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How Jeremiah 11:11 Really Explains the Ending of Jordan Peele's 'Us'

It may not be as badass as Samuel L. Jackson reciting Ezekiel 25:17 in Pulp Fiction, but Jeremiah 11:11 is a chilling motif in Jordan Peele’s newest horror movie, Us that turns up more frequently than you might realize. For the non-religious, here’s what Peele was trying to evoke with that chapter a


'Egg Boy' teen defends egging anti-Muslim Australian senator

CANBERRA, Australia – An Australian teen known around the world as "Egg Boy" has conceded that egging a far-right senator was not the right thing to do, but says the gesture united a world reeling from a white-supremacist's alleged massacre of 50 Muslims in New Zealand.


'Nervous' David Warner clubs 85 on IPL return to give Australian selectors a headache

David Warner was a bundle of nerves upon his Indian Premier League return but it did not show, with the suspended batsman blasting 85 for Sunrisers Hyderabad to make an emphatic World Cup statement.


Jordan Peele Makes History With 'Us' At The Box Office

Peele's sophomore debut is now the best opening for an original horror film ever. Jordan Peele’s Us has made big bucks in its opening weekend, but it also made history. After the film generated $70 million over the weekend, it reportedly became the best opening weekend for an original horror movie e


Cyclone Veronica: Destructive winds and rain lash Australia

A second cyclone within 48 hours has brought destructive winds and torrential rains to coastal regions of Australia. Cyclone Veronica lingered about 95km (60 miles) off the nation's north-west coast on Monday, officials said.


Is Adelaide Evil In 'Us'? Jason Isn't The Only One Who Wants To Know

Major Us spoilers ahead. So, you saw Us and now your mind is racing with images of rabbits and intricate tunnel systems? Just know, you're in the same boat as pretty much everyone else. And if you are still trying to sort out what you saw, you're probably mainly wondering if Adelaide is evil in Us.


Married at First Sight's Jules Says Jessika and Dan's Relationship Is "100 Percent" Not Real

After Sunday's explosive Married at First Sight Australia's commitment ceremony, Jessika and Dan have a lot of critics—including co-star Jules. Business manager Jules tells E! News she was not aware of the extent Jess and Dan had snuck around behind the backs of their respective partners, Mick and T


Massacre is now part of Christchurch’s identity, so how does a city rise above that?

Christchurch has a challenging new aspect to its identity. The city is now inextricably associated with the March 15 mass shootings at two mosques. So how does a city come to terms with and recover from having its name become synonymous with and coloured by such an atrocity?


Cyclone Trevor: racism claims denied as Northern Territory begins clean-up

As the Northern Territory begins its big mop-up after Cyclone Trevor, local authorities have hosed down racism claims concerning evacuation efforts. Trevor forced mass evacuations before it made landfall on Saturday morning as a category four system, with destructive winds gusting up to 250km/h.


Australian political journalists might be part of a ‘Canberra bubble’, but they engage the public too

The federal election is fast approaching – less than 100 days away in the view of most commentators. Social media will again play an important role in the campaign, as they did in 2013 and 2016.


What Is the Meaning of the White Rabbits in Us Movie?

There's been a ton of discussion surrounding Jordan Peele's newest thriller, Us, due to its many Easter eggs and secret messages. One of the main talking points that has people racking their brains is the notable presence of rabbits throughout the film. Peele has previously said that he actually doe


Let's Talk About Jordan Peele's

Holy shit, y’all. Hopefully, you saw Jordan Peele’s Us this weekend—and, if you did, odds are you can’t stop thinking about it. What did it all mean? Well, we’re here to give you our thoughts and let you talk about yours, because there’s no way any one person could unravel it all or have all the ans


A new twist in the elusive quest for the origins of the word ‘bogan’ leads to Melbourne’s Xavier College

Bogan is the most significant word to be created in Australian English in the past 40 years. It is defined as “an uncultured and unsophisticated person; a boorish and uncouth person” in the 2016 edition of the Australian National Dictionary.


Australian zoo breeds rare plains-wanderer by replacing absent father with feather duster

The captive population of Australia’s most unique critically endangered bird has doubled with the birth of nine plains-wanderer chicks, helped out by a feather duster, a heat lamp and a lot of cotton wool.


Aaron Finch hits another century as Australia win second ODI

Aaron Finch hit his second century in as many matches as Australia cruised to an eight-wicket victory in the second one-day international against Pakistan in Sharjah. Finch's form had come under scrutiny in the build-up to this five-match series but he has answered his critics in the opening two mee


53 unanswered questions I still have after seeing “Us” twice

Of all possible reactions to the new film Us, the least likely of all is a dismissive “meh.”. Some Get Out superfans may be let down by their own stratospheric expectations for Jordan Peele’s follow-up, and it just may not be others’ hypnotic cup of tea, but Us is not a film that invites shrugs. It’


'Us': The Tethered Explained

After the success of Get Out, all eyes were on how Jordan Peele would follow up his career in filmmaking with another horror. The writer and director knocked it out of the park, surprising everyone once again, with his inventive and mind-bending thriller Us.


'They're planning to go public after the show!' MAFS groom Mike Gunner, 44, is 'secretly dating' The World's Hottest Grandma's 26-year-old daughter Casey Stewart

He's been trying to mend his dysfunctional relationship with 'wife' Heidi Latcham on Married At First Sight. But it seems Mike Gunner's on-screen relationship wasn't meant to be, with new reports emerging the 44-year-old has already moved on with Casey Stewart, the 26-year-old daughter of The World'


‘Us’ Gives Viewers A Biblical Warning

Jordan Peele’s second film, “Us,” all but demands a second viewing. The box-office-breaking horror flick, while light on its feet, is packed with pop culture signposts, character pay-offs and a script-flipping twist that has audiences lining up for a later showing before the lights come up on the en


Tour of an off-grid house in Australia

Paul and Annett built a self-sufficient, off-grid house in New South Wales with air conditioning and electrical appliances. They use just 25% of the solar energy that their rooftop solar voltaic system is capable of generating. The also have solar-heated water for showers, a biogas digester that tur