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100 days of sport

I do some sports. This works best when I set myself a goal. For the last 10 (or something) years I have ran the Brussels 20 km (thank you Amplexor for the invitation you keep sending), Antwerp 10 miles, Leuven corrida and more.

MEDIUM - 2019-02-14 14:44:12

TrustNordisk inks EFM deals on three family titles -LRB- exclusive -RRB-

TrustNordisk has closed a slew of deals on a trio of its family-oriented films. It has sold Kasper Munk’s Danish family adventure Wildwitch to Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland (MFA+), Russia/Ukraine/Kazakhstan (Overbrick), Poland (Vivarto), Mexico (Star Castle), China (HGC), and Ital


Snow Getaway Round-Up -- Our pick of the deals this week

Being so weather dependent, the savvy snow enthusiast will often wait until the weather is just right before making that booking for a trip to the slopes. Of course, that doesn’t always translate to the best prices and the really popular resorts can be all booked up months in advanced.


Going behind the scenes at Heliand

Spanning just 181 square miles (486 square kilometers) of the eastern Pyrenees mountains that separate Spain and France, the landlocked Principality of Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe, both in terms of land size and population. However, Andorra’s defining feature is not its size,


WATCH : Butt Naked Helmet Bonks In ‎Andorra‏

Behold this majestic butt naked helmet bonk executed to perfection in El Pas de la Casa, Andorra. Como se dice “hijinks” en espanol?


Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs , Feb 7

John Kelly finished Barkley in 2017. (Remember the orange hat?) How does that translate to a 200 miler? Follow along live as he’s leading the Lone Star 200 right now. Take a minute to watch this breathtaking video about long distance open water swimmers.


Apple expands on-foot recon for Apple Maps , debuts overhauled schedule site

Apple has revamped its schedule site for Apple Maps ground reconnaissance, simultaneously revealing more on-foot efforts in the U.S., and plans to start the first vehicle work in Andorra.


Apple Maps on-the-ground data collection expands to ‎Andorra‏

Earlier this week, Apple has reorganized its online page where it details upcoming data collection operations for Apple Maps. This takes the form of cars equipped with LIDAR and photographic cameras being driven around cities, and ‘pedestrian’ surveys where Maps employees walk around wearing backpac


Barça duo Pique and Messi are partners on and off the pitch

Gerard Pique and Lionel Messi are not just partners on the pitch, but also off it. As well as working together at FC Andorra, the Barcelona defender revealed on Thursday after the draw for the Davis Cup that the Argentine is also one of his partners at Kosmos Tennis, the company he founded and presi

SPORT-ENGLISH.COM - 2019-02-15 11:19:15

Thailand launches new electronic visa on arrival service

Thailand has launched a new electronic visa on arrival system for international travellers. The service offers travellers a new experience when entering the country at the Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueng airports in Bangkok, as well as at Phuket and Chiang Mai airports.

BREAKINGTRAVELNEWS.COM - 2019-02-15 05:17:51

FIVA Details Two World Rallies For Historic Cars For 2019

The snappily-named Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens, the worldwide historic vehicle organisation better known as FIVA, has announced the details of two of the three World Rallies it’s organizing this year: the Austria Classic for cars built up to 1980 and the FIVA World Rally in Andor


Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew Policy Change , 6.5 Hours In Transnistria , Win A Trip To Disney , 5.5 Hours In Monaco , Famed Philly Cheesesteak Shop Opening In NYC & More - The Rehash !

This weekend, we’re heading off on our trip to Barcelona and Andorra!. Plans for that trip are done but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a good time to book flights for another trip. I found a sweet airfare deal for the end of the school year and we’ll finally be visiting Iceland!


National Lottery Euromillions results live : here 's the winning numbers for February 8

This week the Euroillions has one of it's biggest ever jackpots with a mouthwatering £123 million up for grabs. While this staggering amount actually doesn't enter the competition's top ten biggest prizes it's up there with the biggest 20.


The Boy Who Built His Own Prosthetic Arm . Out of Lego .

LONDON – David Aguilar was born without a forearm. So the Spaniard decided to build his own one. This would be extraordinary enough, but he did out of Lego. He started aged 9 and, aged 19, is now on his 4th iteration of the prosthetic limb. Reuters spoke to Mr. Aguilar and told his amazing story.


Schuylkill Center in Roxborough hosts Winterfest for Wildlife to mark reopening of Wildlife Clinic

ROXBOROUGH — The Schuylkill Center For Environmental Education hosts the Winterfest for Wildlife event Saturday. The event coincided with the official reopening of the center’s Wildlife Clinic.


defending eurylochus

There’s a bloke in the Odyssey named Eurylochus, one of Odysseus’ commanders. He leads an expedition to the home of the sorceress Circe, who gives the men wine and a magical meal that turns them all into pigs. All of them, that is, except Eurylochus, who, unlike the rest of the crew, has some sense

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Davis Cup : Gerard Pique promises to ` prove wrong ' critics of his tournament reform role

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique says he will "prove wrong" critics of his role in the reform of the Davis Cup. And the four-time Champions League winner says he "hates" it when Roger Federer and others refer to the competition as the "Pique Cup".

BBC - 2019-02-14 23:05:03

Want To Leave A Country ? There 's A Tax For That

There are many things you’ll consider when choosing which foreign country to visit but I bet one thing you usually wouldn’t think about is how much you’ll need to pay to leave the country and return home. Yep, governments have realized that an easy way to collect money from tourists (and their own r

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Teen with rare condition uses Lego bricks to build ` Iron Man ' - inspired prosthetic arm

A teen in Spain has combined his love for engineering and one of his favorite childhood toys to create a prosthetic arm. David Aguilar, 19, from Andorra, a small principality between France and Spain, was born with a rare genetic condition that caused him to be missing his right forearm.


Teenager Builds Robotic Arm with Lego Pieces

David Aguilar, 19, has built himself a robotic prosthetic arm using lego pieces after being born without a right forearm due to a rare genetic condition. Aguilar, who studies bioengineering at the International University of Catalonia, Spain, is already using his fourth model of the prosthetic and h