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Southside ‎Belize‏ City to get Ring Road Community Park

In the north side of Belize City, there are the B.T.L. and Memorial Parks, two social recreation areas enjoyed by city residents mainly of the surrounding areas. The Belize City Council unveiled plans today to construct a Southside equivalent, the Ring Road Community Park. The park will be built in

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‎Belize‏ ~ Thanks to British and Commonwealth

As this issue has legal, historic, political and economic dimensions, Belizean’s have been debating and seeking clarifications on the many questions that arise. Many are very frightened of the potential outcomes, especially since Foreign Minister Hon. Wilfred Elrington said on the news that Belizean

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Cold front affecting ‎Belize‏

Posted: Wednesday, November 14, 2018. 5:30 p.m. CST.By BBN Staff:The National Meteorological Center today informed that a cold front is affecting Belize.Cloudy skies with some periods of showers, rain and isolated thunderstorms are expected today.The winds will blow from the West to Northwest at 10


Dance and Reggae Wrap 13th ‎Belize‏ Int ' l Film Fest

BELIZE CITY, Belize – Mexican films and shorts dominated the winners of the 13thBelize Intl. Film Festivalon Sunday in a brisk closing ceremony punctuated by pulsing reggae music performances by the likes of Ras Indio & Boss Lady, Ernestine Carballo and Jah Art.


FTC probe into Sanctuary ‎Belize‏

"The scheme collected more than $100 million in hard earned savings of unsuspecting consumers for the sales of more than 1,000 lots of land based on false promises,” said James Kohm, director of the Enforcement Division in the Bureau of Consumer Protection with the FTC.


11 Mexican Films to be Features in ‎Belize‏ Film Festival

The annual Belize International Film Festival opening ceremony takes place on Thursday at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts in Belize City. The red carpet affair leading up to the official event commences at six p.m. and will be broadcast on this station immediately following the evening’s ne


Catholicism in ‎Belize‏ : The Church in a troubled paradise

Though the percentages can vary significantly, almost all sources place Catholicism as the largest religious denomination in Belize. Located south of Mexico and east of Guatemala, Belize is geographically part of Central America, but culturally more aligned with the Caribbean.


Human Rights Commission of ‎Belize‏ Concerned Over Threat of State of Emergency

Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams this week threatened to impose another state of emergency; this time to tackle the rising cases of armed robberies that have been plaguing the north and south sides of Belize City. Last week Wednesday, Police Constable Osbourne Martinez, was shot and k


‎Belize‏ Jaguars Face off with Puerto - LoveFM

Andres Cabrero, Puerto Rico Team Captain:“We prepare for the game the same way we prepare for any match, we try to do our best. We work on what the coaches want us to do. It changes from game to game depending on the weather it could change formation, could change players could change at the day it’

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John McAfee is ` liable ' for 2012 death of ‎Belize‏ neighbour , rules court

Though local police wanted to question McAfee as a potential witness, the millionaire, who is the founder of the antivirus software firm that still bears his name, had travelled abroad. And despite the criminal investigation stalling, a civil case was later brought against McAfee by Faull’s relative

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`` A Narrative of Political Parties in ‎Belize‏ '' - LoveFM

Lawrence Vernon – Librarian:“My intention as you mentioned was to put all the information and the political parties at that time into one book and I started out by providing this information to students and so I decided to document it for myself so that people don’t have to come to ask diverse infor

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Inter-America 's annual Bible Competition finalists to compete in ‎Belize‏

Young finalists representing Inter-America’s 24 major church territories will compete one last time during the last bible competition of the year on Dec. 1, 2018. Finalists will travel to Belize to test their knowledge of the books of Matthew, Mark and Chapters 6-15 of Ellen G. White’s Desire of Age


Central Bank of ‎Belize‏ Looking Into the Scam

The U.S. indictment named several persons and companies as it relates to a civil complaint lodged against Sanctuary Belize, Andris Pukke and other associates including Atlantic International Bank Limited. It’s a very serious matter for Atlantic Bank which is not only one of the largest banks in Bel


District Governor of Rotary International visits ‎Belize‏ - LoveFM

The District Governor of Rotary International, Dr. Jose Interiano, along with his wife Ena, is currently on a tour in Belize and his first stop was in San Ignacio Town, Cayo District, yesterday. Love News spoke with the President of the Rotary Club in San Ignacio, Vera Collins who said that Dr. Inte


Multi-Million Dollar Scam Surrounds ‎Belize‏ - LoveFM

Belize has been on the international news on multiple occasions for various reasons stemming from tourism to global representation and a hideaway for criminals. Tonight’s story is not about any criminal hiding out in Belize but rather it is about a set of schemers who used Belize as their marketing


How to watch ‎Belize‏ vs Puerto Rico in 2019-20 CONCACAF Nations League Qualifying : start time and live stream

Belize beat Bahamas, 4-0, at home in its opening game of CNL Qualifying, but lost on the road to Montserrat, 1-0, in the last round of games. Count Belize as the favorite in this game, but as anyone who saw him play will tell you - never count Amado Guevara out.

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Stakeholders to take stock of region 's sustainable energy drive at CSEF in ‎Belize‏ - Caribbean News Now

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Energy experts in the Caribbean and beyond, policymakers and the private sector representative, are among officials heading to Belize next week for the sixth edition of the Caribbean Sustainable Energy Forum (CSEF).

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Caribbean Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors in ‎Belize‏ - LoveFM

The Caribbean Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (CARAIFA) is hosting a conference for stakeholders in Belize in May, 2019. The member countries include: Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad &

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Taiwan continues to assist in the development of ‎Belize‏ - LoveFM

During her visit to Belize in August, President Tsai Ing-Wen spoke at the National Assembly and emphasized the importance of education and technical and vocational training. As a follow up to that commitment, 6 Belizean students (

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Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in ‎Belize‏ - LoveFM

In Belize, diabetes is one of the top five causes of death. In this regard, the Ministry of Health is focusing on improving its primary health services in an effort to help persons overcome this disease. A workshop was held today where healthcare providers were equipped with the tools to improve li