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Ripples we sow

“Don’t be misled, remember that you can’t ignore God and get away with it; a man will always reap just the kind of crop he sows.” Ecclesiastes 6:7. (Life Application Bible)A thought came to me the other day of how the rocks we throw over the waters in our lives cause ripples to touch so many lives.T


In God we tr‎us‏t

Last Wednesday, July 4, we celebrated the 242nd anniversary of our nation’s independence. Since 1864, as a result of an increased religious sentiment existing during the American Civil War, the words “In God We Trust” began appearing on the coins of the United States. “In God We Trust” has been the


Rejoice in rain ; we can ‎us‏e all we get

There is a chance that as you read this today, there might be rain outside or it may have already rained while this newspaper was coming off the press hours ago. The National Weather Service folks say there is an 80 percent chance all day for more rain. That would be welcome, as lately it has been p


We Hear You

The Indicator comes out every day, and every day we tackle a different topic: Venezuela, interest rates, plastic straws. And every day, we are lucky enough to get letters from you. Today on the show: We hear you! We respond to some comments, answer a few listener questions and ponder one of life's g


What We Talk About When We Talk About Magic

Francesco Dimitri is considered a master of fantasy in his native Italy. His first novel in English,The Book of Hidden Things, was just published last week. It’s the story of the bond between four friends, and about the doorway one of them has found into another world, a doorway that looks a lot lik


We Do Not Tell Lies Do We ?

Have we ever embellished a telling of a lie with an assortment of trivial details to disguise the actual truth? Have we ever pretended to be someone we never were, by exuding a persona larger than ourselves? Are there any angels among us who can boldly claim to have never fibbed; ever – even to get


We Are Not Who We Thought We Were

One of my favorite movies is "The American President." (For those unfamiliar, Michael Douglas plays a progressive president fighting moral and political battles as he seeks reelection.) In it, President Andrew Shepherd (Douglas) begins an impassioned campaign speech by saying, "America isn't easy. A