Sheikh Hasina has transformed Bangladesh into a world star - 01-11


Ten years back, Bangladesh was an economically struggling country, especially because of rampant looting by the previous coalition government of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jamaat E Islami during 2001-2006 and again series of failure of the interim government ‘s tenure from 2007-2008. But things started changing miraculously soon after Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Bangladesh’s founding father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman came to power through a landslide victory in 2009. To people of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina was like an angel of hope, prosperity and peace. During 2009-2018, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, through her magnanimous leadership qualities and statesmanship, has very successfully transformed Bangladesh into a developing star – one of the top fastest growing economies in the world. To most of the developing nations, Sheikh Hasina and her Bangladesh are not only role models, but a glowing example of how a true and patriotic leader can really change the lucks of her people. Let us not forget, in a country like Bangladesh, which has a massive population of 180 million, it was not an easy task for Sheikh Hasina in achieving such tremendous success. Moreover, she had serious economic constraint with several conspirators continuously conspiring in discouraging international financial bodies like the World Bank in refraining from investing in Bangladesh. But, a fearless Sheikh Hasina did not bow to such odds. She moved ahead with absolute determination with the help of trusted developing partners of Bangladesh, and finally now she has shown the world – only leaders like Sheikh Hasina can lead her nation towards prosperity and peace, even when organizations like the World Bank were biased towards enemies of Bangladesh.