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North Korea's passport is more powerful than most of South Asia's

North Korea is one of the most ostracized countries in the world. But its relatively "weak" passport, in terms of traveling to other countries, remains far more powerful than many of the ones issued by South Asian countries. According to the most recent Henley Passport Index, an annual ranking of pa

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India vows to handle China's 'assertiveness'

India will handle China's growing assertiveness and has stepped up patrols on their disputed border to head off more standoffs, the country's top army officer declared Friday. The nuclear-armed neighbours have in the past gone to war over their border and last year were involved in a showdown over a


Smiling faces greet customers at bank

River City Bank, 348 Main St. in Placerville, is showing photographs by Sherry Dorithy, El Dorado Camera Club member. The exhibit features the "Children of Bhutan." The tiny country of Bhutan adheres to the philosophy of "Gross National Happiness" and this is reflected in the faces of the Bhutanese


A Kiwi grandmother travelling solo in Ethiopia

"I figure there's no point having money in the bank when you're dead," says McFarland. When Wellington grandmother Deirdre McFarland set her heart on travelling to a mountainous region in the heart of Ethiopia to see the medieval rock-hewn churches, nothing was going to stop her. Proposed by Unesco


Where to go lists

Credit: AP/ERIC GAY San Antonio, which celebrates its tricentennial this year, is being touted as a top place to visit in 2018. Many travel brands, guidebook publishers and websites offer lists of places to go in the new year. Here's a look at some of those lists for 2018. They include destinatio


When technology meets agriculture in Bhutan

Based in eastern Bhutan, Mountain Hazelnuts has developed innovative uses of ICT for its commercial agriculture operations. Bryan Watts/World Bank Bhutan is a challenging environment in which to develop commercial agriculture. The country has limited areas for agriculture, and its geography and road


10 Reasons Why Bhutan Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

With less than 29,000 international visitors each year, the mysterious Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the least visited countries in the world. It is a nation that sparks the intrigue of many an intrepid adventurer. Captivated by the allure of the road less traveled, a land fabled to be occup


Ravi Shankar's sitar: bringing India to the world

Curator Richard Blurton tells the story behind an exciting new acquisition - a sitar owned and played by the great Indian musician Ravi Shankar. One of the striking features of cultural life in the 20th century has been the way in which the performative traditions of South Asia (the area covering th


You're Going to Love The World's Youngest Queen

With Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle, the British royal family has captured the world's attention once again. And while Kate Middleton's husband will one day take the throne, it could be some time before Prince William is a monarch. Which is why you need to know more about the world's you