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Australia Positioning to Help US Check China's Maritime Expansion

Australia, concerned about its vast regional trade network, is joining Japan, India and the United States in countering Chinese expansion in Asia's biggest maritime dispute. Six Australian warships were moving toward the South China Sea this week, with no publicized destination, for military exercis

VOICE OF AMERICA - 2017-09-22 04:42:42

Here's the never-before-seen 'octopus city' scientists recently discovered

A group of scientists discovered an underwater "octopus city" off the coast of Australia in Jervis Bay, and they've named it "Octlantis." This discovery of octopuses interacting in a high-density den challenges scientists' previously held belief that octopuses are solitary and antisocial creatures.

BUSINESS INSIDER - 2017-09-21 16:10:00

Explainer: what is the flesh-eating bacteria that causes Buruli ulcer and how can I avoid it?

A Victorian teenager was recently reported to be suffering from a Buruli ulcer, an infection caused by the "flesh-eating" bacteria Mycobacterium ulcerans. She was said to have caught it on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, where cases seem to be on the rise. Buruli ulcer, also known as Bairnsdale ulc

THE CONVERSATION - 2017-09-21 05:46:12

Man charged over allegedly head-butting Tony Abbott

Former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott says he was head-butted in Hobart on Thursday by a man wearing a badge for the Yes side of the marriage equality campaign. Photograph: Jim Rice/AAP Adam Morton in Hobart A man has been charged with assaulting Tony Abbott after allegedly head-butting the

THE GUARDIAN - 2017-09-22 04:11:02

Australian schoolgirl raises alarm over flesh-eating disease

An Australian schoolgirl suffering from a flesh-eating ulcer is calling for better government funding for research into the infectious disease. Ella Crofts, 13, is slowly recovering from a Buruli ulcer, a skin disease more usually found in developing world. Her case has prompted doctors to warn of

BBC - 2017-09-21 06:14:51

A Look Inside The Newly Discovered City Built By Octopuses

The idea of undiscovered underwater cities isn't as far-fetched as you might think. It just turns out they're built by octopuses. Earlier this month, scientists published a paper describing a site in Australia's Jervis Bay, near Sydney, where 10 to 15 gloomy octopuses (yes, that's really what they'r

HUFFINGTONPOST - 2017-09-22 18:39:42

North Korea, Puerto Rico, Iran: Your Friday Briefing

Good morning. Here's what you need to know:Photo Credit Tom Brenner/The New York Times President Trumpwidened U.S. sanctions against trade with North Korea and presented a united front against its nuclear program with President Moon Jae-in of South Korea and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan. "T

NEW YORK TIMES - 2017-09-21 19:55:25

Tony Abbott assaulted on street in Hobart

Former prime minister sustained minor injuries in attack, according to spokesperson Australian Associated Press The former Australian prime minister, Tony Abbott, has been assaulted in Hobart. His spokesman said the incident occurred while he was walking in the street and he sustained minor injuries

THE GUARDIAN - 2017-09-21 10:12:45

Australian MP's fury over school fundraiser 'gender morphing’ helps raise $200,000

'Do it in a dress' aimed to raise $900 for girls' education in Africa, but backlash led to more than $200,000 in donations Australian Conservatives senator Cory Bernardi has described a school fundraising scheme involving wearing a dress as 'gender morphing'. Photograph: Mike Bowers for the Guardi

THE GUARDIAN - 2017-09-22 07:06:26

Queensland is leading source of renewable energy jobs, report says

Queensland has emerged for the first time as the nation's leading source of renewable energy jobs, according to figures suggesting the Palaszczuk government's policy push away from coal-fired power has gained momentum. The state had almost 6,500 people working in renewables in August, ending New Sou

THE GUARDIAN - 2017-09-21 00:00:19

Lost in space: Australia dwindled from space leader to also-ran in 50 years

The eyes of the world's space expertise will be on Australia this month, as Adelaide hosts the world's largest space conference. The meeting occurs in the 50th anniversary year of the launch of Australia's first satellite, WRESAT. This project occurred as the culmination of a decade in which Austra

THE CONVERSATION - 2017-09-21 19:54:36

Review of historic stock routes may put rare stretches of native plants and animals at risk

Since the 19th century, Australian drovers have moved their livestock along networks of stock routes. Often following traditional Indigenous pathways, these corridors and stepping-stones of remnant vegetation cross the heavily cleared wheat and sheep belt in central New South Wales. The publicly ow

THE CONVERSATION - 2017-09-21 00:54:55

100-Year-Old Monster Crocodile Shot Dead Could Spark Deadly Power Struggle in Australia Rivers

The death of a huge crocodile whose body was found in a river in Queensland, Australia, has sparked fears of a fight for dominance among the young, aggressive males living in the area. The 5.2 meter-long (17ft) male, which had been shot in the head, was discovered by a member of the public, who had

NEWSWEEK - 2017-09-22 08:24:06

Marriage v de facto partnerships in Australia: the legal differences explained

A marriage equality supporter in Sydney hold a placard. While de facto same-sex couples may be able to assert some of the same rights as married couples, they often have to expend significant time, money and unnecessary heartache to do so. Photograph: Daniel Munoz/AAP Hannah Robert and Fiona Kelly

THE GUARDIAN - 2017-09-21 03:51:51

Water usage complaint left in limbo despite allegation to NSW government

Officer alleged drains diverting water bought by the commonwealth to a dam on a cotton farm, an allegation denied by the land owner An environmental officer's report says water was released from Mallowa Creek, pictured, and was meant to flow into wetland areas on Coombah station but never arrived.

THE GUARDIAN - 2017-09-21 02:56:13

Carcass of 12-metre whale to be dug up from beach after outcry

Authorities in Australian coastal town will exhume the body of the 20-tonne humpback over fears it is attracting sharks The beached whale will be dug up, cut into pieces using chainsaws, placed in skip bins and then taken to landfill. Authorities in the Australian coastal town of Port Macquarie wi

THE GUARDIAN - 2017-09-22 06:41:11

Former Australian PM Abbott 'attacked by same-sex marriage supporter'

(CNN)Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was allegedly assaulted while campaigning for a "no" vote in an increasingly divisive national survey over whether to allow same-sex marriage. Abbott was headbutted Thursday by a man wearing a "yes" badge in Hobart, Tasmania, the former leader told

CNN - 2017-09-21 11:09:54

Cashless welfare card to be rolled out in Bundaberg and Hervey Bay

Scheme will begin next year, quarantining 80% of welfare payments on to cards that can't be used for alcohol or gambling Alan Tudge says the cashless welfare card is aimed at addressing drug and gambling abuse. Photograph: Melissa Davey for the Guardian Scheme will begin next year, quarantining 80

THE GUARDIAN - 2017-09-21 00:37:09

Here's 49 small communities innovating as well as the big cities

Innovation is the highest in regional centres that have research and development institutions and there are only 26 of these in regional Australia. But more than 150 regional areas have potential to match this innovation, a new index finds. In conjunction with the Regional Australia Institute we've

THE CONVERSATION - 2017-09-21 05:44:17

Elton John voices support for same-sex marriage in Australia amid national vote

Singer says recognition of the love of his husband 'is what makes life truly worth living', in a heartfelt plea as nation takes part in postal survey over change in law Singer says recognition of the love of his husband 'is what makes life truly worth living', in a heartfelt plea as nation takes par

THE GUARDIAN - 2017-09-22 08:24:39