Dogs), which has sterilized over 800 dogs with the help of vol


Drone captures a mesmerising flooded 10,000sq-km salt desert in Bolivia as it perfectly mirrors the sky

Drone footage captured by filmmaker Stefano Tiozzo shows the stunning transformation a few inches of water made to the world's largest salt flats the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.


Bolivia Eyes Petroleum Revenues Above $2.6bn in 2019

Improved gas export terms will add $500mn. Please sign in to access the full article. Please subscribe now to read the full article.


La Paz, Bolivia’s Emerging Wine Destination

A Bolivian winemaker describes La Paz as “chaos, color and kitsch.” Indeed, the city bursts with dozens of ethnic groups that intersect over food, culture and dress. It’s the world’s highest capital, at nearly 12,000 feet in elevation, and it’s packed with dynamic restaurants, internationally recogn


Bus hits dump truck in Bolivia; at least 24 reported dead

LA PAZ, Bolivia — A passenger bus crashed head-on with a dump truck in southern Bolivia on Monday, killing at least 24 people and injuring 12 more, police said. The accident occurred in a dense fog on the high-plains highway connecting Potosi and Oruro, about 135 miles (220 kilometers) south of the


Salt of the Earth

Exploring the world’s largest salt flat, Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, and its vast expanse of white. Starkly beautiful, it is a landscape that is simultaneously inhospitable and undeniably alluring.


Huge earthquake in Bolivia reveals vast underground mountain range BIGGER than anything on Earth’s surface

Classic sci-fi writer Jules Verne once imagined a whole subterranean landscape deep inside the planet, complete with lost prehistoric species and plant life. The book was aptly titled Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Now, a new research is revealing features in the underworld resembling structure


Bolivian opposition calls protest against Morales reelection bid

Bolivia's opposition on Tuesday called for a nationwide protest against President Evo Morales, who plans to stand for a fourth term in office. The protests called for Thursday will coincide with the third anniversary of a referendum called by Morales to change the constitution to let him stand for u


9 iconic animals brought back from the brink

The recovery of these beleaguered species proves that conservation action works. There is a lot of grim news in the world, especially when it comes to wildlife. But it's not all gloom and doom, sixth mass extinction or not. Case in point: WCS scientists in the Global Conservation Program put togethe


Architecture as Cultural Identity: A Town in Bolivia Gets Bold & Bright

Whether you love it or hate it, the divisive architectural style taking over the Bolivian city of El Alto is certainly a departure from the norm, injecting bold shapes and colors into an otherwise average cityscape. Local architect Freddy Mamani, who has spent the last 18 years developing the signat


Bolivia: Peach growers get ready to export to Argentina and Brazil in 2020

Each year the municipalities of Valle Alto increase and improve their peach production. This campaign they expect to harvest more than 300 tons, doubling the 150 they produced in 2017. Based on these good yields, producers are getting ready to export this fruit to Argentina and Brazil in 2020.


The Witches of El Alto, Bolivia: Traditions & Superstitions at the World’s Highest Market

Up in the mountains above La Paz, Bolivia, there’s a market called El Alto. On a Sunday morning under a crisp blue sky, I stepped out of a minibus beside the ‘Mi Teleferico’ station and felt the air stop in my throat.


How to upgrade your thinking and avoid traps that make you look stupid

Even the most intelligent people can make ridiculous mistakes – but there are simple things all of us can do to act more wisely and avoid blinkered thinking. PAUL FRAMPTON was looking for love. A 68-year-old divorcee, he was delighted to strike up a friendship on an online dating site with someone c


Ramiro Galindo keeps giving back to his adopted home of Bryan-College Station

As a child growing up in Bolivia right after the Korean War, Ramiro Galindo developed a love for all things American after watching U.S. military personnel and their children playing baseball in the fields of his native country.


As Bolivia Leader Sets Himself Up for Fourth Term, China’s Influence Grows

A recent incident in Bolivia has demonstrated the repercussions of China’s influence . On Feb. 14, Bolivian newspaper Los Tiempos reported that an investigation by the Bolivian forestry authorities discovered that four local sawmills had been illegally exporting high-value timber species to China. U


How to get off the beaten path in Bolivia

Bolivia is a land of superlatives that holds within its borders earth’s largest salt flat, highest navigable lake and most biodiverse national park. These landmark attractions – Salar de Uyuni, Lake Titicaca and Parque Nacional Madidi – are what draw most visitors to the landlocked South American co


Transportes Bolivia Offices / ESTUDIO MUARQ

Text description provided by the architects. An area of ​​2 hectares, 5km south of the border city of Salvador Mazza, province of Salta, is the site chosen by an international transport company to locate its transshipment depots and small offices of logistics.The site is crossed on its front by the


'Initial Recovery Tests Encouraging' from Metals Project in Bolivia

In a Feb. 7 research note, Joe Reagor, a ROTH Capital Partners analyst, reported that New Pacific Metals Corp.'s (NUAG:TSX.V; NUPMF:OTCQX) initial metallurgical test results from its flagship Silver Sand project in Bolivia are "positive."


Mountainous terrain discovered deep below the Earth’s surface

410 miles deep into the Earth, researchers have discovered a mountain-like terrain rougher and larger than any mountain range on the surface of the planet. In a new study published in the journal Science, geophysicists from Princeton University used data from a massive 8.2 magnitude earthquake that


Enormous Earthquake Reveals Hidden 'Mountains' 410 Miles Underground Which Could Be Bigger than Any on Earth's Surface

In 1994, a huge 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck a sparsely populated region in Bolivia at a depth of around 400 miles below sea level. Now, an international team of scientists has analyzed data from this event—and they’ve uncovered previously unidentified “mountains” deep within the Earth's interior