Street Justice? Man Beaten to Death After Stealing Car With Kids Inside | NBC10 Philadelphia


tam tam - 07-16
his crime caused his own demise
Vera Montgomery - 07-16
now the cops wanna find the people who beat this man to death what about the videos where the cops beat someone to death they have the suspect right there so let's prosecute the cops first then people wouldn't have to take the law in there own hands wake the fuck up America
User from NJ - 07-16
Street Justice 101
Lekisha Drummond - 07-15
I don't even want to look at this shit RIP yeah I wish that man didn't die. food for thought I bet child molesters and carjackers and people set out to do devilish things as he was doing out stealing people's belongings they might see this and think twice. I don't understand why the mother would leave her kids in the car like noooooooooo. why them babys are too precious it's so many crazy people out here. But bottom line people went crazy because them kids in there. I mean what the suppose to sit in the middle in videotape in call the cop's. wth hell the the cops come all late. smdh I bet everyone that was involved black out like it was thier own kid in the car. I'm a mother first I damn sure wouldn't have left my kids in no damn running car or car period. If I was in that situation I would have tried to fight him too. smh sorry that the man passes