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Detroit church shields man from deportation to Albania

DETROIT (AP) - A Detroit church is providing sanctuary for a man in the country illegally who was ordered deported to Albania even though he says that he is the sole caretaker of his wheelchair-bound wife. Central United Methodist Church officials announced at a news conference Tuesday that the chur

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'Brass,' by Xhenet Aliu

"An impossible dream was better than no dream at all," proclaims Elsie Kuzavinas, one of the struggling protagonists of Xhenet Aliu's thrilling debut novel, "Brass." As she did in her first stellar collection of stories, "Domesticated Wild Things," Aliu focuses on the ones who don't belong, the down

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Kosovo Serb leader shot dead in divided town of Mitrovica

PRISTINA/BELGRADE (Reuters) - Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic, who was standing trial over the killings of ethnic Albanians during the 1998-99 war, was shot dead on Tuesday in what Serbia called an act of terrorism. The killing increased tension between Kosovo and Serbia, and a round of European

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Serb leader's death in Kosovo raises Balkan region tensions

MITROVICA, Kosovo (AP) - A leading Serb politician was shot to death Tuesday near his political party's offices in northern Kosovo, an attack that raised ethnic tensions in the Balkans and prompted the suspension of EU-mediated talks between Kosovo and Serbia. Unknown assailants opened fire on Olive

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Detroit Pastor Offering Sanctuary To Immigrant Says Donald Trump 'Will Have To Go Through Us'

DETROIT (WWJ) - An immigrant from Albania facing deportation is taking sanctuary at a Detroit church. Central United Methodist Church on Woodward is housing 48-year-old Dedd Rranburgaj of Southgate after he received word three months ago that he would be deported later this month. Jill Zundell pasto

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What and how to spend while traveling?

The last 12 days I've been on a very long trip, covering 10 countries. I started in Russia, where I have an account. I took 350U$S and 650EUR cash. I exchanged 70U$S into Ukraine Hryvnas, but i spent a bit more with debit card in dollars. My Euros were stolen (as my 24000 rubles) in Lww, so after f

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UEFA receives nine bids for 2020 European Super Cup

January 16 - Nine venues have expressed an interest in hosting the European Super Cup in 2020 between the winners of the Champions League and Europa League. UEFA said the nine were Tirana (Albania), Minsk (Belarus), Helsinki (Finland), Nice (France), Haifa (Israel), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Chisinau (Mo

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Police: TNT Explosion injures 8 in northern Albania

Albanian police say an explosion in a northern city has injured eight people and damaged the ground floor of a commercial building. A police statement said a TNT explosion injured the building's owner as he was entering his vehicle and seven passers-by on Saturday morning in Shkodra, a city 110 ki


Kosovo's long, slow recovery

IN 1991 Armend Malazogu leapt off the back of an army lorry. Then aged 18, the Kosovo Albanian was escaping being drafted into Serbia's fight with Croatia. The Yugoslav civil wars were just beginning and would eventually spread to Kosovo. Now, 18 years after the end of the Kosovo war and almost ten


Macedonia and Greece vow to solve decades-old name dispute

LONDON - What's in a name? For the uneasy European neighbors of Macedonia and Greece, quite a lot actually. In one of the strangest international disputes still playing out on the world stage, these two countries have been quarreling for more than a quarter of a century about what Macedonia shoul