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Trout Festival at the Winter Wonderland Pyeongchang, South Korea

The Pyeongchang trout festival is a seasonal festival that takes place during winter in Pyeongchang, South Korea. This year the Pyeongchang marks a ceremonial milestone as it celebrates the trout festival alongside the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, where most of the sports venue is located. Duri

OUR AWESOME PLANET - 2018-03-23 17:04:23

9 reasons to pack your bags and move to Finland

Finland has been declared the world's happiest country by a UN report. The Nordic-not Scandinavian-nation scored well on points like safety, income, freedom, life expectancy, stable governance and generosity. If that's not enough to tempt you to move to the land that gave the world Nokia, let us giv

VOGUE.IN - 2018-03-23 14:30:12

Champagne travel: Spend a weekend in Reims

From history to architecture and, of course, Champagne, here is how to make the most of a weekend in Reims... Reims Cathedral Credit: Judie Long / Alamy Stock Photo Champagne travel: Spend a weekend in Reims Getting there: Eurostar goes from London to Paris in two and a half hours, then a short wal

DECANTER - 2018-03-23 11:24:56

Montana Skier Breaks Record for Most Vertical Skied in 24 Hours

While the rest of America was donning green and clinking glasses of Guinness, Mike Foote, a 34-year-old ultra runner and ski mountaineer from Missoula, Montana, was spending his St. Patrick's Day a little differently. Skinning up the face of Ed's Run at Whitefish Mountain Resort, Foote was attemptin

POWDER MAGAZINE - 2018-03-23 11:00:42

Efforts urged to draw wealthy US visitors

US tour operators have suggested Thailand train more hospitality professionals to support high-end visitors, whose ranks are expected to grow. Terry Dale, president and chief executive of the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), said Thailand has a huge opportunity to grow inbound touri

BANGKOK POST - 2018-03-23 11:00:00

Step into Taschen's 'Golden Age of Travel'

(CNN) - On a September morning in 1830, a throng of people gathered in the English cities of Liverpool and Manchester to see a daring feat of modernity. Nobles, tipsy workers and politicians watched the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the first railroad on Earth whose cars would be

CNN - 2018-03-23 10:47:15

Do you need a passport to travel to Scotland, Ireland or Wales?

Will leaving the European Union restrict our travel to and from Ireland to England, Scotland and Wales? (Picture: Rex) Currently, British or Irish citizens do not need to show a passport to travel between their respective countries. However, those crossing by ferry or air from Northern / the Republi

METRO.CO.UK - 2018-03-23 10:41:33

This adorable Copenhagen guesthouse is the smallest hotel in the world

If you're a lover of all things snug and cosy, then you'll adore this compact hotel in Copenhagen. Situated in the lively Vesterbro neighbourhood in the Danish city, Central Hotel & Cafe is the world's smallest hotel. It only has one bedroom and bathroom. The building itself is one of the tiniest in

COUNTRYLIVING.CO.UK - 2018-03-23 10:33:00