Security guard pleads not guilty after pulling gun on Ohio sheriff's deputy in IRS office.


Archie Lee Herron Jr - 07-17
seems to me from the video cuz I didn't read the article that the dude was pulling a gun to the guy's back and I don't know if the office so you can see me how to turn around waiting bro you pulling a gun out let me put my hands out to we have a shootout
Roberta Matthews - 07-17
maybe the officer should have let the guard know he was there or something now days of. course ppl just don't have commen sense these days that goes on both of them.
Carl Armstrong - 07-16
yes i had a few spelling errors not the bwst typing expert LOL
Carl Armstrong - 07-16
It's obvivous that Denise has no clue about security training or any law officers. You are just trying to justify the srupidity of another white man pulling a gun a black man. Why in the heck di he even have his gun drawn on a man with his back turned anyway. The brother posed no threat to him at all. But that's how whites tey to cover up theie ignorance.
User from OH - 07-16
This man need to be locked up, he really missing some marbles
Anthony Ponikvar - 07-16
IRS police? Security is to call the police, why is this joker armed?
Denise Olinger - 07-16
he did not pull the gun, he looked like he was protecting him, the police was there for a reason, possible burglary alarm.